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The Choice Of T he Camping Backpack

May is a good season for outdoor sports.
Recently, many people asked me how big an outdoor camping backpack should be? This question is very good. Outdoor backpacks are not as big as possible. To buy a suitable outdoor backpack, several factors must be considered. The first is the capacity, that is, how many items you carry; the second is the purpose, which is The type of outdoor sports you are doing; the third is the appearance, because the larger the backpack, the heavier it is. We have to buy it according to our own preferences, which will be explained in detail below.
First: capacity.
Capacity means size. Outdoor backpacks are divided into three levels: large, medium and small, small bag volume: 40L or less; medium bag volume: 40L or more; large bag volume: 60L or more. Large backpacks are the most important thing to carry, and their own weight can’t be considered. If you want to be light in weight, it will be expensive or you will have a discount on your shoulders. The carrying of small and medium-sized backpacks is less important. The main consideration is that the backpack itself is lighter. If you want to go camping in the wild for a few days, walk a long distance on foot, bring a few days of clothes and two pairs of shoes, and a few days of food and water, then you need a large bag. If you want to go to a place for camping for a day, it takes no time on the way, driving or taking a car, little clothes, little camping supplies, and little food, just a medium bag is enough. You have to go outdoors and play day by day. It takes no time on the way. You don’t need to bring your own camping supplies. There is very little food. A small bag is enough.
Second: the purpose of the backpack
According to the purpose, outdoor backpacks are divided into hiking bags and hiking bags. If you choose a trekking bag, consider the capacity, then consider the carrying system, and then consider the weight of the backpack.
Third: Appearance
Generally speaking, women are suitable for backpacks of about 40L, and men are suitable for backpacks of about 50L. Larger means that there are many things to install, but it does not mean that you have such a good physical strength to carry it on your back.
Just these three points. If you are choosing a mountaineering bag, in addition to the above three points, you should also consider hanging points and technical uses.

40L Backpack

50L&60L Backpack

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