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How to sleep in outdoor camping?

Not knowing this is equivalent to “sleeping naked”!

When I haven’t tried camping, I always dreamed about a beautiful natural life. In the dense forest, the morning light of sunrise was weakened by the layers of green leaves, and a sparse light and shadow fell near my ears, and the lively sounds of insects and birds were next to my ears. , And then wake up the body after a sound sleep to restore its former vitality.

But if it is the first time for Xiaobai to go out, he often suffers from those inexperienced losses. The tent leaks light and is awakened by the light when the sky is dark. Without moisture-proof materials, he turns over and over at night like sleeping in a damp marsh. The accumulation of these little things broke the original beauty, and since then I never want to go camping, but use the following tips to ensure that you have a good sleep and fall in love with camping.

  1. Bring a sleeping bag, moisture-proof pad, etc.

First of all, sleep outdoors, unless it is a light luxury camping, like those wild moving styles in the United States, where the two-meter big bed and lazy sofa in the home are moved into the tent, but generally it is lighter to travel, and at most you can bring a camp bed. . Therefore, the quality of sleep can only be adjusted by the materials that you carry. The first is the floor mat, which can be egg-shaped or inflated, which can prevent the intimacy of zero-distance contact with the earth. The second is the sleeping bag, except in summer, under normal circumstances. It is necessary to bring a sleeping bag according to the specific temperature.

In the last winter, you need to bring a heater, wood stove, etc. to keep you warm.

  1. The location of the camp should be appropriate

For the quality of sleep, if the three-piece suit is the internal cause, then the choice of the camp is the external cause, and both are indispensable. There are too many things to explain in the choice of camp. For example, the ground should be flat, no stones or bumps. If you camp in the mountains, you should be sunny and don’t be shaded. The cold wind at night will make you regret it. Third, you can’t stay in the summer. Places that are prone to high tides, such as rivers, should not be under trees to prevent threats from thunder. Finally, get closer to the water source and so on. You can talk about it in detail later.

  1. If you have strict sleep requirements, you can wear eye masks or earplugs.

A friend used to share the account with her friend when she was camping. Because she is a person with higher requirements for a sleeping environment, she happened to be snoring all night, which caused her to turn over and over all night without falling asleep. After that, she would wear earplugs every time she went out. , But also lose the precious experience of falling asleep accompanied by the white noise of nature at night, so this can be according to personal needs.

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