The Scariest Experience When Camping

This happened 2 years ago when we just started our first job, so adventurers are not afraid of anything and want to do something exciting.

A friend arranged a beautiful place for us, and arranged some headlights and some necessary things there.

We drove all the way to the outskirts of the city and arrived at our destination around 9pm. So we parked the car, walked out, walked through the camp, explored it in the mobile flashlight, and tried to find a place where we could pitch a tent.

We had a party that night and had a great time, joking, and laughing out loud. We also dance loudly and play music in the car. We celebrated our birthday at midnight and ate our food and snacks.

The rest of the people were drinking at the time. My friend and I decided to go to the lake for a stroll because we didn’t like drinking. In fact, we dared to take a walk in the moonlight and were a bit far from our camp.

It was about 2:30 in the morning, and the place seemed so scary at night. When we walked away, the place became quieter and more creepy. Except for our footsteps, there were no other sounds around, only Mobile phone flash. We have reached a certain distance near the lake. We are already far away, so we don’t want to go anymore. Therefore, we decided to stay there for a few minutes before going back. When we were about to turn around and walk back, we suddenly felt a cool breeze, and at that moment we were shocked because there was no strong wind there. And the typical creepy wind, or rather, I can only say that only wind is so serious for us. But we ignored and walked away. When we were walking, we were flashing lights nearby, it felt like what we saw when we were moving in the water, and then we also heard some movement in the water, which scared us to death. We were so scared and ran away from there so quickly without looking back. When we wanted to kill that silence, we walked straight into our tent and played music on our phones.

I still remember that moment. This is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced, and I decided not to go again in such a night camp.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Roof Tents

(1) Benefits of roof tents

·Easy to install: Designed for quick setup. After entering the camp, you can loosen a few straps, pop them out and unfold the poles and ladders.

·Sturdy structure: Generally, the floor, tent fabric and pole materials are particularly strong and can withstand stormy weather.

·Comfort: Most are equipped with ultra-luxury foam mattresses.

·Campsites anywhere: No matter where you are, you can set up in campsites, parking lots, and remote dirt roads. Although it is flat, it does not require a clean tent mat.

(2) The disadvantages of roof tents (Yes, there are some)

·Cost: definitely much more expensive than camping tents (but cheaper than RVs)

Stay on the roof: Although it can be set quickly, secondary disadvantages include greater air resistance on the highway and the fact that you cannot maintain the settings when you drive away from a long-term camp. You also need to consider whether to bother to remove it outside of the camping trip.

  1. How to know which tent is suitable for your vehicle
    Most roof tents weigh more than 50kg, so you need to make sure that the roof rack is capable of this task. If you don’t have a roof rack, you need to consider the weight of the tent when buying a roof rack as the basis for a roof tent. It is not always easy to find the required specifications, so you may need to contact the seller of the roof rack to obtain the required information to determine the required specifications.

To check whether the roof tent can be installed on your vehicle, please check the following information:

(1) The total weight of the tent: it should be in the product specifications of the tent.

(2) Dynamic weight capacity of cars and shelves: This function can measure your ability to support the weight of the tent while driving. You need to verify this specification for both the vehicle and the luggage rack. Therefore, if you want to put the tent on a separately purchased roof rack, you must check the vehicle’s manual about the roof’s dynamic weight capability and the roof rack for the same specifications.

(3) Roof rack compatibility: Check the product description or consult the seller to ensure that your roof rack can be used with the roof tent.

(4) Static weight capacity: The ability of the roof rack (and roof) to support its designated number of sleepers and its equipment is usually not a problem. Most car roofs have been designed to withstand the loads associated with rollover accidents. Add in the load distribution provided by the sturdy tent floor platform and the extra support provided by the ladder, and you will have a very strong structure. But to be on the safe side, you still need to confirm that the static weight capacity of the vehicle and roof rack will support the weight of the tent and everyone in the tent and their sleeping equipment.

