What should I pay attention to when camping in spring?

1. In spring, the temperature is unstable and the temperature difference is large. Therefore, the clothing you carry should be warm enough to prevent catching cold.

2. Choose a suitable place to camp: near water, leeward, far cliff, near village, shady, animal protection, and lightning protection.

3. Spring outings will encounter climate conditions of low temperature and rain, dense fog, strong convection weather and thunder and lightning, so pay attention to dress appropriately, not too much, not too little. Generally speaking, you must obtain the local climate of the tourist destination in advance. Information, remember to bring a warm jacket with you.

4. There is a trend of flu recently. Pay attention to hygiene when you go out and don’t stay in crowded places. Choose a place with good air quality, such as hiking, or going to the beach or forest.

5. Rain gear is something that you must carry with you on a spring trip. It is best to bring a small folding umbrella or a disposable raincoat.

6. Shoes must be comfortable, ladies should not wear high heels when traveling. If your feet are red and swollen, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed to dredge the meridians.

7. When you go out, remember to keep a booklet for yourself, which records some important contact numbers and other information, which will come in handy when you need help. It is even better if it is waterproof!

8. As early spring approaches, rainfall is inevitable. When playing outside or on rainy days, pay attention to anti-skid, fall-proof, and fall-proof when taking pictures, and put personal safety first.

9. Spring is a humid season, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly prone to breed, so you should try to avoid drinking raw water and eating unsanitary food.

10. If you have a history of motion sickness, seasickness, and airsickness, you should not eat too much before traveling. You should take drugs such as motion sickness tablets in advance, or keep chewing gum and food containing glucose, and sit in a ventilated position. If you are not used to it, deal with it immediately.

11. If you encounter lightning in the hotel, you should disconnect the electrical power cords in the room, and close the doors and windows, and keep a certain distance between people and doors and windows.

12. In view of the rainy season, please pay attention to your clothes before departure. Dress as far as possible in addition to keeping warm, taking into account some waterproof and windproof functions, so that you can play without worries.

13. When climbing downhill, do not stand against the wind to avoid cold.

14. During the spring outing, such as having a picnic and barbecue outside, pay attention to the wind direction, do not throw away the fire, and put out the remaining fire to avoid causing a fire.

15. Don’t sit in a cool and humid place to avoid illness caused by damp.

16. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the chosen spring outing location, avoiding flowers as much as possible, or take anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine or chlorpheniramine in advance to prevent pollen allergies.

17. Spring is beautiful and sunny, it is a good time for outdoor photography. Before traveling, it is best to check the performance of the camera. The battery must be fully charged and never let the camera get wet.

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the experience of fishing

I like fishing very much. On weekends, I often go camping and fishing with my friends. My next destination is fishing in Yahu Reservoir
Two days before the departure, I did a lot of homework about fishing in the Yahu Reservoir. First of all, I opened the Google map to determine the location and set the route. At the same time, I prepared a sea fishing pole, a small bench, and a cheap tents on trucks.
Everything was packed in a big bag, packed in the trunk of the car.
On the day of departure, it took me 2 hours to finally reach the Yahu Reservoir. Unfortunately, the gate was closed. It turned out that the reservoir was not open to outsiders, but fishing was not prohibited outside. What should I do?
So I had to get off the car and hike through the grass. The weeds grew very high and dense. After half an hour of searching, I finally found a relatively empty and flat place, and found a fishing spot-Yahu Linguo
The water here is very clean and there are fish bubbling on the water from time to time. There are a lot of these stones here, which are a bit unstable. Only when I came I found out that many people around here have already been fishing there. They are very quiet. Yes, it seems that I am transparent. It has been nearly 4 hours since I set off in the morning. In order to be able to go back that day, I also sat down quickly, lowered a pole, and slowly waited for the fish to take the bait.
There was not much fish, and the hook and line were broken a lot. The bottom of this reservoir is too complicated.

