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11 Essential Anti-insect And Anti-mosquito Tips For Camping Out In Summer!

In summer camping, it is easy to encounter mosquitoes. Therefore, when playing in the camp and going upstream, how do you protect yourself and effectively prevent mosquito bites?

In order to make everyone feel at ease camping, I have compiled some tips for preventing insects in summer.

1-circle separation method

Before starting camping, the staff of the campsite will sprinkle lime around the campsite and use the odors they release to form a safety belt to isolate mosquitoes and snakes from the enclosure.

2 Mosquito Killer Lamp
In addition to spreading lime around the campsite using the ring-spreading isolation method, mosquito killers are installed in the tents of the campsite, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

3 bulb method

Orange light bulbs are installed in the tent. Through the light-transmitting orange glass bulbs, mosquitoes will escape because of fear of orange light when the lights are turned on.

In addition to the anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures that can be done on the camp, in order to better enhance the camping experience and take anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures, friends who go to camp should also take corresponding anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures:

4 incense repellent method
Open the lid of the bottle (box) of toilet water, wind oil and cooling oil, and place it outside the tent of the tent, or spray the wind oil and cooling oil directly on shoes and socks (once every two hours).

5 floral wormwood method
Put night lavender, jasmine, milan, mint, or rose in the tent, and mosquitoes escape because they can’t bear their smell.

6 empty bottle method
Fill an empty wine bottle or mouthpiece with sugar water or beer and place it in the tent. When mosquitoes smell the sweet wine, they will dig into the bottle and be stuck to death by the sugar water or beer.

7 method of eating raw garlic
Garlic eaten raw, excreted from sweat through human body’s physiological metabolism, will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach.

With the above 7 methods to prevent mosquitoes, we can ensure our comfort in the tent. How can we prevent insects and mosquitoes in the camp?

8 dress up
It is best to wear long-sleeved tops, trousers and footwear. Tighten the cuffs and neckline. If necessary, tie the trousers into the socks and wear a straw hat; skin that cannot be “armed” and has to be exposed is best to be applied. Point anti-mosquito potions; women should not wear perfume, hair spray and other strong aromatic cosmetics, so as not to induce poisonous bees to attack.

9 Pest Control Manual

  1. Spray mosquito repellent water containing DEET on the skin, which can be effective for several hours;
  2. Clothes and tents and other camping equipment should be soaked or sprayed with insecticides, such as permethrin, repellent containing DEET, etc.;
  3. Apply some soap and anti-mosquito oil on the upper to prevent the leeches from climbing up. The effective time of one application is about 4-8 hours;
  4. Do not swim or wash your hands in nearby waters where there are snails;
  5. Maintain good hygiene and pay attention to drinking water safety;
  6. Take good protection from contact with epidemic water, wear rubber gloves and rubber shoes;
  7. If there is high fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, limb weakness, weight loss, hepatosplenomegaly, etc., check and treat in time.

10 timely processing

  1. If you are bitten, apply alcohol to the tick to relax the tick’s head or die, and then use pointed tweezers to remove the tick;
  2. Gently scald the exposed part of the tick with cigarette butts and incense sticks, so that the head will withdraw slowly by itself. Don’t pull it hard to avoid hurting the skin.
  3. After taking it out, use iodine or alcohol for local disinfection, and observe the physical condition at any time.
  4. Use watermelon rind to be applied repeatedly for one minute, and then rinse with water, it will relieve the itching in a few minutes, and quickly reduce the swelling. Secondly, you can mash 1 to 2 aspirin, dissolve it with a little cold water, stir it into a paste, apply it to the mosquito bite place, and immediately relieve the itching.
  5. Rinse the bitten area with water, and then apply a little detergent powder to the bitten area with a wet finger to immediately relieve itching and reduce swelling.
  6. Vitamin B2 can effectively prevent and control mosquito bites. The method is to crush vitamin B2 tablets into a surface, and apply medical alcohol to the exposed parts or red and swollen areas.

11 heatstroke prevention instructions

Camping on a hot day, if the toxins produced by the body are not excreted from the body in time, it will cause heat stroke.

Heat stroke is the most common disease. In addition to bringing some medicines to treat heatstroke, the focus is on prevention. If you travel in the hot sun for a long time, you should arrange a sufficient rest time and be in a cool place. At the same time, you should pay attention to the shading and cooling during the journey. You can put a wet towel on your head, drink more water appropriately, and open it moderately. Clothes and wear short clothes and pants.

