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When camping out, these little details must be known

When you go to some distant places, there is no guarantee that you will be able to return on the same day, so it is best to bring camping equipment in case you need it. Moreover, it gets dark early in winter. To ensure safety, it is better to maintain a life pattern of “work at sunrise and rest at sunset” outdoors. When camping outside, there are a few things to pay attention to.
Putting sleeping bags into camping bags can increase comfort. A similar effect can be achieved by using sleeping bag lining, life-saving blanket, impervious lining or using two sleeping bags. The impervious lining should be used below freezing. Pay attention to keeping enough comfortable space when using two sleeping bags.

Remember to use sleeping mats when sleeping in winter. Many people even recommend using two. Preventing heat from flowing to the ground is more important than preventing heat from dissipating in cold air.
Do not breathe in the sleeping bag but breathe through the gap in the woolen cap. The exhaled moisture will wet the sleeping bag and reduce its ability to keep warm.

Putting a bottle of hot water on the soles of your feet will keep your feet warm overnight. Of course don’t forget to tighten the bottle.
Don’t try to dry large clothes such as pants or sweatshirts in sleeping bags overnight. Too much moisture will reduce the thermal performance of the sleeping bag.

Try to ventilate the tent to reduce condensation on the inner wall. The warmth of a few degrees Celsius gained by sealing the tent is not worth the loss compared to the pain of getting wet with the condensed water and the tent.
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