I also recommend a rear tent for everyone. If you like this tent, you can buy it directly from our website.

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11 Essential Anti-insect And Anti-mosquito Tips For Camping Out In Summer!

In summer camping, it is easy to encounter mosquitoes. Therefore, when playing in the camp and going upstream, how do you protect yourself and effectively prevent mosquito bites?

In order to make everyone feel at ease camping, I have compiled some tips for preventing insects in summer.

1-circle separation method

Before starting camping, the staff of the campsite will sprinkle lime around the campsite and use the odors they release to form a safety belt to isolate mosquitoes and snakes from the enclosure.

2 Mosquito Killer Lamp
In addition to spreading lime around the campsite using the ring-spreading isolation method, mosquito killers are installed in the tents of the campsite, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

3 bulb method

Orange light bulbs are installed in the tent. Through the light-transmitting orange glass bulbs, mosquitoes will escape because of fear of orange light when the lights are turned on.

In addition to the anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures that can be done on the camp, in order to better enhance the camping experience and take anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures, friends who go to camp should also take corresponding anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures:

4 incense repellent method
Open the lid of the bottle (box) of toilet water, wind oil and cooling oil, and place it outside the tent of the tent, or spray the wind oil and cooling oil directly on shoes and socks (once every two hours).

5 floral wormwood method
Put night lavender, jasmine, milan, mint, or rose in the tent, and mosquitoes escape because they can’t bear their smell.

6 empty bottle method
Fill an empty wine bottle or mouthpiece with sugar water or beer and place it in the tent. When mosquitoes smell the sweet wine, they will dig into the bottle and be stuck to death by the sugar water or beer.

7 method of eating raw garlic
Garlic eaten raw, excreted from sweat through human body’s physiological metabolism, will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach.

With the above 7 methods to prevent mosquitoes, we can ensure our comfort in the tent. How can we prevent insects and mosquitoes in the camp?

8 dress up
It is best to wear long-sleeved tops, trousers and footwear. Tighten the cuffs and neckline. If necessary, tie the trousers into the socks and wear a straw hat; skin that cannot be “armed” and has to be exposed is best to be applied. Point anti-mosquito potions; women should not wear perfume, hair spray and other strong aromatic cosmetics, so as not to induce poisonous bees to attack.

9 Pest Control Manual

  1. Spray mosquito repellent water containing DEET on the skin, which can be effective for several hours;
  2. Clothes and tents and other camping equipment should be soaked or sprayed with insecticides, such as permethrin, repellent containing DEET, etc.;
  3. Apply some soap and anti-mosquito oil on the upper to prevent the leeches from climbing up. The effective time of one application is about 4-8 hours;
  4. Do not swim or wash your hands in nearby waters where there are snails;
  5. Maintain good hygiene and pay attention to drinking water safety;
  6. Take good protection from contact with epidemic water, wear rubber gloves and rubber shoes;
  7. If there is high fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, limb weakness, weight loss, hepatosplenomegaly, etc., check and treat in time.

10 timely processing

  1. If you are bitten, apply alcohol to the tick to relax the tick’s head or die, and then use pointed tweezers to remove the tick;
  2. Gently scald the exposed part of the tick with cigarette butts and incense sticks, so that the head will withdraw slowly by itself. Don’t pull it hard to avoid hurting the skin.
  3. After taking it out, use iodine or alcohol for local disinfection, and observe the physical condition at any time.
  4. Use watermelon rind to be applied repeatedly for one minute, and then rinse with water, it will relieve the itching in a few minutes, and quickly reduce the swelling. Secondly, you can mash 1 to 2 aspirin, dissolve it with a little cold water, stir it into a paste, apply it to the mosquito bite place, and immediately relieve the itching.
  5. Rinse the bitten area with water, and then apply a little detergent powder to the bitten area with a wet finger to immediately relieve itching and reduce swelling.
  6. Vitamin B2 can effectively prevent and control mosquito bites. The method is to crush vitamin B2 tablets into a surface, and apply medical alcohol to the exposed parts or red and swollen areas.

