Great place for camping.

Spring is beautiful, many people like spring, and they also like to go to nature in spring: driving into the mountains, setting up tents in the lush spring, taking the family‚Äôs children to admire flowers, hike, pick fruits, and watch the stars at night , Watching the sunrise in the morning, watching the clouds in the afternoon…Enjoy the beautiful outdoor life!

Seeing heartbeat, want to go camping too? Simple, all you need to do is find a good campsite and stay. However, when deciding where to set up a tent, you need to pay attention to these issues:

1. Determine the location of the tent

Want to get up early to watch the sunrise? The tent can be set up on the mountain, the view is wider, and the sunlight will be seen earlier. If possible, tilt the tent door to the east to let more brilliant morning light shine into the tent.

Planning to go to bed until 9 o’clock in the morning? Then, please choose a place deep in the lush woods where the sun will not directly hit, and then set up a tent.

A map of the campsite can help you find your ideal location faster.

2. Stay away from dangerous places

Outdoor camping, safety comes first, please always avoid camping in these places:

1. Low-lying places, or dry waterways

2. Within 100 meters of the stream, and below the water level of the stream

3. A sandbank in the middle of a river bed or a river channel

4. Coastal reefs, or beaches near the sea

5. Upstream and downstream of the waterfall

6. Under cliffs or boulders to prevent loose stones from falling

7. Under steep or soft slopes, especially camping in the rainy season, be sure to avoid

8. Under a lone tree, under a dead tree, or in a lush area, open the area in the forest

9. Weeds or bushes

10. Under the tallest tree in the forest

11. Near toilets or trash cans

12. On tree roots or gravel

Three, the 5 principles of comfortable camping

1. There is a good water source nearby

2. The terrain is open and relatively sheltered from wind

3. Sandy land, covered with tender grass

4. There are trees nearby, beautiful and quiet environment

5. Easy access.

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