The choice of camping pot and the cleaning of tableware.

Outdoor tableware is mainly chopsticks, spoons, pots and bowls. The main factors affecting the comfort of tableware and cookware are materials and design.
The most important pot in tableware is introduced below.
[Classification of pot]
Material: There are two main types of materials for outdoor tableware: plastic and metal
Plastic tableware is light and cheap, and it does not make a harsh sound when used with metal utensils. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is not enough, it is not convenient to use during cooking, and the durability is not as good as metal tableware. Most plastic products contain BPA (BPA is a chemical substance added to plastics, which may harm your health if taken in excess). If you are particular about it, you can choose BPA-free plastic products.
[Metal] Stainless steel or cast iron tableware or cooking utensils have sufficient strength, are cheap and durable, but the disadvantage is that they are heavy. Aluminum tableware or cooking utensils are durable and lightweight, and aluminum oxide is better in all respects, but aluminum tableware is prone to make a harsh scratching sound when it comes in contact with metal. Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, so you should be careful not to get burned when using aluminum tableware. Titanium tableware or cooking utensils are the lightest, durable and highly corrosion-resistant, but the disadvantage is that they are too expensive.
[Design] A good design can make a tool more handy. Folding is a better design. Chopsticks, spoons, and water cups can all be folded.
[Washing of tableware]
China inevitably uses tableware for outdoor activities. Although some tableware can be improvised outdoors. But some pots and bowls will inevitably leave oil stains and food residues after you eat. At this time, the pot and bowl need to be cleaned. So, the question is, how to wash it when it is so oily? Out of the principle of lightweight and environmental protection, we may not carry detergent and soap. At this time, we should use our brains.

  1. Use plant ash for cleaning
    This is the best and most convenient method, and it is very clean. The oil stains + plant ash + water on the pots and bowls are the effect of soap. In fact, ancient simple soaps were probably made like this. Plant ash is an alkaline substance, and when added with oil, it will undergo a chemical reaction, and after adding some leftovers, it becomes a simple soap. I remember this principle mentioned in high school chemistry.
    Let’s just wash it in the future. After eating, grab a handful of plant ash and add some water. In order to achieve better results, you can grab a handful of pine needles or other grasses (as long as they are not poisonous) and brush them back and forth several times. In addition, it is recommended that your plant ash should be very pure. Don’t be the kind of ashes that are burned by throwing plastic bags into the campfire. After all, there will be risks.
  2. Use dirt for cleaning
    When there is no vegetation ash, it is also possible to dig some dirt on the shore for cleaning. For example, the fine sand + leaves on the river beach, the loess by the lake and so on. The washing method is similar, and it will be very clean by gently brushing it back and forth a few times. But this method has a drawback, that is, the sand tends to wear out the cooking utensils. Another problem is that it takes some time to accept this approach.
    3.Use a paper towel to wipe.
    Most people will take paper towels to the wild. You can wash them with water and use paper towels to wipe off the oil on the pot. This method will not wipe very cleanly, but it can ensure that there will not be too much oil stains on hiking bags or clothing after storing pots and tableware. If you don’t dislike it, it will be no problem to use it next time.
    In summary, it is most effective to use plant ash to clean oil stains. The other two methods can also be used occasionally. Survival in the wild still needs more practice to master and invent more wild survival skills.

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