Camping trip, feel the resonance of soul and nature

I have a dream, hand in hand with the person I love, wandering with my heart, let my heart follow the footsteps of the seasons, wander in the breeze, let the unrestrained years have more free and easy pride. Put your bags on your back, put a heart that wants to travel on your back, put yourself on your back, and walk to places you have never been before, into nature, into the desert, into the plateau, into the forest… Yes, that’s it. A forest, in this passionate season, allows us to listen to the heartbeat of the earth under the caress of the spring rain.

If you live in a high-rise building for a long time, you are always in the crowd, running in the traffic, swaying in the neon flash… In such an environment, why not temporarily remove your camouflage and be strong when you can’t get rid of your fatigue , Pull out this body that is anaesthetized in feasting and feasting, and give it to nature, to the most unsophisticated forest, let her baptize our souls.

Being in a place like this, your thoughts will become far away, become unconstrained…

If you wipe your name with the busy life of your life, you will be lonely in this world. Our body is a wonderful musical instrument: two ears to collect powerful ancient rumors; two eyes to measure the beautiful sea; and a mouth as a sounder to broadcast the gospel of joy and comfort those temporarily dumped camps , Suddenly broken instrument. When we are willing to pluck our instruments with a caring heart, the place where the notes can reach will be farther than wings.

Next to the tent in the forest of the East China Sea, in twos and threes, singing and singing with the cicadas and birds in the forest. We talked and laughed and enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve been enjoying this feeling since the beginning of carrying up the bag. Barbecue, beer, music and other “catalysts” for outdoor camping happiness are all available. I can hear the “sounds of nature” that I have never heard before, and I can enjoy carnivals with unfamiliar friends, and dance to the music… This kind of enjoyment is really hard to forget.

Perhaps it’s the overwhelming amount of entertainment in the past work, which makes people forget that happiness can be so simple and so unforgettable. In such a down-to-earth forest in the East China Sea, we found the resonance between our soul and nature. .

Or, after sunset, before it gets dark, stroll on the long, quiet road in the forest, feeling the tranquility and beauty of the paradise. After all the tourists are gone, the noise disappears immediately, and you will hear the music from the mountain, so clear and beautiful, perhaps this is the sound that is closest to heaven that you have heard in your life.

Camping, in an intimate way closest to nature, feel the warmth of home!

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