In most cases, there will be no serious consequences after being bitten by a mosquito, but if you are allergic to a certain insect toxin or are bitten by a large number of mosquitoes, it may endanger your health. Therefore, pay more attention to such problems outdoors.

When camping, choosing a suitable tent can also effectively prevent mosquito bites.

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Things To Bring For Camping

  1. Tent:
    With it, you will no longer be afraid of wind and rain, let alone live in an unsettled place, as long as you choose a proper camp, you can build a temporary home. The tents of the past were almost all house-shaped. The early design even separated the tent from the ground floor, so snakes and insects could easily climb into the tent. Therefore, if you want to go camping, you have to carry a large bag of lime and sprinkle it on the tent. Snake-proof close to the surrounding area, and camp ditch must be dig The current tents have been greatly improved with the civilization of science and technology. The material has been changed from heavy canvas to light and tough nylon cloth. The floor is made of waterproof PE cloth, which has excellent waterproof effect. On the whole, it has also been improved into an integrated design. In addition to the dense seams between the floor and the tent, a sand net and zipper are added to the door, which makes mosquitoes, insects, and snakes completely impermeable; for this reason, now No need to bring that heavy lime to camping anymore. In addition, the camp pillars have been changed from logs to small metal or fiberglass pillars, and the shape of the tent has also undergone revolutionary changes. In addition to the original house shape, there are also quadrangular masks and hexagonal yurts. The size of the tent is determined by the number of people , One-person account, two-person account, four-person account, six-person account, the largest one is eight-person account, and the bigger one needs to be ordered!
  1. Sleeping bag:
    Of course, some people go camping with quilts, but the lightness and easy storage and storage characteristics of the sleeping bag cannot be ignored. Moreover, the sleeping bag is very convenient to carry and small in size; the sleeping bag is made of rayon, hollow fiber and feathers. There are three main categories, and you can choose the sleeping bag you need based on the degree of cold resistance.
  1. Sleeping pad:
    With tents and sleeping bags, if you want to sleep more comfortably, sleeping pads are indispensable, and sleeping pads can also increase the insulation effect. Moreover, the sleeping pads are soft and can also improve the touch of the body in contact with stones or the ground! Only then will there be good dreams.
  2. Stoves:
    In ancient times, maybe you could use firewood for cooking, but now the times are different, overpopulation, overuse of land, deforestation and illegal logging, these factors prevent us from harming the natural wilderness arbitrarily. Moreover, using wood to make a fire on the spot can easily burn the land or grass and make it difficult to recover. If wood is cut arbitrarily for campfires or cooking, the scenery will be completely destroyed when others go next time. When all of this is done, the forest by the campsite must soon disappear, and the ground will be burnt piece by piece, so bringing one or two stoves is the love of this land, the choice of stoves, You can choose a gas stove that is easy to operate, or a vaporization stove. These stoves are very light and can be cooked in the tent when it rains?

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What Are The Types Of Camping?

Open-air sleeping

You can choose to sleep under a big tree, spread a plastic sheet, a moisture-proof mat, and then put a sleeping bag. You can cover the sleeping bag with a plastic sheet, or simply hang a rain-proof cloth on top of the sleeping bag. The problem for the host is To prevent dew and mosquitoes, you can put a layer of gauze on the headgear of the sleeping bag to prevent mosquitoes, or burn fireworks overnight. Smoke can prevent frost and reduce dew. In some rural areas, farmers can see farmers doing this to reduce frost. . Of course, do not sleep in the rainy season and winter. In addition, be careful not to sleep in the waterside and densely planted places, where there are many mosquitoes and it is not safe. At the same time, the temperature in the open air is generally about 5 degrees lower than that in the tent, so you should add more clothing to prevent cold.


Another way to sleep on the street is to use a hammock. The advantage of a hammock is that it will not be disturbed by animals on the ground (such as snakes and other reptiles). Hang a rain cloth above the hammock. There is a hammock-style tent that has a rain canopy and a mosquito-proof net, which is very suitable for jungle camping.

Tent camping
When you are going to camp, bring a suitable tent, you can avoid the bites of mosquitoes, snakes and insects, and also feel safer. If you are driving a pickup truck to camp, then you can also put a tent in the trunk of the pickup truck.

