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Camping: It’s a very wonderful feeling.

There is no WIFI here. Your thinking, your desires, and your life are all out of the old track. This is a kind of comfortable leisure camping life.

In fact, camping, as an avant-garde outdoor travel method, has been tried by more and more people. For Europeans and Americans, you can go when you think of it, without thinking about it, since you are a child. There are nearly 50,000 campsites in Europe, and every campsite is full when it comes to camping season.

The fun of camping comes from escaping the hustle and bustle and being in contact with nature. Whether you are looking for real training or want to temporarily get rid of the fast-paced lifestyle, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a simple life through camping.

Nowadays, camping has become a fashionable way of life, and it can indeed bring people a different outdoor experience.

Of course, the fun we pursue in camping is not just a simple sleep at night, but a comprehensive leisure combined with many other projects…outdoor food, barbecue, life, watching the sunset, welcoming the sunrise and enjoying the sea of ​​clouds.

However, to spend one or more comfortable camping days, adequate preparation is essential. Including: tents, moisture-proof mats, sleeping bags, walkie-talkies, tent lights, life-saving whistles, garbage bags, sunscreen, raincoats, lighting equipment and other basic items.

During this camping, many of my friends were camping in the wild for the first time in their lives. They said it felt really wonderful. They closed their eyes, spread the wings of imagination, and felt their souls quiet in the sea of ​​clouds of Fengche Mountain, asking the heaven and the earth, and feeling the beauty of nature.

It is very quiet here, containing the most primitive and simple beauty in the world, and the innocence and kindness hidden in the depths of human nature that are not contaminated by the earth. It is what people seek.

It can be said that the air here is not only fresh, but the mountain breeze that comes from here also brings a bit of coolness to people. Here, you must wear more than two pieces of clothes and sleep in a sleeping bag at night. Here, our mood naturally becomes happy and comfortable. Being in nature, being away from the noise is the best way to relieve stress and relax you.

To be honest, the air here is very fresh. The biggest allure of camping is that you can sleep peacefully with nature. That kind of feeling is completely unfeelable in the city, and it is very free.

Many friends usually sleep at home with the air conditioner turned on until dawn and do not want to get up. They still feel so sleepy and tired. However, when camping outdoors, most of them have enough to sleep automatically at six o’clock. Because, there are a lot of negative ions, plenty of oxygen.

The new and beautiful nature, because of it, has released a lot of our thoughts, added a lot of our romance, and added a lot of our vitality. Because of it, it has cultivated our temperament, soothed our soul, and inspired our potential. Because of it, we His life has become more colorful, and his life has become more meaningful.

Nature has released many of our thoughts and added a lot of romance to us! They go to enjoy another life outside of work. Everyone is feeling the wonderful beauty of nature and the fusion of heaven and earth!

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