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Camping knowledge

1) What kind of clothes should I wear for camping?

It is best to wear jackets when going camping, windproof, waterproof, and warm. If you want to go hiking, try to wear sports shoes. The equipment needed for camping are:

  1. It is better to choose a double-layer tent with stable structure, light weight, strong wind and rain resistance.
  2. Down or goose down sleeping bags are light and have good warmth retention, but the premise is that they must be kept dry. When the environmental conditions are relatively humid, artificial vacuum cotton sleeping bags may be a better choice.
  3. The structure of the backpack should conform to its own body structure and have a comfortable carrying system (such as shoulder straps, waist belts, back panels)
  4. Fire appliances, such as lighters, matches, candles, and magnifying glasses, among which candles can be used as a light source and an excellent combustion-supporting agent.
  5. Picnic utensils, kettles, multi-function picnic pots, sharp multi-function folding knives, tableware.
  6. Special tools, compass, map, rope, folding spade, needle and thread, fishing hook and fishing line, machete, camera.
  7. Water and food: meat, sugar, fat, salt with high calorie.
  8. Life-saving box, antidote, anti-powder, cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, Yunnan Baiyao, analgesic, gauze, tape, bandage.

2) Summer camping equipment and precautions

The essential items for summer camping are as follows:
Before camping, you must first make a list of equipment and prepare the essential items. The list should include: low-ventilation double-layer tents, moisture-proof pads, sleeping bags, mosquito coils, sulfur, lighting equipment, etc.
Generally speaking, low-permeable double-layer tents are the first choice, because the problem of “high moisture and heavy dew” at night will occur regardless of the sea or the mountains. If the tent is equipped with a waterproof mat, the waterproof performance will be better, which can improve the moisture from the ground. Moisture-proof mats are easily overlooked by novice campers, thinking that the waterproof function of the tent is enough. In fact, moisture-proof mats can allow campers to lie down and rest at night. It is recommended to choose physical foaming products to avoid peculiar smell. If conditions permit, you can choose to use an automatically inflated inflatable cushion as a moisture-proof cushion, which is more soft and comfortable. Another item that is easy to overlook is the sleeping bag. Because generally speaking, summer tents will be warmer, unless it is in the high-cold area, there are not many opportunities to actually get into the sleeping bag. However, the temperature difference between day and night in the wild is large after all, so it is best to prepare an envelope sleeping bag and unfold it as a quilt.
Night lights are very important for camping. Lighting equipment can be battery lights or gas lights. If it is a battery light, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries. Sulfur and pesticides are used to spray around the campsite to prevent harmful insects from entering the campsite and harming themselves.
In addition, it is advisable to wear long clothes and trousers that are more close-fitting to avoid mosquito bites and tree branches. Shoes should choose non-slip outdoor sports shoes. Before departure, prepare enough clean water, dry food and common medicines, such as mosquito repellent, antidiarrheal medicine, and trauma medicine.
If outdoor camping is accompanied by certain adventure activities, you should also bring two kinds of knives. One of them is a multifunctional knife that can be folded. It has more than ten functions such as main knife, bottle opener, tweezers, hunter sickle, saw, etc., which is convenient and practical. The broad knife should be a knife that is suitable for cutting wood and can also be used for hunting animals, skinning, or a large and heavy meniscus in moments of danger.

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