What are the differences between RV camping and general camping?

Camping and leisure has become a generally accepted way of travel for people who love life around the world. Leaving the city made of reinforced concrete, borrowing natural sites to relax the body and mind, it is not very expensive.
Compared with general camping, what are the advantages of RV camping?
RV camping is the ultimate form of camping. Compared with general camping, RV camping has many advantages.

  1. RV camping is more comfortable and leisure
    The RV is equipped with a variety of high-performance living equipment. Compared with the simple survival kits of backpackers, the RV can provide large entertainment equipment including water and electricity supply, TV sets, game consoles, and even fireplaces. These advantages are common camping. incomparable.
    In addition, the RV has more storage space and can carry richer living and entertainment facilities. Can you imagine a few backpackers camping in a tent and seeing the RV campers in the RV camp pushing their car door and arranging a volleyball net to start playing volleyball and flying kites, that envied vision? This is the absolute advantage of storage space.
    The RV can also provide a comfortable resting area, the mattress is as soft as your home, you can stop and rest at any time when you are tired; there are induction cookers and gas stoves in the RV, you can cook a meal when you are hungry…
  2. The RV can be moved
    The RV is a “home on wheels”, and that’s true.
    Choose the route you like, have your own itinerary, and park at your favorite scenery, even if it is an hour, without leaving any opportunity to enjoy nature. As long as you observe carefully along the way, there will be many surprises. This is the meaning of Road Trip.
    Seeing that it was getting late, the hikers rolled up tents and floor mats and hurriedly went to the neighboring station to wait for the last tourist bus. And you can enjoy this beautiful scenery at a leisurely pace. At this time, the sunset glow of the entire beach is only for you, and the entire starry sky is shining for you. You can leave at any time. You can wait as long as you want. Don’t worry about not being able to catch the bus… …
  3. RV camping is more economical
    Transportation, self-driving car can give you the pleasure of traveling by car without spending more transportation costs;
    For accommodation, the RV provides you with the same relaxing and resting environment as your home, no need to spend extra money to stay in a hotel or buy more camping equipment;
    For meals, you can take out fresh ingredients from the refrigerator anytime you are hungry and make a delicious camping meal.
    There are also RVs that can provide you with outdoor KTV, mahjong tables, board games and other entertainment equipment. In summer, you can even bring an inflatable swimming pool to swim in the charming scenery…
    All of these are provided to you by RV camping sites, and there is no additional service fee, everything is at cost price.
    Spend the same amount of money, but you can enjoy a completely different treatment.
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