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11 Essential Anti-insect And Anti-mosquito Tips For Camping Out In Summer!

In summer camping, it is easy to encounter mosquitoes. Therefore, when playing in the camp and going upstream, how do you protect yourself and effectively prevent mosquito bites?

In order to make everyone feel at ease camping, I have compiled some tips for preventing insects in summer.

1-circle separation method

Before starting camping, the staff of the campsite will sprinkle lime around the campsite and use the odors they release to form a safety belt to isolate mosquitoes and snakes from the enclosure.

2 Mosquito Killer Lamp
In addition to spreading lime around the campsite using the ring-spreading isolation method, mosquito killers are installed in the tents of the campsite, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

3 bulb method

Orange light bulbs are installed in the tent. Through the light-transmitting orange glass bulbs, mosquitoes will escape because of fear of orange light when the lights are turned on.

In addition to the anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures that can be done on the camp, in order to better enhance the camping experience and take anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures, friends who go to camp should also take corresponding anti-mosquito and insect-prevention measures:

4 incense repellent method
Open the lid of the bottle (box) of toilet water, wind oil and cooling oil, and place it outside the tent of the tent, or spray the wind oil and cooling oil directly on shoes and socks (once every two hours).

5 floral wormwood method
Put night lavender, jasmine, milan, mint, or rose in the tent, and mosquitoes escape because they can’t bear their smell.

6 empty bottle method
Fill an empty wine bottle or mouthpiece with sugar water or beer and place it in the tent. When mosquitoes smell the sweet wine, they will dig into the bottle and be stuck to death by the sugar water or beer.

7 method of eating raw garlic
Garlic eaten raw, excreted from sweat through human body’s physiological metabolism, will produce a smell that mosquitoes dare not approach.

With the above 7 methods to prevent mosquitoes, we can ensure our comfort in the tent. How can we prevent insects and mosquitoes in the camp?

8 dress up
It is best to wear long-sleeved tops, trousers and footwear. Tighten the cuffs and neckline. If necessary, tie the trousers into the socks and wear a straw hat; skin that cannot be “armed” and has to be exposed is best to be applied. Point anti-mosquito potions; women should not wear perfume, hair spray and other strong aromatic cosmetics, so as not to induce poisonous bees to attack.

9 Pest Control Manual

  1. Spray mosquito repellent water containing DEET on the skin, which can be effective for several hours;
  2. Clothes and tents and other camping equipment should be soaked or sprayed with insecticides, such as permethrin, repellent containing DEET, etc.;
  3. Apply some soap and anti-mosquito oil on the upper to prevent the leeches from climbing up. The effective time of one application is about 4-8 hours;
  4. Do not swim or wash your hands in nearby waters where there are snails;
  5. Maintain good hygiene and pay attention to drinking water safety;
  6. Take good protection from contact with epidemic water, wear rubber gloves and rubber shoes;
  7. If there is high fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, limb weakness, weight loss, hepatosplenomegaly, etc., check and treat in time.

10 timely processing

  1. If you are bitten, apply alcohol to the tick to relax the tick’s head or die, and then use pointed tweezers to remove the tick;
  2. Gently scald the exposed part of the tick with cigarette butts and incense sticks, so that the head will withdraw slowly by itself. Don’t pull it hard to avoid hurting the skin.
  3. After taking it out, use iodine or alcohol for local disinfection, and observe the physical condition at any time.
  4. Use watermelon rind to be applied repeatedly for one minute, and then rinse with water, it will relieve the itching in a few minutes, and quickly reduce the swelling. Secondly, you can mash 1 to 2 aspirin, dissolve it with a little cold water, stir it into a paste, apply it to the mosquito bite place, and immediately relieve the itching.
  5. Rinse the bitten area with water, and then apply a little detergent powder to the bitten area with a wet finger to immediately relieve itching and reduce swelling.
  6. Vitamin B2 can effectively prevent and control mosquito bites. The method is to crush vitamin B2 tablets into a surface, and apply medical alcohol to the exposed parts or red and swollen areas.

11 heatstroke prevention instructions

Camping on a hot day, if the toxins produced by the body are not excreted from the body in time, it will cause heat stroke.

Heat stroke is the most common disease. In addition to bringing some medicines to treat heatstroke, the focus is on prevention. If you travel in the hot sun for a long time, you should arrange a sufficient rest time and be in a cool place. At the same time, you should pay attention to the shading and cooling during the journey. You can put a wet towel on your head, drink more water appropriately, and open it moderately. Clothes and wear short clothes and pants.

In most cases, there will be no serious consequences after being bitten by a mosquito, but if you are allergic to a certain insect toxin or are bitten by a large number of mosquitoes, it may endanger your health. Therefore, pay more attention to such problems outdoors.

When camping, choosing a suitable tent can also effectively prevent mosquito bites.

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