11 heatstroke prevention instructions

Camping on a hot day, if the toxins produced by the body are not excreted from the body in time, it will cause heat stroke.

Heat stroke is the most common disease. In addition to bringing some medicines to treat heatstroke, the focus is on prevention. If you travel in the hot sun for a long time, you should arrange a sufficient rest time and be in a cool place. At the same time, you should pay attention to the shading and cooling during the journey. You can put a wet towel on your head, drink more water appropriately, and open it moderately. Clothes and wear short clothes and pants.

In most cases, there will be no serious consequences after being bitten by a mosquito, but if you are allergic to a certain insect toxin or are bitten by a large number of mosquitoes, it may endanger your health. Therefore, pay more attention to such problems outdoors.

When camping, choosing a suitable tent can also effectively prevent mosquito bites.

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Things To Bring For Camping

  1. Tent:
    With it, you will no longer be afraid of wind and rain, let alone live in an unsettled place, as long as you choose a proper camp, you can build a temporary home. The tents of the past were almost all house-shaped. The early design even separated the tent from the ground floor, so snakes and insects could easily climb into the tent. Therefore, if you want to go camping, you have to carry a large bag of lime and sprinkle it on the tent. Snake-proof close to the surrounding area, and camp ditch must be dig The current tents have been greatly improved with the civilization of science and technology. The material has been changed from heavy canvas to light and tough nylon cloth. The floor is made of waterproof PE cloth, which has excellent waterproof effect. On the whole, it has also been improved into an integrated design. In addition to the dense seams between the floor and the tent, a sand net and zipper are added to the door, which makes mosquitoes, insects, and snakes completely impermeable; for this reason, now No need to bring that heavy lime to camping anymore. In addition, the camp pillars have been changed from logs to small metal or fiberglass pillars, and the shape of the tent has also undergone revolutionary changes. In addition to the original house shape, there are also quadrangular masks and hexagonal yurts. The size of the tent is determined by the number of people , One-person account, two-person account, four-person account, six-person account, the largest one is eight-person account, and the bigger one needs to be ordered!
  1. Sleeping bag:
    Of course, some people go camping with quilts, but the lightness and easy storage and storage characteristics of the sleeping bag cannot be ignored. Moreover, the sleeping bag is very convenient to carry and small in size; the sleeping bag is made of rayon, hollow fiber and feathers. There are three main categories, and you can choose the sleeping bag you need based on the degree of cold resistance.
  1. Sleeping pad:
    With tents and sleeping bags, if you want to sleep more comfortably, sleeping pads are indispensable, and sleeping pads can also increase the insulation effect. Moreover, the sleeping pads are soft and can also improve the touch of the body in contact with stones or the ground! Only then will there be good dreams.
  2. Stoves:
    In ancient times, maybe you could use firewood for cooking, but now the times are different, overpopulation, overuse of land, deforestation and illegal logging, these factors prevent us from harming the natural wilderness arbitrarily. Moreover, using wood to make a fire on the spot can easily burn the land or grass and make it difficult to recover. If wood is cut arbitrarily for campfires or cooking, the scenery will be completely destroyed when others go next time. When all of this is done, the forest by the campsite must soon disappear, and the ground will be burnt piece by piece, so bringing one or two stoves is the love of this land, the choice of stoves, You can choose a gas stove that is easy to operate, or a vaporization stove. These stoves are very light and can be cooked in the tent when it rains?

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What Are The Types Of Camping?

