Camping, in addition to “living” is different, there is a more important experience!

With the continuous improvement of domestic people‚Äôs living standards, camping is increasingly used by many families as a form of leisure and vacation. Camping not only enjoys the different life experience brought by nature, but also improves the quality of life in the city. How can we live up to our “stomach” during camping? Experiencing a different food feast in the wild is also a particularly important part of camping.

The easiest food in camping is to bring some cooked food, snacks, fruits, and drinks. This is simple and convenient, and there are more choices. There are still more deli shops in the city, and the types are also very rich. There are also many snacks in the supermarket, whether it is food for children or food for adults. Everything is available. Although simple and convenient, it is still very interesting to experience a process of cooking in the wild.

In camping, boiling instant noodles is one of the quick and practical ways of eating. The instant noodles are easy to carry, and the types of ingredients are also very rich. Boil a pot of spring water in the mountains and cook a bowl of hot instant noodles. To drive away the fatigue, especially suitable for mountain climbing and cold weather. This quick and convenient instant noodles is much better than you think.

During camping, hot pot is also a more convenient way. The bottom material of hot pot is more convenient to carry. Just bring the side dishes you want to eat. After the water is boiled, you can blanch the vegetables and eat hot pot in the wild. There is a special atmosphere, a few donkey friends sitting together, eating hot pot, don’t have a taste.

In the wild, if you can light a fire and fry a few dishes, then the experience of camping will come up. Regardless of the taste of the fried dishes, this cooking process is also a kind of enjoyment under pure natural conditions. , If there are a few more delicious delicacies, it will be a sticky drop, if conditions permit, you can also use firewood, then the fried dishes will be more fragrant!

Camping and barbecue are a perfect match. It is also outdoor camping. The most common way of leisure is to light a charcoal fire, and the aroma of barbecue floats on the grass. You can sit or lie down, wear headphones, and look at the white clouds. The relaxation of the heart.

It must be very pleasant to eat and drink a cup of tea! There are a lot of tea sets that are convenient to carry. In the camping environment, you can drink tea and chat. Feel it yourself.

Food is indispensable in the process of camping. Whether you are feeling the process of outdoor cooking or feeling delicious outdoors, it is a bonus item for camping life. We once cooked a pot of chicken soup, and when it was cooked, we found it was a pot of rooster soup, but it was still delicious!

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