Finally, summarize the entire fishing experience. The environment here is very quiet, the sky is very blue, the water is very clear, and the air is fresh. Of course, if you are purely fishing for fish, then this place may disappoint you. After one day, I am the biggest The harvest is that you can calm down and think about the meaning of life.

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camping in rain day

If we usually go camping in the wild, we must choose sunny days. After all, there are still many uncertain factors when exploring in the mountains on rainy days. However, if the weather is good when we start, but when we arrive at the destination, we find that the weather starts to rain. It is definitely impossible to return, after all, if you give up after preparing for so long, you will waste a lot of time and energy. So today we are going to talk about how to maintain a comfortable camping experience in rainy weather. In fact, if you prepare properly, you can still have a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the precautions for outdoor camping when it rains.

cheap Tents On Trucks : First of all, of course, the most important thing is that you need to buy a high-quality tent. You have to understand that a cheap tent is equal to a leaky tent, which will directly lead to your failure in this camping, so buy a larger and more comfortable tent as much as possible.

   Tarpaulin: If you like your camping buddies very much, but don’t want to stay in the same tent with them all day, then the tarp can help you solve this problem. It provides you with a space for cooking and eating, and it is hung outside, keeping in touch with the outside world. You can buy several cheap tarpaulins and place them among the trees together, or you can buy a more expensive special tarp, which will be more convenient to use.

   Rainproof clothing: Although cheap rain poncho can also work, but a waterproof and breathable clothing such as drought waterproof jacket can make you feel most comfortable. If you don’t like the kind of blindfold that restricts your field of vision, you can wear a hat with a wide brim. In very humid weather, rain pants will also provide you with extra protection.

  Clothing: Do not wear cotton clothing. Fiber clothing can dry faster after being wet, and can make you warmer.

   Waterproof bag: Use fresh-keeping packaging bags, garbage bags, or dry sacks to keep your clothes, electronic items and sleeping bags dry.

  Entertainment: Bring something to entertain in your tent, such as playing cards, MP3, video games, board games, books, etc.

  How to set up a tent

   If you are camping in the rain, it is very important to carefully choose the location of the tent. Don’t put the tent in the sunken areas where water will gather.

   Use a moisture-proof cloth to spread under the tent. It can provide extra protection. Make sure the tent is completely covered on it. If the moisture-proof cloth has a part that extends out of the tent, it will leak water into the tent.

   Putting up a tent in the rain and ensuring that the inside of the tent is not wet by the rain is a very challenging task. If your tent is independent, you can set it under a tree, tarp or other shelter.

   keep dry

   Do not enter the tent with moisture. If possible, try to put wet clothes outside the tent. You can pull a clothes line to hang the wet clothes.

   Open all the vents in the tent. When camping in the rain, maximum air movement can reduce the accumulation of moisture in the tent. Avoid pressing some clothes against the side walls of the tent, as it will bring moisture in.

Have fun

   If it rains for a long time, you may not be able to guarantee complete drying. Think about it, when we can do it at any time when we need to stay dry, getting wet from the rain is not a very bad thing.

   Prepare a change of dry clothes and a set of pajamas in a durable, air-tight, waterproof bag.

   Maintain a positive attitude and see the good side. Camping in bad weather is better than working in good weather.

  Think about how important rain is to forests, to animals, and even to us humans. It’s really a good thing, so don’t be afraid to touch it after getting wet in the rain.

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camping is a good way to get close to nature

Talking about the camping out tent, most of the people imagine loving constellation-filled heavens, beautiful dawn or sun and also other views. Indeed, outdoor camping can be a good approach to find close to design and can profoundly have the relaxation that nature produces in men and women. However , going to sleep in the mountains is no greater than buying an appropriate major sleep in your own home. Faulty backpacking devices will have an effect on each of our voyage in addition to feelings. Consequently , a couple of pleasant apparatus meant for asleep is important.

But the reality is that will, when confronted with all types of outdoor living machines available, we often begin to see the spectacular array of camping accessories, particularly when looking at the retail price.

Maybe you will certainly notify on your own, obtain a affordable one particular initial. Anyways, you are going to at all times get it again down the road. Let go of this kind of idea, mainly because eventually you will notice that this is the squander of your own money.