Open-air sleeping

You can choose to sleep under a big tree, spread a plastic sheet, a moisture-proof mat, and then put a sleeping bag. You can cover the sleeping bag with a plastic sheet, or simply hang a rain-proof cloth on top of the sleeping bag. The problem for the host is To prevent dew and mosquitoes, you can put a layer of gauze on the headgear of the sleeping bag to prevent mosquitoes, or burn fireworks overnight. Smoke can prevent frost and reduce dew. In some rural areas, farmers can see farmers doing this to reduce frost. . Of course, do not sleep in the rainy season and winter. In addition, be careful not to sleep in the waterside and densely planted places, where there are many mosquitoes and it is not safe. At the same time, the temperature in the open air is generally about 5 degrees lower than that in the tent, so you should add more clothing to prevent cold.


Another way to sleep on the street is to use a hammock. The advantage of a hammock is that it will not be disturbed by animals on the ground (such as snakes and other reptiles). Hang a rain cloth above the hammock. There is a hammock-style tent that has a rain canopy and a mosquito-proof net, which is very suitable for jungle camping.

Tent camping
When you are going to camp, bring a suitable tent, you can avoid the bites of mosquitoes, snakes and insects, and also feel safer. If you are driving a pickup truck to camp, then you can also put a tent in the trunk of the pickup truck.

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Outdoor work and rest

Reasonable outdoor work and rest arrangements are an important way to ensure good health. Often due to excitement, excitement and other reasons, everyone will not finish chatting around the bonfire or engage in some recreational activities, which affects normal rest. Pay special attention to this, because everyone is tired physically and mentally after a day of activity. At this time, the team leader should stipulate a uniform work and rest time, such as no more than 12 o’clock in the night to rest, no more than 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning to wake up, especially emphasize the need to be unified, not individual people can affect the whole.
Accommodation cave

In the wild in most parts of the south, various forms of caves are often seen, such as dry caves, water caves, mountain caves, compound caves, etc. Accommodation in a cave is one of the most common ways of field travel. Our ancestors started a new life on the ground from staying in a cave. It can be seen that the accommodation cave is safe, convenient, warm, and a good place for shelter from wind and rain. The following points should be paid attention to when staying in the cave:

  1. Ventilation: First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the cave is a ventilated cave, not a dead cave. It is very important to maintain air circulation. You can light a cigarette to check whether the hole is ventilated. As long as the smoke flutters in or out of the hole in one direction, it means that the hole is ventilated.
  2. Shallow residence: Most caves are relatively deep. From a safety point of view, it is best to arrange the camp closer to the entrance of the cave to facilitate withdrawal and transfer.
  3. Water regime: When determining whether a cave can be accommodated, the water regime of the cave should be ascertained. Most caves have flowing groundwater activity, and some groundwater regimes are complex, especially in the rainy season. The accommodation chosen should be dry and free of dripping water.
  4. Other things to pay attention to when staying in caves: Many caves are inhabited by animals such as bats and swallows, so it is best to stay in caves without disturbing them, or change to another cave. If you have no experience in cave exploration, you should do less activity in the cave, and single-person activities should be prohibited; you can stay in the cave without setting up a tent, just spread all kinds of bedding, and if there are mosquitoes, you can burn smoke to drive them away.


Tips For Building Outdoor Tents To Avoid Stagnant Water

The skill of outdoor camping is one of the basic skills of many travel companions. When outdoors, tents are an artifact of shelter from wind and rain in the eyes of novices, but in the eyes of veterans, there are too many problems that need to be solved. So what are the tips when actually setting up?
Outdoor tents are now double-layered, that is, they are divided into inner and outer tents. This type of tent is still better. It is not prone to stagnant water. Even if it rains, it can prevent water from seeping in.

If it is a single-layer tent, if it encounters heavy rain when in use, it can be said that it is not very waterproof. Then when in use, you can only pull another layer of tarpaulin on the outside. Fix it in this way to avoid the impact of heavy rain.

So when choosing a tent, a single-layer tent is not good, and it is recommended to choose a double-layer tent when choosing a tent. The double layer and one layer of protection are still good,

Except after it rains, what we need to know when setting up a tent is that the temperature difference during the day will cause dew condensation in the tent, so be careful. But it cannot be avoided.

