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day tripper on weekend

I always work hard to make money for my family.It makes me over fat. But this year,because of the COVID-1 9,i am understanding the health is the most important thing in my life.I need to live longer if i want to take care my family best.So i plan a DAY-TRIPPER every weekend.To relax the body at the same time, but also learn to relax the mind. The burden on the body should be taken out a sun, or it will grow moldy.

Sometimes we change, not after careful consideration, but more like following the six feels,it is a impulsively decision.The six feel calling you to move another city and live a different life. You might not have a better life from now on, because life is always all we can do is face the situation now and step forward.but we still need to thank the family. That is the only power for what we live,why we live.Otherwise, you will probably always be curious and have no sense in living in world.If you don’t do something now, you won’t do it for a lifetime. Every time I think about it, I carry this bag.

Actually I like to travel. I like to leave the city where I always be in and move to a new city.i try to enjoy the new life in the new city and listen the new voice.Before each tripper, I always do my homework in various articles such as searching for travel notes,and so on. I know that people who travel according to the strategy often have less fun, but at least it can save money for my pocket money and take some measures. This is still very is life,i still need to pay the bills for my family.

Life is a strange journey, meeting everyone is a beautiful accident. If there is a wish, there will be fate. If not, even those who have fate will pass by. Fate is the will of heaven, share in man-made. No matter the margin is deep or shallow, the margin is long and the margin is short. Life is short, fate is not easy, we should cherish, and with tolerance and open-minded, to treat everyone in life, everything.

Someone says the fact of day tripper from one place to another by sitting on a rickety bus.maybe it seems to be right in the surface.but we need to right our mind and enjoy the joumey.The greatest advantage of travel is not how many people we meet neigher how beatuiful scenery we see. IT is a chance that you can recognize yourself again and bring you more power to live.

I am older and older.i will not do the day tripper untill i am too old to walk.and when that day comes i will not go outside, but just sit quietly and think. All those i explore, pursue and touch those unknown situations are all a kind of day tripper.

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