Cliff hanger

a kind of camping style

People like to call this way of camping out. It should be derived from Stallone’s film “Jue Ling Xiong Feng”, because the most classic scene of this film is that Stallone is hanging upside down on a cliff
As the name suggests, this kind of camping can be imagined as a way to fix the tent on the cliff with the help of steel cables and nails
In Yosemite National Park in California, professional climbers are keen on this type of camping

Of course, many places around the world are suitable for this kind of camping. It’s very adventurous and exciting

First of all, you have to climb more than 200 meters by yourself step by step. You have to take protective measures like rock climbing all over your body. You can only rely on yourself without any help during the whole process. Therefore, the process is thrilling and exciting. Of course, if you successfully set up camp, the greater fun will be behind. You will find yourself close to nature. At night, you can see the stars all over the sky through the glass. During the day, with the sun rising, the first ray of sunshine comes in in, and you can see the town and fields under the cliff. It’s also a wonderful experience to wake up and find yourself on a 100 meter cliff.

At such a high altitude, let go of all thoughts, sit in meditation and understand the meaning of life. I think this is definitely an adventure worth trying in my life

So, the only threshold may be your courage

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How to choose a Tent?

I am expert in caming, so tent is a necessary tool in my backpack. It can prevent wind, rain, dust, dew and moisture, providing a relatively comfortable rest environment for campers.
So, how can we choose a comfort tent?
The main function of the tent is to prevent wind, rain, dust, dew, moisture, insects, but not warm. , besides the following suggestion should be considered when you choose camping tents:

  1. It should be easy to carry.
    It is convenient for backpackers to use traditional tents, which can be directly put into backpacks after disassembly; self driving people can choose to open tents quickly, which are round cakes after being folded up, which are suitable for putting in the i always choose pop up
    fast camping tents
  2. Waterproof outside tent and breathable inner tent are two essential points for high quality tent.
    The most common exterior coating is PU coating. Its thickness and technology determine the waterproof property of the fabric. The coating thickness is expressed in mm. Pu800 coating means that the coating does not leak under 800mm static water column.
    Pu800 coating can prevent light to moderate rain; pu1000-1200 coating can prevent moderate to heavy rain; coating over 1500mm can be used in various environments.
    In addition to PU coating, foreign textile companies have also developed a lot of new high-performance coatings. These coatings have strong waterproof function and good air permeability, so they are called “breathing fabrics”. Rainwater from the outside can not pass through the coating, and the water vapor emitted by human body can penetrate into the outside world.
    inner account:
    Nylon cloth or general gauze is used for the inner curtain of low-grade tents, and dense and excellent gauze is used for middle and high-grade tents to ensure good air permeability and mosquito prevention function.
  3. The strut has high strength and good resilience.
    Material: at present, the best pole is carbon, aluminum alloy, glass fiber and iron (except for the army which is almost useless).
    Number of sets: the wind resistance performance of tent is not only related to the material and diameter of the tent pole, but also to the number of sets of tent pole. Generally speaking, the more sets of tent pole, the better the wind resistance performance. For example, two groups of tents with ordinary aluminum poles can resist strong winds of about 7-8. The windproof capacity of the three sets of aluminum rods is about 9 grade. The tent with 3-4 sets of 7075 aluminum poles can be used in the snowstorm environment of Grade 11 or so.
  1. The bottom of the curtain should be waterproof and wear-resistant.
    The common bottom materials are PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE bottom is used for middle and low grade tents, and waterproof polyester cloth is used for middle and high grade tents. PE is polyethylene material, similar to low-grade snake skin bag. The actual tent uses PE material with double-sided waterproof membrane, including a large number of export tents.
    The bottom of the tent is in contact with the ground and is easily scratched by debris such as gravel, grass roots and branches. Before camping, hard objects on the ground should be cleaned up, or tent ground cloth should be used to pave on the surface as a protective layer. The tent ground cloth generally uses 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth.
  2. Choose a tent with double front and rear doors or windows for better ventilation.
    At this point, the new type of quick opening tent is better designed and more ventilating.
  3. The design should be reasonable.
    Sufficient ground nails and windbreaks are required. Packaging bags, tent nails, tent rope and other accessories also affect the use of tents. The bags should be strong and durable, the number of tent nails should be enough, the strength of aluminum nails should be large, and the tent rope should be used to fix the tent.

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A memorable hiking

There is nothing in the world more important that perseverance even talent. The world is full of people who learn nothing due to they also have no talent.

After the hiking LIGHT-WEIGHT BACKCOUNTRY, I have a lot of feelings. when we run out of the power, no one wants to give up. But we still dragging a heavy step, step by step forward, although the bus follow with us. At that moment, I understand that everyone has potential energy, but it is easy to be covered up by habits, blurred by fashion, and consumed by inertia.

This hiking outdoor experience tells me that only optimistic attitude is the first step towards successfully. Along the way, although we are very tired, but the slogan, singing has never been broken, because at that moment, we are plucking the string of life, playing the song of life. At that moment, we are not surpassing others, but surpassing ourselves. Only by constantly surpassing ourselves can we surpass others forever. Who hero, who hero, hiking field students tenacious fighting perseverance has been well proved.

In the whole process of hiking, whenever I feel tired, the spirit of solidarity and cooperation and mutual help among my classmates will give me courage, strength and let me stick to it better. At the same time, my willpower is also supporting me, it does not allow me to admit defeat, I realize this.It’s a challenge in my life. I told myself that I couldn’t give up in any case. I talk to myself over and over in my heart: “we must persist. Only by persistence can we win.” It is with this persistence that I can better go to the end and success.
Someone asked me, “if it was a hard journey, would you regret participating?” I firmly replied: “I participate to overcome difficulties, I come for difficulties, persistence is the reason for my participation.” I cry in the bottom of my heart: “let the difficulties come more violently!” So I will never regret it. Although I have been sweating all the way, my persistence has finally won the victory, and I finally understand that success only belongs to those who have made unremitting efforts.