Right now, Mingzhi education may talk about precisely what needed camping out machines are worth investing in.

Tools record

1 . Significant backpack: 70L going up the back pack designed for long vacation

installment payments on your Camping out hardware: getting to sleep carriers, two-person three/four conditions outdoor cheap tents on trucks, moisture-proof pads, have a picnic rugs and even floors coverings, setting walkie-talkies,

several. Exterior cooking utensils: divide burning, out-of-doors pots and pans, hoover flask, substantial pile vehicle’s gas tank

  1. Outdoors garments: quick-drying garments, coats, raincoats, safety gloves, headscarves

your five. Lighting fixtures: headlamps, camp out signals

  1. Foodstuff: dried dehydrated lightweight fast grain, various other food
  2. Photo taking appliances: camera, tripod, lens
  3. Remedies: first-aid set up, frigid remedies

Major bookbag

Since it is outdoor camping, compared to the round-trip itinerary when needed, it will have more and more to handle. Choose a a little bit much larger dimensions to obtain adequate room to maintain the various requirements needed within the backpacking.

Outdoor camping equipment

To be able to sleep outside while relaxing for a duvet in the home, a new nice and comfy taking a nap case large significant, could be this can determine the quality of the rest.

Open-air kitchenware

Outdoor outdoor living can’t eat compressed cookies or even appetizers on a regular basis. It is very also a exclusive expertise to be able to prepare food some sort of warm together with clean meals inside the hills. It will require specialized out of doors cooking food items.

Clothes is one of the necessary exterior outfits. Unique camping or perhaps outdoor, and unique pouring or it is snowing, an experienced clothes can easily shield you effectively. Outside athletics unavoidably perspiration. In case the perspire in the inner part for the attire can not escape at the earliest opportunity, you will not regret only be not comfortable to stay for the backside, and also effortlessly produce a chilled, specially when camping out outside the house, away from downtown health-related environment. these inquiries.

As well, if looking for an outdoor eat outside, you could distributed that in the grass to generate a refreshments material or even make use of it as a sparring floor for the outdoor camping tent to lower the usage of the underside from the camping 5.5 Feet Truck Roof Tent For Pickups Compact Bed Tent Car Fishing POP UP Travel Camping Sleeping. Its really worth having multiple uses.

You are able to how the human body along with the heart must be driving and may consistently come with a person on the road. This can be a gear, it is therefore required for choose a go well with that suits you.

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significant accessories meant for multi-day patio holiday

A new covering any of your significant accessories meant for multi-day patio holiday. The tents most of us examined here are a few most standard camping tents using poles. Think about a new camping tent, you should consider carefully your sort of task, regardless of whether you intend in order to have delicately or perhaps boost the body weight of the pack designed for ease.

Classic tents having encased spots be useful if you are tenting inside an altering conditions. Outfitted within a camping tent can even be properly secure, and definitely it could stop you from staying annoyed simply by insects.

The particular camping tents for sale we listed here are all of classic tents supported by camping tent rods. These are more at ease compared to ultralight camping tents maintained going posts. These types of camping tents are well suited for multi-day tours that will depend on recruiting, just like extended ranges. Bicycling, big rising, out-of-doors camping, water-skiing and trip, and so forth, are likewise really appropriate for self-driving camping out. With this perception, they may be value-for-money, some sort of three-season covering just for several activities.
Varieties of traipsing outdoor tents
The characteristics in the two-person tent brought in below are essentially very much like the ones from the particular three to four man or woman camping tent variety of the identical kind.
Aren’t used . also two-person wandering camping tent, the telephone number and placement door are definitely the most frequent style adjustments.

2 doors covering: the very best relaxation, significant hallway room, of course typically the largest, made for auto backpacking plus out of doors interference paths. Associate two-door camping tents happen to be REI 1 / 2 Dome two As well as and massive Agnes Manganese Initiate UL2.

