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How to find clean water in outdoor camping

When outdoors, many people don’t pay attention to bringing their own drinking water, which is actually caused by the weight-bearing problem, because no amount of water belts are enough, and it happens because there are water sources everywhere in nature. So how to find a clean water source?
It is easy to find a clean water source in some mountains outdoors, but we also need to pay attention that most water sources, whether clean or not, are prone to bacteria.
Therefore, when looking for a water source, mountain spring water can generally be consumed directly, but you still need to take a certain risk. Therefore, it is safest to boil outdoor drinking water for five minutes before drinking it.
The water we found on some rock walls, as long as there are no contaminants on the rock walls, it can be consumed directly. This is the safest.
Of course, when you find some streams and some rivers, you still have to be careful. The closer you are to human civilization, the easier it is to be polluted.
If there are a lot of bubbles and bubbles on the surface of the river, the water has basically been contaminated. It is not recommended that you drink it or even use it, because there is a certain risk.
Generally speaking, the chances of finding clean water outdoors are great, but there are also many times when you find some dirty water that looks dirty, and you have to use it as a last resort, so you have to master some water purification measures. And skills too.
After we filter out some basic impurities, what we need to pay attention to is to boil the water for a certain period of time before drinking it. This is very important. So we must know safe drinking water.

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What is the feeling to camp alone?

In fact, the biggest difficulty for a person to camping is not the line, the equipment, or the load. The biggest difficulty is still the psychology. As long as the psychology is okay and the operation is normal, it is basically safe. The fellow traveller who had an accident at Qingliang Peak wanted to shoot the stars at the top of the mountain at night, but he collapsed in the middle of the night and couldn’t stay any longer, so he went down the mountain in the middle of the night, took the wrong path, and finally fell off the cliff. Another extreme example is that a girl in Taibai was trapped by heavy snow for 22 days. She didn’t go around, carefully planned her own supply, and finally walked out. It can be seen how important the mentality is. When the mentality is good, people will not make wrong decisions. Of course, the premise is that you have enough knowledge. When you can continue to make the right choices, your probability of survival will greatly increase.

Another important point is that you must never leave your equipment. Don’t run around when the line of sight is not good. It’s dark and foggy. I saw a respondent saying that I like the action after dark. In fact, we have It’s not that the guerrillas want to fight in an ambush. It’s better to do less of this dangerous thing. The principle I give to myself is that everything is done before dark, including fetching water, washing pots, and washing clothes. When I go for a long time, I would rather set up camp at two in the afternoon, and then start to play tricks, and try my best. Avoid actions after dark. You should sleep in addition to going to the toilet after dark. In China, especially in Eastern China, the daybreak is early, so you can get up early to avoid walking at night.Finally, you asked me if I still want to come again. I personally think it’s enough to have one or two experiences. Most of the time, I think it’s fun to walk in a small team with reliable friends. At least someone can help me. Back the tent.

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Camping: It’s a very wonderful feeling.

There is no WIFI here. Your thinking, your desires, and your life are all out of the old track. This is a kind of comfortable leisure camping life.

In fact, camping, as an avant-garde outdoor travel method, has been tried by more and more people. For Europeans and Americans, you can go when you think of it, without thinking about it, since you are a child. There are nearly 50,000 campsites in Europe, and every campsite is full when it comes to camping season.

The fun of camping comes from escaping the hustle and bustle and being in contact with nature. Whether you are looking for real training or want to temporarily get rid of the fast-paced lifestyle, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a simple life through camping.

Nowadays, camping has become a fashionable way of life, and it can indeed bring people a different outdoor experience.

Of course, the fun we pursue in camping is not just a simple sleep at night, but a comprehensive leisure combined with many other projects…outdoor food, barbecue, life, watching the sunset, welcoming the sunrise and enjoying the sea of ​​clouds.

However, to spend one or more comfortable camping days, adequate preparation is essential. Including: tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, walkie-talkies, tent lights, life-saving whistles, garbage bags, sunscreen, raincoats, lighting equipment and other basic items.

During this camping, many of my friends were camping in the wild for the first time in their lives. They said it felt really wonderful. They closed their eyes, spread the wings of imagination, and felt their souls quiet in the sea of ​​clouds of Fengche Mountain, asking the heaven and the earth, and feeling the beauty of nature.

It is very quiet here, containing the most primitive and simple beauty in the world, and the innocence and kindness hidden in the depths of human nature that are not contaminated by the earth. It is what people seek.

It can be said that the air here is not only fresh, but the mountain breeze that comes from here also brings a bit of coolness to people. Here, you must wear more than two pieces of clothes and sleep in a sleeping bag at night. Here, our mood naturally becomes happy and comfortable. Being in nature, being away from the noise is the best way to relieve stress and relax you.

To be honest, the air here is very fresh. The biggest allure of camping is that you can sleep peacefully with nature. That kind of feeling is completely unfeelable in the city, and it is very free.

Many friends usually sleep at home with the air conditioner turned on until dawn and do not want to get up. They still feel so sleepy and tired. However, when camping outdoors, most of them have enough to sleep automatically at six o’clock. Because, there are a lot of negative ions, plenty of oxygen.

The new and beautiful nature, because of it, has released a lot of our thoughts, added a lot of our romance, and added a lot of our vitality. Because of it, it has cultivated our temperament, soothed our soul, and inspired our potential. Because of it, we His life has become more colorful, and his life has become more meaningful.

Nature has released many of our thoughts and added a lot of romance to us! They go to enjoy another life outside of work. Everyone is feeling the wonderful beauty of nature and the fusion of heaven and earth!

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How to lay out the camp?

1. Take the sky curtain as the center point

With the restaurant and leisure system as the center, the sky is set up, and comfortable tables and chairs are placed, and people will naturally gather here.

