What do I need to bring when camping by the sea?

When camping by the sea, there is no shortage of outdoor restaurants, kitchens, and bedrooms. The principle of camping by the sea should not be forgotten. Remind everyone that it is a good experience to fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves, but never put the tent too close to the sea. Ask the locals about the time of high tide and the location of the safe beach, and tie the tent outside the security cordon; do not face the wind in the tent door; stay away from all fire sources, including bonfires, burning ovens, candles, etc., because tents are easy Fuel.

Beach camping cover, sun canopy, outdoor tables and chairs, and picnic mats are all essential equipment for beach leisure. Take a rest when you are tired. For family self-driving camping, you must bring all outdoor equipment, including outdoor dining rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It is recommended that families camping by the sea bring the following products: tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, camp lights: a comfortable sleep is a guarantee of energetic yo. Oven, incubator, barbecue tools: how can you go to the beach without barbecue! Bring the oven and enjoy the delicious food with your family in the cool breeze.

Waterproof, sunscreen and moisture permeability are very important. Going to the beach, it is natural to play in the water and bask in the sun! In the choice of shoes and clothing, we must grasp the principle of waterproof, sunscreen and moisture permeability. Sun hat + sunglasses + quick-drying T-shirt + skin clothes + quick-drying shorts + river shoes, and a thick jacket, the night at the beach is quite cold.

Bring snacks and a small medicine box with you. It is very likely that you will not be able to eat on time when you go out. Therefore, parents should prepare more nutritious snacks that their children like to eat in case of emergency. Parents are advised to bring a small medicine box and pack in various common medicines, such as cold medicine, diarrhea medicine, anti-allergic external and internal medicine, and of course sunscreen should not be forgotten!

1. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are necessary to protect the eyes from strong sunlight. You should choose sports mirrors made of resin or other synthetic materials that are light in weight and not afraid of falling, preferably those with straps on the temples; the sunlight on the beach is strong, so you should choose darker brown and green mirrors; UV mirrors can prevent Ultraviolet rays and polarizers can filter out the clutter in the light, making the scene in front of you clearer.  2. Sunscreen: Ladies may be better at sunscreen, but men also need to use sunscreen to protect their skin from UV rays. In addition, be sure to apply sunscreen evenly when applying sunscreen. If it is washed away by sweat, wipe it up.  3. Swimming equipment: swimsuits, swimming trunks, swimming caps, water glasses, bath towels, slippers, all of which are not missing at the beach.

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