Precautions For Camping Alone

Sometimes, we want to go camping alone and enjoy the time alone. So what should we pay attention to when we go camping alone?
First, the choice of camping in the wild is on a flat land that is closer to the water or closer to the stream. Make sure that there are no gravel slopes around the site, and ensure that the drainage conditions are good and there will be no water problems.
Second, the location of the camp should also be in a bright and dry place with sufficient sunlight. Don’t choose a dark and humid place. This can help to dry the clothes, and it won’t be cold at night in places exposed to the sun for a long time.
Third, when choosing the location of the camp to set up the tent, the exit of the tent must be in a leeward position. Then, at each corner of the tent, find some larger stones and other heavy objects to hold it down, and then inlay four iron pins on the ground in four directions, and use ropes and iron inlays on the four corners of the tent. The sticks are fastened to ensure the wind resistance of the tent.
Fourth, pay attention to safety at night when camping in the wild. You can set up a fire near the tent, and then sweep the wood ashes around the tent. This can play a role in repelling insects and mosquitoes. The fire light can scare away snakes, mice and The beast would be safe at night and at night like this.
Fifth, prepare some medicines for camping in the wild, such as cold medicine, fever medicine and some commonly used medicines to stop bleeding and treat bruises have been used when accidents happen.
Sixth, when camping in the wild, we must pay attention to protecting the natural environment. We must not destroy the environment. Dispose of the garbage. It can be burned when the fire can be regenerated. The fire should be extinguished when preparing to leave. Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving to avoid fire.

You need to bring the one pereson tent with you .

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