There are many mosquitoes outdoors at night, how to prevent mosquitoes? You can choose an awning with mosquito netting!

2. The entrance of the tent faces the canopy

The tent is equivalent to the bedroom in the home and should be set up in the most upwind position to prevent it from being affected by the smell of kitchen waste, cooking smoke and other odors. The entrance of the tent is best to face the canopy, so that you can easily travel between the canopy and the tent, and if the tent has a front hall, you can open the front hall and spread a picnic mat underneath, which becomes an extension of the canopy, and people can also Sit on it and enjoy time together.

3. Sundries area or car

Some campsites allow cars to enter, so cars can become part of a campsite. The carriage should face the sky, and some temporarily unused equipment and luggage can be placed in the trunk and picked up as needed. And in this way, when the camp is withdrawn, the packaged equipment can be smoothly packed into the trunk.

4. Outdoor cooking table and simple cooking

In the outdoor environment, the food becomes more fragrant. This sense of cooking accomplishment will indeed encourage us to go into the kitchen and cook for family and friends. The outdoor cooking table has areas for storage, washing, cutting vegetables, storing garbage, and cooking. The five-in-one can be done directly.

In order to facilitate access, the incubator containing the food ingredients can also be placed in this area, and a folding bucket or water bag can be used to fetch water from a clean water source.

Note that the outdoor kitchen area should be far away from the sky and placed downwind; it is absolutely forbidden to use open flames in or near the tent; and when using open flames, there is a bucket of water or sand next to the cooking utensils, and the fire can be extinguished at any time. Clean up in time afterwards.

5. Use and familiarize yourself with your camping equipment in advance

Knowing how and where to use camping equipment is crucial, especially for newcomers. Before camping out for the first time, practice using and familiarizing yourself with your camping equipment.

6. Look for nature’s toys

Camping with your children, make sure to choose a camping site that allows children to play, climb, run…and have the opportunity to explore nature. Playing with children and enjoying nature to the fullest is also a good opportunity to enhance parent-child relationship.

7. Protect nature

Strictly use campfire regulations, only use fire in the specified area; extinguish the fire with water (buried in sand and soil does not completely extinguish the fire), and wait 45 minutes to ensure that all flames are extinguished before leaving the camp; when pulling out the camp, make sure to take everything away Items, as well as garbage, including toilet paper and hygiene products.

Have you learned these camping knowledge? May you and your family have a wonderful spring camping time.

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How to build tents and the precautions

  • Clean up the ground .

After choosing a place to build the tent, first clean up the ground and remove all stones, wood, and tree roots. If there are protruding sharp woods or raised stones on the ground and you cannot move them, you must not leave them alone. This will not only damage the tent, but it will definitely be uncomfortable to live in. If the campsite is full of stones and no other campsite can be found, you can spread stones of the same size into a flat surface, fill the gaps with smaller stones, and finally spread a layer of leaves or sand on the stones. There is also a question that is often overlooked by campers: Are there caves for various animals on the ground. Rats and snakes all have underground caves. It is definitely unsafe to build tents in these caves. Even small ant nests can cause damage to tents.

  • Spread the tent on the cleaned ground.

Spread the tent in the tent (press stones and wood on a windy day), put the connected tent poles into all the cloth covers (loops), and put the tent first Fix the pole on the foot of one side of the inner tent (the foot can be inserted into the tent pole), then raise the tent pole up, the inner tent is also propped up, and then the other end of the tent pole Fix it on the foot on the other side. After the inner tent is supported, cover the outer tent, fasten it with a cable, and finally check the distance between the inner and outer tents. Do not stick them together. This will affect the warmth and rainproof effect. Many tents are equipped with awnings (door awnings) at the openings. Don’t forget to support them as well to prevent rainwater from entering through the openings and to put things under the tents. A tent with a skirt should be well pressed with sand and soil, and snow pressure can be used in the snow to increase the windproof effect.

  • How to fix the tent .

Some tents are designed with metal rings under the four feet (or six feet), which can be fixed on the ground with ground nails. If the ground is hard, you can find a stone to nail the ground nails. Some tents do not have foot loops, but only pull cords. The ground nails are used to fix the pull cords. Sometimes, the ground nails cannot be firmly nailed to the ground (stone ground). You can find a few heavier stones to tie the pull cords. On the rock, move the rock to make the tension line tight and ensure that the tension between the tension lines is even. For camping in the woods, you can also tie the tent cable to the tree, and try to tie the cable to the base of the tree to prevent the wind from damaging the tent.

  • Arrangement of the tent .

The door of the tent should be located on the side of shelter from the wind, even in summer. If the camp has a certain slope, the tent door should be located downhill as much as possible. If there are multiple tents camping together at the same time, do not line up the tents in order to neatly line up, which is not conducive to taking care of each other at night, especially the tents at both ends are more lonely. They can be arranged in a horseshoe shape or staggered. Arrange in two rows and keep a certain distance from the campfire. There should be a certain amount of space between the tents to avoid excessive concentration of the water rolling down from the tents to cause water on the ground.

  • Drainage and insect control.

In the rainy weather, a circle of drainage ditches should be dug around the tent, and the drainage outlet should be arranged at a low point. The drainage ditch should be close to the outer edge of the tent to facilitate the timely drainage of rainwater from the tent. The drainage ditch does not need to be too deep, 20 cm is enough. The soil excavated from the drainage ditch can be placed on the edge of the ditch near the side of the tent, and a small dam can be stacked. For tents with skirts, soil can be pressed against the skirts and lead the skirts into the ditch. As long as the tent is propped up, the screen windows (doors) must be closed, otherwise there will be many insects entering. When entering the tent, be careful not to bring the insects in. You can coax away the insects at the door before entering the tent.

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