Summer outdoor camping strategy, how to prepare your camping equipment?

The moon rose higher and higher, the sky filled the stars and the stars flowed quietly. Friends said goodnight to each other, went into their respective small worlds, lay down in the depths of comfortable sleeping bags, and fell asleep.

But sometimes, some embarrassing problems make us fall asleep less easily.

In the sultry weather, a sleeping bag of inappropriate thickness makes you warm up… After the rain, the ground is wet, and you forgot to bring a sleeping pad. A cold feeling slowly invades your body… It is also possible that you have overlooked the microclimate in the mountains, Underestimated the cold caused by altitude. In short, it is difficult for you to fall asleep.

Under the starry sky, how to get a five-star sleep quality? This needs to start with creating a comfortable sleep system.

In camping, the most basic equipment that constitutes the “sleep system” is sleeping mats and sleeping bags, which can be selected according to the needs of different people, and can also include pillows, clothing, etc. The equipment that composes the sleep system should have sufficient functionality and comfort.

Sleeping mat: Even in summer, insulation is important for a good sleep

In summer, many hardcore mountain friends can do without sleeping pads. They may put clothes and backpacks underneath to keep warm. But for most people, sleeping mats are used all year round. Sleeping bags cannot completely replace the role of sleeping pads. Unlike the urban environment, the temperature difference between day and night in the mountains is relatively large, and the influence of altitude on temperature needs to be considered. Sleeping mats are one of the main sources of insulation and warmth. Even in summer, insulation is also very important for good sleep.

Maybe the campsite has just rained a few days ago, and some places are very humid. At this time, a sleeping mat is needed to isolate the humidity and low temperature to increase comfort. The cold air on the ground rushes directly into the bones, which is also very harmful to the body. In addition, the uncomfortable feeling caused by uneven ground, the sleeping pad can also help you easily reduce it. In the choice of sleeping pads, in addition to choosing different sizes and types according to their own needs, it is more important to evaluate the R value according to the ambient temperature and its own cold and heat resistance.

Ambient temperature range and R value

R value: The insulation capacity of the sleeping pad is expressed by the R value. The higher the R value, the better the insulation, and the better it can isolate the cold on the ground from itself.

Unlike sleeping bags, even if you choose a sleeping mat with a higher warmth, it usually does not cause overheating. But in order to enhance the experience and safety of outdoor camping, we should still compare the ambient temperature range and R value, and choose the most suitable one to carry.

In order to help us understand the performance of the sleeping pad, manufacturers will mark the R value and temperature range on the sleeping pad. You can usually use such a dividing line to distinguish three-season sleeping pads and winter sleeping pads, and the R value is roughly 3.0. We also believe that if the sleeping pad provides the most basic and reliable thermal performance, its R value should be at least 1.5. If the R value is lower, then you are basically sleeping on a heat sink, continuously taking away the heat from your body, making you cold and awake at night. ——”R Value: The Truth Behind the Numbers” Shenzhen Himalayas Even in summer, the day and night temperatures in high mountains and low mountains are different, so we should choose according to specific needs.

Sleeping bag: smart choice, efficient use, know the ambient temperature of the campsite in advance

Would you like to think that when you camp in the summer, you can take a warm sleeping bag for the winter to get everything done? Then you may be wrong. In fact, it is best to choose a specific type of sleeping bag instead of choosing one that can be used in all seasons. Whether taking a thick sleeping bag in winter to go to an environment that is not extreme, or taking a thin sleeping bag to go to an extreme environment in summer, it is very inefficient, insecure and will bring a very poor experience.

For example, in sultry weather, a too thick sleeping bag will make you sweat profusely. Pulling the sleeping bag apart will make you easy to catch cold when the sweat evaporates; while taking a too thin sleeping bag overnight in the cold mountains, it is more It is very bad and dangerous behavior. In short, you will feel much better if you bring a sleeping bag with a suitable thickness according to the ambient temperature of the campsite you are going to in summer. Before setting off, you should know the weather conditions of the campsite in advance, such as knowing the lowest temperature of the day. The temperature scale is the most important indicator of a sleeping bag. When buying, the sales staff will introduce it. The trademark of the sleeping bag will also indicate the temperature suitable for use. Please refer to it. On the sales website, there will also be clear and detailed instructions, such as the temperature scale reminder of a certain brand:

The temperature scale generally consists of three data: minimum temperature, comfortable low temperature, and maximum temperature. From the literal meaning, the minimum temperature is lower than this temperature may be life-threatening; the comfortable temperature refers to the most ideal temperature for the sleeping bag; the maximum temperature refers to the temperature above which users will not be able to bear it. There are two main types of sleeping bag stuffing, down and chemical fiber cotton, and there are also single-layer fleece sleeping bags. The choice of filler depends on your preference and where you will camp. For example, in a relatively warm, non-extreme environment, the fleece sleeping bag can also be used as a summer sleeping bag alone. The style of sleeping bag should also be chosen wisely, such as envelope sleeping bag, which has more loose space and is more suitable for the warm summer season.

Envelope sleeping bag

You can also choose a sleeping bag with a full-length zipper, so that you can flexibly adjust the zipper according to the body temperature during those relatively warm nights.

Finally, when camping in the summer, don’t let the mosquitoes disturb your dreams. Choose a dry place away from woods, grasses, stagnant water, and rivers as much as possible. Spreading a layer of ground cloth under the tent is also a good choice to isolate reptiles.

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