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How to find water when camping

When outdoors, many people don’t pay attention to bringing their own drinking water, which is actually caused by the weight-bearing problem, because no amount of water belts are enough, and it happens because there are water sources everywhere in nature. So how to find a clean water source?
It is easy to find a clean water source in some mountains outdoors, but we also need to pay attention that most water sources, whether clean or not, are prone to bacteria.
Therefore, when looking for a water source, mountain spring water can generally be consumed directly, but you still need to take a certain risk. Therefore, it is safest to boil outdoor drinking water for five minutes before drinking it.
The water we found on some rock walls, as long as there are no contaminants on the rock walls, it can be directly drunk. This is the safest,
Of course, when you find some streams and some rivers, you should actually be more careful. The closer you are to human civilization, the more likely it is to be polluted.
If there are a lot of bubbles and bubbles on the surface of the river, the water has basically been contaminated. It is not recommended that you drink it or even use it, because there is a certain risk.
Generally speaking, there is a great chance of finding clean water outdoors, but there are also many times when you find some dirty water that looks dirty, and you have to use it as a last resort, so you have to master some water purification measures. And skills too.
After we filter out some basic impurities, what we need to pay attention to is to boil the water for a certain period of time before drinking it. This is very important. So we must know safe drinking water.

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