8 tips for camping outside

Due to the c-void, more and more friends around them have given up on long-distance trips such as traveling abroad and going out of the province, and began to choose a more free and close-to-nature way of life-camping. We usually see small camping in parks or suburbs with tents, but this can only be called a picnic. What we mean by camping is sleeping outside the wilderness and being one with nature. But many people are still unable to overcome this psychological obstacle. It is because we are used to the convenience of living in the city. The essence of camping is to slowly get used to this kind of discomfort and inconvenience, and return to the living state of primitive people. With no running water, no air conditioning, no soft mattresses and dry quilts, you could be infested with frogs by the lake and mosquitoes in your ears all night. But the charm of camping is precisely that, like children, we can create our own little world, taste the freshest taste of nature, look up and see the first ray of sunshine through the gap… to discover, explore and integrate into nature, thank nature And this world gives you the most wonderful view in front of you…

However, as a professional camping enthusiast, please ignore all the wonderful camping photos and videos on the Internet, behind those wonderful ones, there must be all the discomforts just mentioned. So please be mentally prepared, your first wilderness sleep is likely to be a sleepless night.

Whether you are about to stick to camping as your hobby, or as a way of life for a period of time in the future, or to bring your children to be close to nature, the first time is very, very important. If you fail or have a bad experience, you may give up. Before all thoughts, stay away from camping. So I’m here to give you as much experience as possible, so that your first show can have a better experience and not fail completely.

i have few tips for everyone who wants to camping outside.
1.don’t be a loner.
2. don’t choose a campsite that is too far or too remote
3. do not go to places without mobile phone signal not choose extreme weather to go out
5.carry enough drinking water
6.try not to light a bonfire
7.develop a complete camping plan
8.planned ingredients not buy the camping equipment such as all kind of camping tents for the first camping in one step
10. take away all the garbage you make
Each camping exprence is also a process of exploring your own style, and this process is full of unknown and fun.

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