Individual side front door tent: normally the least expensive in addition to minimum relaxing camping tent, such as Kelty Ingeniosidad.

One entrance covering: An ideal harmony involving excess fat and even coziness, like Hilleberg Anjan a couple of together with Mountain Hardwear Nice Huge UL 2 .

Examination standards and excess weight
We all chose more effective signs and symptoms regarding livability, simplicity of building, weather conditions prevention, stability, flexibility, weight, plus stuffing sizing to judge the outdoor camping tent.
A lot of the tents examined happen to be self-supporting and perhaps they are simple to create.

Canal camping tents need certain abilities in addition to past experiences, as they are the same as ultra-light tents and even must be supported by small end rules, for example Hilleberg Anjan second .

Typically the camping tents by using dual person of polish lineage cross design are super easy to establish.

Don’t believe you can actually create a camping tent maintained just one pole. Not in good weather condition, take notice of the information on the development, like the Tarptent Twin Range.

Simplicity of penile erection is just not an essential feature for the purpose of tents, hence the credit excess weight in this aspect is without a doubt 10%.
This kind of normal studies the safety of the particular camping tent. Some sort of 2 doors covering can offer an unique entry together with termination for anyone, it is therefore convenient when compared to a single-door tent.

Each of our key things to consider once examine:

one The style of the doorway and front side community hall with the camping tent, the fabric on the internal covering, the number plus scale typically the storage area carrier within the camping tent

2 . not The peak of this tent, the spot involving ​​the lower of your camping tent along with the section of ​​the hall.

two. As well as additional problems for instance venturing the covering launched pouring, does it lead to interior dampness?

  1. Might customers using an elevation of just one. seven metres contact the lining tent when ever prone or sitting down way up?

five. Precisely how effective will be the exterior bank account throughout protecting against rainwater from playing in the inside consideration?

Probably the most exciting camping tent on the list of examined tents is without a doubt REI 50 % Cupola 2 In addition to, with a large household in addition to corridor place. It really is 25cm much longer and even 10cm broader compared to standard REI One half Curve installment payments on your Additionally , the particular switchable vent out on the top just can’t just improve air flow and also avoid rain through agreeing to.

Major Agnes Fly on an airline Creek two American platinum eagle together with Hill Hardwear Smart Ultra UL 2 can be found in underneath belonging to the ratings simply because they lose level of comfort with respect to light-weight. They can be tiny inside, entrance and with only one foyer. Although it is able to reduce the of your respective backpack, this decreases coziness the moment camping outdoors. Even so, these types of tents continue to be convenient than patients ultralight camping tents.

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Hiking With Dogs

Hiking with dogs. Is it a good idea?

Those Against Hiking With Dogs
The weather is great and the scenery superb. And if it weren’t for your mutt running after every squirrel and barking at all the birds, you could enjoy it. And forget about those majestic sunsets. Who has time? You’re a pet owner. You’re spending these special moments doing what dog owners do; pulling burrs out of your four legged friend’s fur, feeding it and just trying to keep it from annoying the wildlife and other hikers. If your companion has a run in with a skunk or porcupine, this could also quickly end your adventures.
Could this be your story? If it could, you’ll enjoy your trek much more if you leave your friend at home.

Those For Hiking camping tent for sale With Dogs
There are many well behaved pets. Let’s hope one of them is yours. Actually, I would advise only taking the well behaved variety. Unlike with our first canine, there can be benefits for taking Man’s Best Friend. If it is large enough, it may be able to offer protection against dangerous wildlife (even from the human variety) that you might come across. Because of a dog’s keen sense of smell and hearing, it can also warn you of a bear approaching before you are aware of its presence. He might also be able to carry some of the supplies and even offer warmth during cooler evenings.

Conclusion About Hiking With Dogs
The choice is yours. Whether or not you decide to take the family pet, you are ultimately responsible for its behavior. Personally, when it comes to hiking with dogs, I believe it boils down to how well behaved your four legged companion is and whether it will detract from your own enjoyment of the outdoors camping.

