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What is the feeling to camp alone?

In fact, the biggest difficulty for a person to camping is not the line, the equipment, or the load. The biggest difficulty is still the psychology. As long as the psychology is okay and the operation is normal, it is basically safe. The fellow traveller who had an accident at Qingliang Peak wanted to shoot the stars at the top of the mountain at night, but he collapsed in the middle of the night and couldn’t stay any longer, so he went down the mountain in the middle of the night, took the wrong path, and finally fell off the cliff. Another extreme example is that a girl in Taibai was trapped by heavy snow for 22 days. She didn’t go around, carefully planned her own supply, and finally walked out. It can be seen how important the mentality is. When the mentality is good, people will not make wrong decisions. Of course, the premise is that you have enough knowledge. When you can continue to make the right choices, your probability of survival will greatly increase.

Another important point is that you must never leave your equipment. Don’t run around when the line of sight is not good. It’s dark and foggy. I saw a respondent saying that I like the action after dark. In fact, we have It’s not that the guerrillas want to fight in an ambush. It’s better to do less of this dangerous thing. The principle I give to myself is that everything is done before dark, including fetching water, washing pots, and washing clothes. When I go for a long time, I would rather set up camp at two in the afternoon, and then start to play tricks, and try my best. Avoid actions after dark. You should sleep in addition to going to the toilet after dark. In China, especially in Eastern China, the daybreak is early, so you can get up early to avoid walking at night.Finally, you asked me if I still want to come again. I personally think it’s enough to have one or two experiences. Most of the time, I think it’s fun to walk in a small team with reliable friends. At least someone can help me. Back the tent.

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