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Outdoor work and rest

Reasonable outdoor work and rest arrangements are an important way to ensure good health. Often due to excitement, excitement and other reasons, everyone will not finish chatting around the bonfire or engage in some recreational activities, which affects normal rest. Pay special attention to this, because everyone is tired physically and mentally after a day of activity. At this time, the team leader should stipulate a uniform work and rest time, such as no more than 12 o’clock in the night to rest, no more than 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning to wake up, especially emphasize the need to be unified, not individual people can affect the whole.
Accommodation cave

In the wild in most parts of the south, various forms of caves are often seen, such as dry caves, water caves, mountain caves, compound caves, etc. Accommodation in a cave is one of the most common ways of field travel. Our ancestors started a new life on the ground from staying in a cave. It can be seen that the accommodation cave is safe, convenient, warm, and a good place for shelter from wind and rain. The following points should be paid attention to when staying in the cave:

  1. Ventilation: First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the cave is a ventilated cave, not a dead cave. It is very important to maintain air circulation. You can light a cigarette to check whether the hole is ventilated. As long as the smoke flutters in or out of the hole in one direction, it means that the hole is ventilated.
  2. Shallow residence: Most caves are relatively deep. From a safety point of view, it is best to arrange the camp closer to the entrance of the cave to facilitate withdrawal and transfer.
  3. Water regime: When determining whether a cave can be accommodated, the water regime of the cave should be ascertained. Most caves have flowing groundwater activity, and some groundwater regimes are complex, especially in the rainy season. The accommodation chosen should be dry and free of dripping water.
  4. Other things to pay attention to when staying in caves: Many caves are inhabited by animals such as bats and swallows, so it is best to stay in caves without disturbing them, or change to another cave. If you have no experience in cave exploration, you should do less activity in the cave, and single-person activities should be prohibited; you can stay in the cave without setting up a tent, just spread all kinds of bedding, and if there are mosquitoes, you can burn smoke to drive them away.

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The Choice Of T he Camping Backpack

May is a good season for outdoor sports.
Recently, many people asked me how big an outdoor camping backpack should be? This question is very good. Outdoor backpacks are not as big as possible. To buy a suitable outdoor backpack, several factors must be considered. The first is the capacity, that is, how many items you carry; the second is the purpose, which is The type of outdoor sports you are doing; the third is the appearance, because the larger the backpack, the heavier it is. We have to buy it according to our own preferences, which will be explained in detail below.
First: capacity.
Capacity means size. Outdoor backpacks are divided into three levels: large, medium and small, small bag volume: 40L or less; medium bag volume: 40L or more; large bag volume: 60L or more. Large backpacks are the most important thing to carry, and their own weight can’t be considered. If you want to be light in weight, it will be expensive or you will have a discount on your shoulders. The carrying of small and medium-sized backpacks is less important. The main consideration is that the backpack itself is lighter. If you want to go camping in the wild for a few days, walk a long distance on foot, bring a few days of clothes and two pairs of shoes, and a few days of food and water, then you need a large bag. If you want to go to a place for camping for a day, it takes no time on the way, driving or taking a car, little clothes, little camping supplies, and little food, just a medium bag is enough. You have to go outdoors and play day by day. It takes no time on the way. You don’t need to bring your own camping supplies. There is very little food. A small bag is enough.
Second: the purpose of the backpack
According to the purpose, outdoor backpacks are divided into hiking bags and hiking bags. If you choose a trekking bag, consider the capacity, then consider the carrying system, and then consider the weight of the backpack.
Third: Appearance
Generally speaking, women are suitable for backpacks of about 40L, and men are suitable for backpacks of about 50L. Larger means that there are many things to install, but it does not mean that you have such a good physical strength to carry it on your back.
Just these three points. If you are choosing a mountaineering bag, in addition to the above three points, you should also consider hanging points and technical uses.

40L Backpack

50L&60L Backpack

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How to choose the right lamps for camping?

For those of you who love nature, camping in the wild may be the most close to nature. But spending the long dark night in the wild is not as convenient as in the city. You must be fully prepared to deal with the confusion brought about by the dark night. The torch is our most common and perhaps the first lighting tool you come up with. She is not only easy to operate, but also low in price, but she has a fatal flaw, that is, you have to use your hands to manipulate, and if your hands are bound in the wild, then your actions will be restricted. So, a wise man invented the headlight.

Speaking of headlamps, you will surely immediately think of the bulky and heavy miner’s lamp used by miners. Yes, in fact, the headlights used in outdoor camping and miner’s lamps used by miners have the same purpose, both of which are to find direction in the dark. But of course, outdoor headlights are lighter and more beautiful than miner’s lamps. Headlamp, as the name implies, is a lamp that can be worn on the head. Her advantage is that she can free your hands in the dark, and this is so important for life in the wild. So, should I choose a headlight or a flashlight when I travel?

