Camping in the tropics or by the sea

In summer, many people choose to camp in the tropics or by the sea. So what should be paid attention to?

Pay attention to the following points when camping in the tropics:

  1. Be sure to find a place where the terrain is relatively high and there are no obvious signs of flooding as a campsite, and the bed should be higher than the ground.

Second, find some rattans and weave them in layers on the fixed support to make a good shelter. Then find some large leaves and fix them on the branch frame to use as a roof.

Third, a hammock is an ideal place to rest. If you don’t bring a hammock, you can make a hammock with your belongings. Tie the four corners of raincoats, sheets, felts, etc. with ropes, and fix them to four trees with ropes.

Fourth, the fourth is to use tree stumps or insert thick trunks into the ground, build a few trunks into a frame, then split the bamboos, and lay them side by side on the bottom of the frame as a bed board, and spread wide leaves on the top of the frame to serve as a ceiling. Fifth, put a horizontal stick between the tree and the tree or between the tree and the column, build a frame with a 45-degree inclination between the stick and the ground, seal the frame around the frame with leaves, and spread hay on the bottom. .

Fifth and six, setting up a fire at the leeward of the camping shed, and using the wooden wall to reflect the heat into the shed, can also overcome the problems of dampness and mosquitoes.

There are also six points to note when camping by the sea:

One is that it is not a last resort, it is best not to camp on the beach.

The second is to carefully observe and confirm the highest position that can be reached when the sea is high tide, and then build the camping shed in a place that cannot be reached when the sea is high tide.

The third is to choose a place with a relatively high terrain to ensure that the camping shed will not be flooded when the thunderstorm suddenly comes.

Fourth, to avoid the sea breeze as much as possible, it is best to spread a layer of waterproof material on the ground, such as hay, raincoat, and plastic film.

Fifth, pay attention to its sealing when constructing camping sheds by the sea, and not build overly exposed camping sites.
Sixth, if there is seawater flooding into the camp, you should retreat to a safe area immediately, and you should not delay the time to avoid being swept away by the waves.

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