If the weather is better, it is recommended to ventilate the tent to solve this dew problem. If it is not ventilated, then the only way to avoid the sleeping bag is to get wet.

It is acceptable for the tent to be damp, but when the sleeping bag is damp, the impact is still relatively large, so it is best to prepare a drip-proof equipment on the sleeping bag.

After the tent is set up, it is best to dig a small drainage ditch outside the tent to avoid the problem of rain and water accumulation. After solving these problems, the effect is very good.

And it is quite importent to choose a suitable tent fot you .

Here i show you 1 tent that will avoid the Stagnant water.

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Outdoor Camping Tableware Recommendation

Many companies or individuals or bring a few close friends together to go to a mountain stream or a wilderness, on a journey of survival in the wild. Although there is always a certain degree of danger and psychological fear, it does not hinder the meaning and impact of life brought by such travel.

When we arrive at the campsite, we must first consider the issue of eating. Unless it is going to the glamping area (to provide meals), or there is a nearby store where you can buy food, we have to prepare it ourselves.
Today I will recommend some camping kitchenware and camping tableware for your reference.
Why do you need special kitchen utensils and tableware for camping?
After camping for a while, I slowly started to get tired of taking out the kitchen utensils at home for camping use.

There are three reasons:
Reason 1: Storage is troublesome
Every time when organizing equipment, even if there is an equipment list to confirm that there are no missing items, it is still very tiring. And because it is not dedicated for camping, it is often difficult to store. For camping or outdoor kitchenware, they are usually designed to be stored well without wasting any small space.
Reason 2: It is also needed at home!
Because every time we take the pot at home, we are very concerned about whether we break or lose the pot. And after we took it out, there were no pots available at home, which was very inconvenient. But every time you go home from camping, you have to put all the kitchen utensils in place, which is actually tiring!
Reason 3: Exclusive features are not easy to confuse
The tableware I recommend to everyone is very useful, very distinctive, and a full set, which reduces the possibility of getting the wrong tableware with friends who go camping.
The usual big iron bowls are also very featureless. Every time I want to say that the quantity I took home is correct… if it is a distinctive utensil, it is easy to identify.

I think the key points for choosing camping tableware are as follows:
Good storage, not fragile, light enough, and easy to clean.

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Precautions For Camping Alone

Sometimes, we want to go camping alone and enjoy the time alone. So what should we pay attention to when we go camping alone?
First, the choice of camping in the wild is on a flat land that is closer to the water or closer to the stream. Make sure that there are no gravel slopes around the site, and ensure that the drainage conditions are good and there will be no water problems.
Second, the location of the camp should also be in a bright and dry place with sufficient sunlight. Don’t choose a dark and humid place. This can help to dry the clothes, and it won’t be cold at night in places exposed to the sun for a long time.
Third, when choosing the location of the camp to set up the tent, the exit of the tent must be in a leeward position. Then, at each corner of the tent, find some larger stones and other heavy objects to hold it down, and then inlay four iron pins on the ground in four directions, and use ropes and iron inlays on the four corners of the tent. The sticks are fastened to ensure the wind resistance of the tent.
Fourth, pay attention to safety at night when camping in the wild. You can set up a fire near the tent, and then sweep the wood ashes around the tent. This can play a role in repelling insects and mosquitoes. The fire light can scare away snakes, mice and The beast would be safe at night and at night like this.
Fifth, prepare some medicines for camping in the wild, such as cold medicine, fever medicine and some commonly used medicines to stop bleeding and treat bruises have been used when accidents happen.
Sixth, when camping in the wild, we must pay attention to protecting the natural environment. We must not destroy the environment. Dispose of the garbage. It can be burned when the fire can be regenerated. The fire should be extinguished when preparing to leave. Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving to avoid fire.

You need to bring the one pereson tent with you .