Determine the type of your outing. Most camping enthusiasts will choose headlights or flashlights. If you are a large group, you can bring one or two larger camp lights, which can illuminate almost the entire camp.
Small flashlights that use batteries are the most commonly used personal lighting tool. Choose a lighter and more luminous flashlight, which is more suitable for more relaxed outdoor camping, but if you want to carry the flashlight to cook, it will be more troublesome. At this time, use the headlight.

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The battery-powered headlight is the most ideal outdoor personal lighting equipment. She is easy to use, and her best part is to free your hands. From this you can conveniently cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, march at night or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she really makes you “see what you see and what you see.”

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How to choose your first tent?

If you ask, what is the first camping gear you need to buy? 90% of people will choose tents, because tents are outdoor homes that protect us from wind and rain. Therefore, before starting the camping activity, be sure to buy a tent!
You can search for tents on the purchase platform. There are various kinds of tents, which really makes camping novices a headache and don’t know how to buy.

  1. What kind of camping do you want?

This will largely determine the type of tent you buy.

If you choose backpacking for camping, that is, carry all the equipment with your backpack, and reach the campsite after a long hike, then what you need is a lightweight and compact tent;
If you plan to do car camping, load all the equipment on the car and drive to the camping site by yourself, then the weight and size of the tent will not be the limiting factor. A comfortable and spacious family camping tent is a great choice.

  1. With whom do you use the tent?

If only one person uses the tent, then a two-person tent is spacious enough; in addition to tents, sleeping bags, and cushions, there is enough space to put backpacks, clothing and other sundries in the tent;
If you are camping with family or friends and live in a tent together, then a large tent with several bedrooms is the best choice;
The tent manual will indicate the size of the tent and the suitable number of people, which can be selected according to this. If you plan to use a camping bed or inflatable bed, please remember that these equipment will take up more space than ordinary self-inflating cushions, so you must choose a suitable tent according to their size;
Remember that larger tents can be more difficult to place and pack, so make sure not to buy more tents than you need.

  1. When is camping?

In late spring, summer and early autumn, the weather is warm and the scenery is beautiful. It is a suitable season for camping, especially for beginners. The three-season tent can well meet the characteristics of these three seasons.
If you plan to camp in cold and snowy winters, you can consider buying a 4-season tent. Although they are called 4-season tents, they are mainly used for winter camping or alpine camping.

I recommend 2 goattent tents for you, they are both at very low prirce and with super quality.

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Tent building skills:

The new outdoor equipment is bought, the destination is selected, and the friend has made an appointment, but I don’t know how to set up the tent. Have you “get” this must-have skill in the wild?

Before setting up a tent, you must first understand the structure and classification of the tent, master the corresponding method of building according to the tent in your hand, and move toward the destination “go, go, go”. The structure of the tent is divided into internal and external tents, tent poles, ground nails and wind ropes. The main body of the tent has frames, walls, pillars, roofs, doors, rain shelters, flying mats, ground mats, foot ropes, waist ropes, nails, etc. Tents are divided into construction type, herringbone type, tourist type, etc. Here we mainly talk about the method of building tourist tents. Tourist tents are divided into pyramid type, A-shaped type, and triangular type.

Step 1 of setting up a tent

How to build an A-shaped tent

Open the tent bag, take out the tent and lay it flat, and take out all the pillars and other supplies. The two main pillars are inserted into the soil upright, and the ground pad is laid flat in the tent, so that the four corners formed by the main pillars are fixed on the ground in parallel. This step is relatively easy. Then spread the walls of the tent flat on the main pillars and nail the ground to the ground. The windproof rope is fastened to the tent wall and is also nailed to the ground. The A-shaped tent looks like the English letter A from the front. The ground is square or rectangular with two thicker pillars. Secure it with the main rope. This kind of tent is simple and easy to set up and can be used at home. When the sun is full, you can set it up on the balcony to fully enjoy the sun. Because the A-shaped tent has no pillars, it is easy to tilt the roof. When moving, you need to move four corners at the same time to avoid deformation. When the weather is cold, you can add a layer of roof outside the tent to keep it warm.

