RV camping, completely relax, comfortable and free

The busy streets are rare in a quiet day,
Does the hustle and bustle of the city make you feel tired,
Are you sighing, “It’s rare to steal a moment of leisure”.
If there is such a place…
You can get close to nature and stay away from the noisy city.
Bring you a pleasant and relaxing time.
Will you be tempted?
Then bring your family to experience outdoor camping in an RV.

  1. RV experience
    All buildings and spaces are similar.
    Staying in a hotel, staying in a homestay, has long been commonplace.
    Have you not experienced it yet in a caravan…
    What is it like to live in an RV?
    The layout of the residence in the car, the lush and gorgeous flowers outside the car window.
    Without the hardship of a tent, but with the same integration with nature.
  2. The sea of flowers is a good place to take photos
    From April to October each year, you can enjoy the canola flower sea, sunflower flower sea and other flower landscapes in the scenic area.
    The camp is now just in time for the rape blossom festival.
    The sea of rapeseed flowers, the mountains and plains are full of golden.
    Take a few beautiful photos with the scenery at will.
    Let your mood fly in the sea of flowers.
  3. Zoo
    There are swans and ostriches here.
    Camels, sika deer and peacocks will also arrive one after another.
    Get in close contact with them and feel the harmony of nature.
  4. Watch the stars in the camp and sleep in the blooming place
    In a brightly lit city, it’s hard to see the dazzling night sky.
    On a clear night, the night sky at the campsite is starry.
    The scent of flowers permeates the camp in the wind.
    Or outside the RV, or lying in the comfort of the car.
    With the fragrance of flowers, looking up at the stars.
    Indulge in the romance of this evening, let your thoughts go wild.
  5. Camping food
    Barbecue BBQ, Camp Subway Grill, Camp Hot Pot.
    Meet three or five friends, or bring family members.
    At the camp, have an outdoor camping meal.
    Sit together, laugh and laugh, drink happily, and taste delicious.
    Have a good time.

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