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How to avoid a failed camping when traveling outdoors?

Camping is a very simple matter. Bring tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags and other basic equipment, and find a good place to camp.

But camping is very particular. The wrong location may result in poor rest. A slight negligence may even encounter dangerous situations such as mudslides, river surges, and animal invasions.

In outdoor travel, choosing a good camping site is arguably the most important little thing.

  1. Check the climate of the campsite

Pay attention to local weather news-When looking up weather information, it is best to also check local weather news. From July to August this year, Hunan rained heavily and many rivers and creeks soared. If you want to go camping in Hunan at this time, you need to be cautious. Even if the place you go is sunny, there is no guarantee that the river surge or even the flood caused by heavy rain in other places will not harm you.

  1. Prepare the right equipment
    After inquiring about the local geographic and climate information, we will prepare equipment. The basic equipment for camping is relatively simple, including tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, stoves, and mountaineering clothing. According to the situation of the campsite, we need to choose the appropriate basic equipment first.

Tents-“buck teeth” summer Indian tents can be used in places with relatively hot weather and relatively low winds, such as the seaside and camping grounds in the south. If you want to go to the top of a mountain with a relatively high altitude, or a place with a relatively windy grassland, it is not suitable.

Remember that for every 1,000 meters of altitude, the temperature will drop by about 6 degrees Celsius. Unless you go camping in a hotter area, it is still recommended to bring a three-season tent. Moisture-proof pad-Moisture-proof pad is a piece of equipment that is easily overlooked. However, it actually plays an extremely important role in keeping warm. If you don’t have a moisture-proof mat, your body’s heat will continue to be lost when you sleep at night. Even in a warm enough area, this will cause you to become exhausted, and it may even be life-threatening in cold areas.

When we buy moisture-proof pads, we will ask about the size, material, weight, and thickness of the product. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the two most important indicators-R value and recommended temperature scale.

The temperature scale is a relatively easy-to-understand concept, which is the ambient temperature it is recommended to use.
The comparison of R value is an abstract concept. Simply put, the higher the R value of a moisture-proof pad, the less heat you lose when you sleep on it, and the warmer it will be. Sleeping bag-sleeping bag is actually a better choice. The main things you need to consider are temperature scale, choice of duck down or goose down, sleeping bag material and sleeping bag style. As the saying goes, bring dry food and warm clothes. When choosing a sleeping bag, I prefer to choose a temperature scale that is lower than my real needs.

One thing worth noting when choosing the temperature scale of a sleeping bag is that a general sleeping bag will be marked with three temperature scales, which are the maximum adaptable temperature, the comfortable temperature, and the limit temperature. We try our best to use the comfort temperature scale as the measuring scale of choice. After all, the limit temperature scale only means that the sleeping bag will not lose the temperature at this temperature, and it must not make you sleep comfortable.

In addition to the three major equipment in the camp, we also need stoves and lighting equipment in the camp. I will discuss the stove with the ingredients in the food section. Here we talk about the lighting equipment. Headlights, camp lights, and flashlights are the three major components of lighting equipment:

The headlamp is tied to the top of the head, and as you swing the head lamp tube always shines in your field of vision, which is the main force of night lighting;
Camp lights are generally floodlights, which can be hung on tree branches, in the sky, or on upright trekking poles to provide a light source from top to bottom to illuminate the entire camp;
The flashlight is responsible for providing long-distance lighting for you. At present, the general small DC brightness has reached more than 1000, and the effective irradiation range is more than 100 meters, providing a better view at night. 3. Prepare the right ingredients before departure
Stoves-suitable ingredients and stoves must be prepared before departure.

Today, when light weight and small size are popular, integrated burners are becoming more and more popular.
However, the split burner can provide greater firepower and more stable support.
Gas tanks that use methane as the main raw material are the main fuel for camping, and their portability makes them popular. Although the oil furnace has greater firepower, its volume and weight are not dominant.

It should be noted that if we choose to camp at a high altitude, due to the thin air, the burning power of the air tank is not enough, or even burnt up. At this time, we’d better choose an oil stove to cook rice, plus a pressure cooker, so that we can eat better on the plateau.

Ingredients-Regarding ingredients, whether you are going out to rot or taking a long-term plan, you should aim to eat better. In the camp, only a good meal can regain strength. So how can we eat well?

Short-term corruption is easier. We only need to prepare for one or two big meals. We can carry on the mountain as the basis. We can bring whatever we like. We can have a meal of mutton-shabu, skewers, and dumplings in the mountains. It’s nothing new. But going long-term requires careful planning and detailed planning of daily rations.

Carbon water, rice, noodles, tsampa, etc., each man needs about 400 grams of carbon water per day, and about 300 grams for women;
Fruits and vegetables, in the long-term outdoor environment, fresh melons and fruits can not only supplement the vitamins and electrolytes necessary for the human body, but also give the traveler spiritual motivation.
Once a friend walked on Aotai Mountain for several days, the morale of the whole team was low. Suddenly, someone took out an apple that had been reluctant to eat, and shared food with the team members. The delicious and juicy apples brought tears to the team members’ eyes. They have never eaten such a delicious apple! The morale of the entire team was also boosted.

Just having these ingredients is still not enough. If you want to eat well on the road, enough protein is also necessary. There is a limited amount of fresh meat that can be carried on the long line for a few days, but you can still prepare some for the first day of camping and eat better. For the next few days of the trip, it is enough to bring some eggs, dried meat and other food.

It’s a meal! In fact, I don’t think I need to elaborate on how to cook, anyway, my cooking skills are really not good. However, there are still some things to pay attention to when cooking at the campsite, that is, windproof, fireproof and the disposal of leftovers.

Windproof-Set up camp in the valley where the wind is relatively small, and it is not necessary to protect the stove from the wind when cooking. However, in places such as mountain tops, grasslands, and seasides, wind protection is required. Carrying a windbreak is the easiest way. If you don’t bring it, you can also find a few stones and build a temporary windbreak.

Fire prevention-in nature, fire prevention is the most important thing. In recent years, many mountain forests have set fire protection periods. Before June 1st after the beginning of each year, if there is no rainfall, many forests around Beijing are not open to the public. Fire prevention involves personal safety, and once a fire occurs in the natural environment, it is extremely difficult to control the fire, which often leads to disastrous consequences.

If you pick up dead wood in the forest to build a bonfire, the heat of the bonfire is released to the surroundings, and there is a great risk of reigniting after being extinguished.
Cooking with a stove is a safer way. The heat of methane burned by the stove is fully transmitted upwards, and it is not easy to ignite the surrounding vegetation, which is safer.
Even so, we also need to build a cooking area. Cooking on the grassland requires opening up a safe area, looking for a muddy ground with no vegetation as a cooking area, or directly pulling out a piece of grass and digging an insulated area for cooking.

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