How to build a pyramid tent

Connect the tent pillars, fix them on the four corners, firmly thread the walls on the pillars, and then insert them into the holes at both ends. If the tent is a multi-pillar flower, the other pillars are also covered in the same way. Insert the pillar into the ground and fix it at an inclination angle of 45 degrees to 60 degrees. Carefully check each set of holes in the account to make sure that each set of holes is properly connected to the corresponding connection point. Finally, tighten the windproof rope outside the tent and nail it tightly. Some tents are double-layered. After setting up, make sure that there is enough space between the two walls to maintain air circulation.

How to build a triangular tent

Spread the tent flat on the ground, then nail it firmly, connect the pillars, and pass them through the holes in the inner net. If there is a mosquito net, pass the holes of the mosquito net on the pillar. Wear other sets of holes in accordance with the positions indicated in the instructions. Knot the two pillars together according to the instructions, and apply force at both ends at the same time to break the pillars. Put the wall on the pillar, paying attention to the zipper outside. Some tents are equipped with rain cover, which is installed on the outside of the wall. Finally nail the ground nails and the wind rope.

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Camping knowledge

1) What kind of clothes should I wear for camping?

It is best to wear jackets when going camping, windproof, waterproof, and warm. If you want to go hiking, try to wear sports shoes. The equipment needed for camping are:

  1. It is better to choose a double-layer tent with stable structure, light weight, strong wind and rain resistance.
  2. Down or goose down sleeping bags are light and have good warmth retention, but the premise is that they must be kept dry. When the environmental conditions are relatively humid, artificial vacuum cotton sleeping bags may be a better choice.
  3. The structure of the backpack should conform to its own body structure and have a comfortable carrying system (such as shoulder straps, waist belts, back panels)
  4. Fire appliances, such as lighters, matches, candles, and magnifying glasses, among which candles can be used as a light source and an excellent combustion-supporting agent.
  5. Picnic utensils, kettles, multi-function picnic pots, sharp multi-function folding knives, tableware.
  6. Special tools, compass, map, rope, folding spade, needle and thread, fishing hook and fishing line, machete, camera.
  7. Water and food: meat, sugar, fat, salt with high calorie.
  8. Life-saving box, antidote, anti-powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesic, gauze, tape, bandage.

2) Summer camping equipment and precautions

The essential items for summer camping are as follows:
Before camping, you must first make a list of equipment and prepare the essential items. The list should include: low-ventilation double-layer tents, moisture-proof pads, sleeping bags, mosquito coils, sulfur, lighting equipment, etc.
Generally speaking, low-permeable double-layer tents are the first choice, because the problem of “high moisture and heavy dew” at night will occur regardless of the sea or the mountains. If the tent is equipped with a waterproof mat, the waterproof performance will be better, which can improve the moisture from the ground. Moisture-proof mats are easily overlooked by novice campers, thinking that the waterproof function of the tent is enough. In fact, moisture-proof mats can allow campers to lie down and rest at night. It is recommended to choose physical foaming products to avoid peculiar smell. If conditions permit, you can choose to use an automatically inflated inflatable cushion as a moisture-proof cushion, which is more soft and comfortable. Another item that is easy to overlook is the sleeping bag. Because generally speaking, summer tents will be warmer, unless it is in the high-cold area, there are not many opportunities to actually get into the sleeping bag. However, the temperature difference between day and night in the wild is large after all, so it is best to prepare an envelope sleeping bag and unfold it as a quilt.
Night lights are very important for camping. Lighting equipment can be battery lights or gas lights. If it is a battery light, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries. Sulfur and pesticides are used to spray around the campsite to prevent harmful insects from entering the campsite and harming themselves.
In addition, it is advisable to wear long clothes and trousers that are more close-fitting to avoid mosquito bites and tree branches. Shoes should choose non-slip outdoor sports shoes. Before departure, prepare enough clean water, dry food and common medicines, such as mosquito repellent, antidiarrheal medicine, and trauma medicine.
If outdoor camping is accompanied by certain adventure activities, you should also bring two kinds of knives. One of them is a multifunctional knife that can be folded. It has more than ten functions such as main knife, bottle opener, tweezers, hunter sickle, saw, etc., which is convenient and practical. The broad knife should be a knife that is suitable for cutting wood and can also be used for hunting animals, skinning, or a large and heavy meniscus in moments of danger.

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What should we do when we live in the tents on summer.

