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How to choose the right lamps for camping?

For those of you who love nature, camping in the wild may be the most close to nature. But spending the long dark night in the wild is not as convenient as in the city. You must be fully prepared to deal with the confusion brought about by the dark night. The torch is our most common and perhaps the first lighting tool you come up with. She is not only easy to operate, but also low in price, but she has a fatal flaw, that is, you have to use your hands to manipulate, and if your hands are bound in the wild, then your actions will be restricted. So, a wise man invented the headlight.

Speaking of headlamps, you will surely immediately think of the bulky and heavy miner’s lamp used by miners. Yes, in fact, the headlights used in outdoor camping and miner’s lamps used by miners have the same purpose, both of which are to find direction in the dark. But of course, outdoor headlights are lighter and more beautiful than miner’s lamps. Headlamp, as the name implies, is a lamp that can be worn on the head. Her advantage is that she can free your hands in the dark, and this is so important for life in the wild. So, should I choose a headlight or a flashlight when I travel?

Determine the type of your outing. Most camping enthusiasts will choose headlights or flashlights. If you are a large group, you can bring one or two larger camp lights, which can illuminate almost the entire camp.
Small flashlights that use batteries are the most commonly used personal lighting tool. Choose a lighter and more luminous flashlight, which is more suitable for more relaxed outdoor camping, but if you want to carry the flashlight to cook, it will be more troublesome. At this time, use the headlight.

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The battery-powered headlight is the most ideal outdoor personal lighting equipment. She is easy to use, and her best part is to free your hands. From this you can conveniently cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, march at night or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she really makes you “see what you see and what you see.”

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