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What To Prepare For Beach Camping

  1. Transportation: There are a lot of things to prepare to bring your children to camping, so it is recommended to drive by yourself or take a friend’s car, which is convenient for bringing in odds and ends. And it is convenient for children to drink in the water toilet halfway.
  2. Live:
    A. Of course it’s a Beach Camping Tent. Those who live in a hotel are outside the scope of this discussion.
    Buying a similar tent, with windows on both sides, is the best. Those with only a vent on the top don’t think it is suitable for the beach, and it is too boring.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2.jpg

  1. B. About the air cushion for sleeping. The kind of inflatable recommended here (that is to pump in) is not self-inflating.
    C. Because when it comes to the inflatable cushion, it is necessary to mention the inflator, manual pedals are fine, but an electric one is strongly recommended, and it can be inflated or deflated. This can be connected to the cigarette lighter. on. It is very convenient to fill up mattresses, swimming toys, and inflatable boats.
    D. Inflatable pillows.
    E. Fleece sleeping bag or towel quilt, I would recommend the towel quilt-because it is made of pure cotton, it is comfortable to use, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean the sand (upper), and the most important thing on the beach is sand
  2. Washing: Needless to say the basic washing utensils, a simple shower is recommended. In fact, it is a black water bag with a water outlet, usually about 20 liters. Fill it with water in the morning and put it on the beach. After 2 hours, the water will be warm (the water will be warm in sunny weather) and give it to the sea. It’s very convenient for children who are throbbing enough to take a shower, and of course adults can also use it.
    In addition, there is a foldable washbasin or a foldable bucket in the outdoor equipment, which can be used for children’s play and washing.
  3. Toilet.
    A vehicle-mounted toilet is about the same size as the one used at home. It is made of plastic. It has a 20-liter water tank. Fill the tank with water beforehand. It is convenient to flush it every time you use it.
  4. Food:
    Bring enough anti-mosquito stuff.
    Although the preparation is very tedious, once you go there, you will not forget the feeling of counting the stars in the sea and listening to the waves at night for a long, long time.
    Take the lead. Bring (quick-drying/waterproof) clothes, shoes, hats, cameras, cameras, helicopters (used in the event of a tsunami), parachutes, signal flare, multi-function knives, hovercraft, life jackets, sunglasses, sun protection products, umbrellas, swimwear, swimming Mirrors, earplugs, nose clips, oxygen tanks, food, beverages, medicines, cooking utensils, fishing nets, fishing rods, communication equipment, etc.

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Hanging Tree Tent

I think many people have the experience of camping and pitching tents. However, have you ever thought that one day you can set up a tent in a tree?
Tree tents, that is, tents that can be suspended and supported by trees, are about 1 meter to 3 meters above the ground. The English name is “Tentsile”, which is mainly designed based on the principle of spiders forming webs on trees. The designer of the tree tent is British architect Alex Smith
Designer and source of inspiration:
Designer Alex Smith is 34 years old (2012) with one child and lives in Tottenham, London. Around 2005, he had already begun to think about how to make a portable tree house. After seeing the webs made by spiders on trees, the idea of ​​tents on trees came into being.
When Smith came up with this idea, he was working in a construction company and had no time for manufacturing. Due to the economic recession in 2009, there was sufficient time to complete this design. He used his savings to complete the concept version of this design and show it to consumers. Smith initially planned to manufacture about 20 a year in the design, but people’s feedback encouraged him, and he decided to increase the number of annual production.
It only takes about 30 minutes to build a tree tent to be ready for use. The tools used are generally rope ladders, which is convenient and quick.
The tree tent can not only be used as a shelter in the wild for travel enthusiasts, but it can also be used for humanitarian relief work in disasters, such as floods or earthquakes.
The tree tents vary in size, the small can accommodate 2 people, and the large can accommodate 8 people, which can be used universally.

If you want to take a special outdoor trip like us, I will introduce you a very discounted tree tent.

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