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What Are The Types Of Camping?

Open-air sleeping

You can choose to sleep under a big tree, spread a plastic sheet, a moisture-proof mat, and then put a sleeping bag. You can cover the sleeping bag with a plastic sheet, or simply hang a rain-proof cloth on top of the sleeping bag. The problem for the host is To prevent dew and mosquitoes, you can put a layer of gauze on the headgear of the sleeping bag to prevent mosquitoes, or burn fireworks overnight. Smoke can prevent frost and reduce dew. In some rural areas, farmers can see farmers doing this to reduce frost. . Of course, do not sleep in the rainy season and winter. In addition, be careful not to sleep in the waterside and densely planted places, where there are many mosquitoes and it is not safe. At the same time, the temperature in the open air is generally about 5 degrees lower than that in the tent, so you should add more clothing to prevent cold.


Another way to sleep on the street is to use a hammock. The advantage of a hammock is that it will not be disturbed by animals on the ground (such as snakes and other reptiles). Hang a rain cloth above the hammock. There is a hammock-style tent that has a rain canopy and a mosquito-proof net, which is very suitable for jungle camping.

Tent camping
When you are going to camp, bring a suitable tent, you can avoid the bites of mosquitoes, snakes and insects, and also feel safer. If you are driving a pickup truck to camp, then you can also put a tent in the trunk of the pickup truck.

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Outdoor work and rest

Reasonable outdoor work and rest arrangements are an important way to ensure good health. Often due to excitement, excitement and other reasons, everyone will not finish chatting around the bonfire or engage in some recreational activities, which affects normal rest. Pay special attention to this, because everyone is tired physically and mentally after a day of activity. At this time, the team leader should stipulate a uniform work and rest time, such as no more than 12 o’clock in the night to rest, no more than 7 to 8 o’clock in the morning to wake up, especially emphasize the need to be unified, not individual people can affect the whole.
Accommodation cave

In the wild in most parts of the south, various forms of caves are often seen, such as dry caves, water caves, mountain caves, compound caves, etc. Accommodation in a cave is one of the most common ways of field travel. Our ancestors started a new life on the ground from staying in a cave. It can be seen that the accommodation cave is safe, convenient, warm, and a good place for shelter from wind and rain. The following points should be paid attention to when staying in the cave:

  1. Ventilation: First of all, it is necessary to find out whether the cave is a ventilated cave, not a dead cave. It is very important to maintain air circulation. You can light a cigarette to check whether the hole is ventilated. As long as the smoke flutters in or out of the hole in one direction, it means that the hole is ventilated.
  2. Shallow residence: Most caves are relatively deep. From a safety point of view, it is best to arrange the camp closer to the entrance of the cave to facilitate withdrawal and transfer.
  3. Water regime: When determining whether a cave can be accommodated, the water regime of the cave should be ascertained. Most caves have flowing groundwater activity, and some groundwater regimes are complex, especially in the rainy season. The accommodation chosen should be dry and free of dripping water.
  4. Other things to pay attention to when staying in caves: Many caves are inhabited by animals such as bats and swallows, so it is best to stay in caves without disturbing them, or change to another cave. If you have no experience in cave exploration, you should do less activity in the cave, and single-person activities should be prohibited; you can stay in the cave without setting up a tent, just spread all kinds of bedding, and if there are mosquitoes, you can burn smoke to drive them away.

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