Remove the outer tents and use only the inner tents, which can prevent mosquitoes from getting into trouble without feeling sultry, but in rainy days, just take precautions. Specifically, you can add a canopy on the tent to solve it perfectly. .
A tent is a shed that is propped on the ground to shelter from wind, rain, and sunlight, and for temporary living. It is mostly made of canvas, together with supporting things, which can be removed and transferred at any time. The tent is carried in the form of parts and assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various parts and tools are required. Understand the names and usage methods of each component, and be familiar with the structure of the tent, so that the tent can be erected quickly and easily.
Tents are divided into several categories: advertising tents (promotional tents), military tents (civilian tents, construction tents), herringbone big tents, tourist tents {(3 seasons tents (for general outdoor activities)) and 4 seasons tents (winter/ For high mountains)} Disaster relief tents, inflatable tents, decontamination tents, and children’s play tents. All have different functions and are suitable for different environments.
Briefly introduce several:

  1. Construction of tents, the early days of wartime needs, the rise of military tents, due to its strong and durable, suitable fabrics, low cost, adapt to various types of terrain, has become the first choice for construction tents, engineering tents, modern construction tents This is the prototype.
  2. Herringbone roof tents, also known as large tents, tents, etc., are mainly used for various large-scale outdoor activities. The large tent with the gabled roof is simple to erect and disassemble, and there is no need for load-bearing pillars inside, and the site is 100% used. There are no special requirements for the construction site, generally flat ground such as sand, grass, asphalt, cement and tile ground can be used.
  3. The automatic tents are mostly leisure tents, considering the needs of the general public. The automatic tents are mainly for family gatherings and friends outings. Because of the convenience of automatic tents, there is no crowd restriction, and it has set off a trend among young people. It is quick to open, easy to carry, and fashionable, all of which are evaluations given by people who own automatic tents, which also make traditional tents part of the impact. Suitable for field construction operations, camping training, temporary clubs, sports and entertainment venues and military command posts, field hospitals, rescue and disaster relief, camping, leisure, tourism, etc.

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Games suitable for camping

One: Brief introduction of memory test

Unlimited venue: unlimited suitable scope (portable travel tunnel tent)

  1. All the people gathered in a circle, starting from the first person and said “Today I ate an AA” (AA is the name of random food!)
  2. Then the second one went on to say, ate one AA, two BB… (BB has different food names!)
  3. Passing on like this, each person must repeat the previous food name and add a new food name.
  4. Until someone makes a mistake in the middle of the game! Problem example: Choose some more difficult food names or dish names! Or some usually not easy to eat!
    2: Guess the five senses

game instructions

  1. Two people face to face
  2. Randomly start with one person, point to any of his facial features, and ask the other person: “Where is this?”
  3. The other party must answer the questioning party’s question within a short period of time. For example, if the other party points to his nose and asks where it is, the partner must say: This is the nose. At the same time, the partner’s hand must point to any other facial features other than his nose.
  4. If either party makes a mistake in the process, it will be punished; after 3 questions, the two parties will exchange.

Three: Hold the paper cup to pass water


Choose a group of eight, and men and women alternately cooperate. A total of sixteen people were selected and divided into two groups to compete at the same time. Another two people assisted. The first person pours water into the paper cup, and then one by one to the next person’s paper cup, the last person’s paper cup is poured into a small tank, and finally within a limited five minutes, see whose tank gets it. Whoever has the most water wins.

Four: The blind carries the lame

game rules

Six people were selected on the spot, three men and three women, boys carrying girls, boys as “blind”, blindfolded with a scarf, girls pretending to be “cripples”, guiding the way for “blind”, bypassing roadblocks, reaching the end, the earliest arrival, To win.

Among them, the roadblocks can be set up to place chairs, which must be detoured; balloons must be stepped on; flowers must be picked up and handed to girls.

Five: Step on the balloon

game rules

The number is ten, five men and five men each, one man and one woman form a group, a total of five groups.

Process: Ten people are selected on the spot, half of the male and female, one male and one female, tied with three to four balloons on the left and right feet. After the activity starts, step on each other’s balloons and keep their balloons unbreakable or broken. The least will win.

Six: drive the train

game rules

Number of people: more than two people, the more the better

Method: Everyone speaks a place name to represent themselves. The location cannot be repeated. After the game starts, suppose you are from Tianjin, and the other person is from Hebei, you have to say: “Go and drive the train, the train in Tianjin is going to leave.” Everyone asked, “Where to go?” You said : “Hebei Kai”. That person in Hebei must respond immediately and say: “Hebei’s train is about to leave.” Then everyone asked: “Where to go?” This person chose another game object and said: ” Drive to a certain place.” If the other party hesitates a little, he loses without responding.

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