What To Prepare For Beach Camping

  1. Transportation: There are a lot of things to prepare to bring your children to camping, so it is recommended to drive by yourself or take a friend’s car, which is convenient for bringing in odds and ends. And it is convenient for children to drink in the water toilet halfway.
  2. Live:
    A. Of course it’s a Beach Camping Tent. Those who live in a hotel are outside the scope of this discussion.
    Buying a similar tent, with windows on both sides, is the best. Those with only a vent on the top don’t think it is suitable for the beach, and it is too boring.
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  1. B. About the air cushion for sleeping. The kind of inflatable recommended here (that is to pump in) is not self-inflating.
    C. Because when it comes to the inflatable cushion, it is necessary to mention the inflator, manual pedals are fine, but an electric one is strongly recommended, and it can be inflated or deflated. This can be connected to the cigarette lighter. on. It is very convenient to fill up mattresses, swimming toys, and inflatable boats.
    D. Inflatable pillows.
    E. Fleece sleeping bag or towel quilt, I would recommend the towel quilt-because it is made of pure cotton, it is comfortable to use, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean the sand (upper), and the most important thing on the beach is sand
  2. Washing: Needless to say the basic washing utensils, a simple shower is recommended. In fact, it is a black water bag with a water outlet, usually about 20 liters. Fill it with water in the morning and put it on the beach. After 2 hours, the water will be warm (the water will be warm in sunny weather) and give it to the sea. It’s very convenient for children who are throbbing enough to take a shower, and of course adults can also use it.
    In addition, there is a foldable washbasin or a foldable bucket in the outdoor equipment, which can be used for children’s play and washing.
  3. Toilet.
    A vehicle-mounted toilet is about the same size as the one used at home. It is made of plastic. It has a 20-liter water tank. Fill the tank with water beforehand. It is convenient to flush it every time you use it.
  4. Food:
    Bring enough anti-mosquito stuff.
    Although the preparation is very tedious, once you go there, you will not forget the feeling of counting the stars in the sea and listening to the waves at night for a long, long time.
    Take the lead. Bring (quick-drying/waterproof) clothes, shoes, hats, cameras, cameras, helicopters (used in the event of a tsunami), parachutes, signal flare, multi-function knives, hovercraft, life jackets, sunglasses, sun protection products, umbrellas, swimwear, swimming Mirrors, earplugs, nose clips, oxygen tanks, food, beverages, medicines, cooking utensils, fishing nets, fishing rods, communication equipment, etc.

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