Planning to go camping by the sea, what should I pay attention to?

1. The choice of camp. Do not get too close to the sea to prevent high tides, or pay attention to flood warnings.

2. Anti-snake: It is convenient to pay the account at night, because it is convenient to wear the shoes after irradiating the door of the tent with an early tube, and then turning the shoes upside down.

 3. Playing in the water: Generally, the pool formed by playing in the water is safe. Only warm up before swimming, and then slowly step into the water. When you start to swim, you should also slide slowly. When the water temperature is fully adapted and the muscles relax, you can swim as you like. If you want to row a boat, or if the water is good or bad, it is best to put on a floating suit before playing. Moreover, there are always many drowning incidents in the mountains and seas every summer vacation. No one wants you to go out happily, but come back sadly.

4. Barbecue: Please bring a barbecue grill instead of a simple grilling net, after all, the earth cannot withstand everyone’s ravages, not to mention the carbon dust and oil pollution of the barbecue is a kind of pollution to the land and water sources, and even destroys a beautiful grassland. .

5. The solution of stool and urination: One of the happiest things in life is to get rid of the waste accumulated in the body. However, if it is not handled properly, it will not be filled with peculiar smells, which will affect the landscape and even make it disgusting. Therefore, it is best The farther away from the camp, away from the water source, dig a pit of 30 cm with a shovel or hoe, 50 cm long and 25 cm wide, and bury it when you leave. This is not only hygienic, but also helpful for excrement. break down.

6. Garbage disposal: Don’t be greedy for a moment and pollute our land; don’t say that you will bring it back and throw it into the trash can. You know that if the camping garbage is no longer sorted and reduced, there will be no place to let it go in the future. It is stacked. Please return those belonging to the green mountains and green waters. Please remember to bring them back if they belong to the city. It is no longer for the general public. You will not go next time. Others will go. Please leave some space for others.

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