From this hiking hiking LIGHT-WEIGHT BACKCOUNTRY , I learned a lot of experience and realized a lot of truth. I deeply realized the meaning of “I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy”. This is a rare exercise opportunity in my life, and it is also a hard and beautiful memory, which will be unforgettable for me all my life.
I will take this beautiful memory with a good attitude to face tomorrow, I believe that a good attitude will add luster to the ordinary life, I believe this experience will make my tomorrow more beautiful and brilliant. In the future, no matter how many difficulties and obstacles, I will say: “I did it!”

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A new life style

day tripper on weekend

I always work hard to make money for my family.It makes me over fat. But this year,because of the COVID-1 9,i am understanding the health is the most important thing in my life.I need to live longer if i want to take care my family best.So i plan a DAY-TRIPPER every weekend.To relax the body at the same time, but also learn to relax the mind. The burden on the body should be taken out a sun, or it will grow moldy.

Sometimes we change, not after careful consideration, but more like following the six feels,it is a impulsively decision.The six feel calling you to move another city and live a different life. You might not have a better life from now on, because life is always all we can do is face the situation now and step forward.but we still need to thank the family. That is the only power for what we live,why we live.Otherwise, you will probably always be curious and have no sense in living in world.If you don’t do something now, you won’t do it for a lifetime. Every time I think about it, I carry this bag.

Actually I like to travel. I like to leave the city where I always be in and move to a new city.i try to enjoy the new life in the new city and listen the new voice.Before each tripper, I always do my homework in various articles such as searching for travel notes,and so on. I know that people who travel according to the strategy often have less fun, but at least it can save money for my pocket money and take some measures. This is still very is life,i still need to pay the bills for my family.

Life is a strange journey, meeting everyone is a beautiful accident. If there is a wish, there will be fate. If not, even those who have fate will pass by. Fate is the will of heaven, share in man-made. No matter the margin is deep or shallow, the margin is long and the margin is short. Life is short, fate is not easy, we should cherish, and with tolerance and open-minded, to treat everyone in life, everything.

Someone says the fact of day tripper from one place to another by sitting on a rickety bus.maybe it seems to be right in the surface.but we need to right our mind and enjoy the joumey.The greatest advantage of travel is not how many people we meet neigher how beatuiful scenery we see. IT is a chance that you can recognize yourself again and bring you more power to live.

I am older and older.i will not do the day tripper untill i am too old to walk.and when that day comes i will not go outside, but just sit quietly and think. All those i explore, pursue and touch those unknown situations are all a kind of day tripper.

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The Fun OF Family Camping


No flights, no car rentals, no troubles – Go camping is the easiest and cheapest way to spend time with family, so camping tents are new hotel rooms.

 THE most popular family party is family camping this year, more and more people go wild and build tents. To get free sunshine, fresh air, empty night sky, but there are mosquito bites that can’t escape. More importantly, this kind of outdoor experience close to nature makes children pay more attention to environmental protection, promote them to control pressure, and reduce irritability and even It’s a symptom of ADHD, but camping is also an adventure trip for children, so family camping must pay attention to the following suggestions:

  1. A place for family-adventure It includes geoparks, Ocean Parks, grassland parks, desert parks, wetland parks, and so on. There are 12 forest parks around Beijing. There are not only forests, gardens, ancient and famous trees, exotic flowers and plants, but also many natural and cultural landscapes in the forests, including mountains, waters, springs, waterfalls, caves, gorges, temples, ancient tombs, etc Historical sites, celebrities, rare animals, etc. If you play here, child will gain knowledge of wildlife, plants, geology and history, and even participate in the science education activities in the park. However, there are also many people in these place, so we must pay attention not to let the children get lost

2. Pay attention to build a campfire safety. Draw a safety circle on the ground three to five meters around the campfire, and tell the children not to cross the line. Only when they are safe can they be happy.

3. Keep the animals away.Follow the forest friendly rules and keep a distance from the animals. Although the animals look lovely, but child may scare them, and they may hurt your child.

4. Pest control and prevention.Light colored clothes don’t like to attract insects. Spraying mosquito repellent water on your body can prevent flies and insects. When walking, you can tuck your pants into socks or boots, so that your child will not be wet by dew or attract small insects when you cross the tall grass. In particular, some ticks may get into children’s bodies, causing damaged injuries.

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Cherry Blossom Town

a nice place for weekend-camper

If you’re tired of the noise of the city or the annoying boss or the hard work, maybe you would like  go to the wild for fresh air , sleep under the sky with bright stars, then the weekend-camper is absolutely your best choice.

After the 2020 COVID-19, we have to stop our step and find the new way of life and travel. The health is always be the most important part in our life.We need to break down the speed of our live and enjoy it not making money day and day.We should not only chase the ultimate scenery in the journey, but also enjoy the aura between sky and earth in the embrace of nature.We participate in setting up tents, cooking food and decorating the camp with friends. All of these are valuable experiences in our life

Let me introduce a great places for weekend-camper

cherry blossom town  is located in Baili Qiantang ecological green belt of Yanguan tourism resort in Haining City, Zhejiang Province The project covers an area of 27000 square meters, with 37 saloon car courtyards, including 57 high-end RV cars and 4 mobile RV parking spaces. Including self catering area, multi-functional area, barbecue area, recreation area, water bar, Tongle area, etc. During the holidays, take your family and friends,   breathe with nature in the warm wind and sun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, relax your mind and enhance feelings.

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