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hunting season is here

As you go through life’s journey your needs for camping tents for sale and transportation such as kayaks and four wheelers change. The size, comfortability, and durability are just a few of the many factors considered when purchasing camping products such as kids tents, family tents, and camping accessories. We have over 150 differents tents. Feel free to browse through our Featured Products and Department Store Categories below where we guarantee to satisfy and fulfill any of your camping needs.

Whether you are a seasoned camper or just getting started with your first camping tents, four wheelers, or kayaks, you can count on us as your reliable source to help you get your first foot in the door of the camping world. Our family tents, kids tents, four wheelers, kayaks, and accessories are designed and tested to go wherever your family camping adventures may take you.

The hunting season is here and you can’t afford to miss out on these great savings on kayaks, camping tents, canopies, and four wheelers. Save big dollars on family tents, kids tents, and accessories as well.

We’re committed to bringing you the camping products you want at the best prices every day as well as providing you with the convenient, secure shopping experience you deserve. Each of our departments is organized to make your shopping experience easier. If you have any ideas about how we can serve you better, please contact us and well do our best.

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Everest Basic Campy Journey Give Expense

Everest starting campy journey with the Sagarmatha countrywide area. This can be a pure UNESCO country historical web page throughout Nepal. Just about every trekker right from all over the world and in some cases from the inside Nepal want countrywide front door give with the Everest starting campy journey. It implies, just about every trekker should matter Everest starting campy journey give to be able to journey under legal standing to the traipsing trek.You will discover a couple of unique obtain will allow to the Everest platform camp out journey. Typically the going trek for the Everest platform camp out is still inside Bet Lhamu Country Municipality. Therefore , trekkers should concern country municipality obtain the required permits and even countrywide playground obtain the required permits when doing it Everest platform camp out journey. Look at throughout aspect concerning the ones a couple of unique Everest platform camp out going will allow.
Sagarmatha Countrywide Playground Obtain The required permits
Everest platform camp out journey standard the required permits is a nationwide recreation area access enable. This particular hiking enable may problem through Nationwide Recreation area Workplace Bhrikutimandap Kathmandu or even Monjo in the direction of the particular Everest foundation get away. The majority of trekkers problem their own nationwide recreation area access enable within Monjo around the 2nd day time from the Everest foundation get away travel whilst hiking in the direction of Namche Bazaar through Phakding.
This expenses 3 thousands NPR for every trekker anticipate the particular trekkers through Southern Parts of asia such as Indian, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Srilanka, as well as the Maldives. This expenses truck NPR for all those trekkers. Inner trekkers through Nepal also need to problem nationwide recreation area solution however just expenses one hundred NPR.
Ngebet Lhamu Countryside Municipality Access Enable
An additional Everest foundation get away travel enable apart from nationwide recreation area the first is to in order to Ngebet Lhamu countryside municipality access solution. It requires in order to problem in Lukla. Bet Lhamu airfare fees 2150 NPR for any trekkers. Your southern region Oriental trekkers also need to pay for just like the trekkers from a different nation.
Bet Lhamu obtain airfare method has not been present just before. It really started out some three years when typically the country’s creation has evolved.
Think about Trekkers Data Management (TIMS) credit card?
Trekkers’ data management credit card is certainly functioning via Nepal Travel Plank (NTB) to help keep the info of this trekkers for the off-road. Going Organizations Group regarding Nepal (TAAN) is likewise working together using NTB in this. It absolutely was required just before as soon as there were zero approach to providing Bet Lhamu airfare. Following seeking a new country municipality obtain airfare, TIMS has got terminated.
Attractive Everest platform camp out going quest is certainly 12-days off-road holiday. That depends on a shorter panoramic journey to be able to Lukla via Kathmandu. Following clinching during Lukla international airport, you can expect to learn to journey to be able to Phakding. Going to be able to Phakding is simply not an extensive moment so that you simply go walking 3-hrs.
Following giving the initial nighttime inside Phakding, you can expect to journey to be able to Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche and even Gorakshep just before browsing platform camp out. Subsequently, you can expect to rise approximately Kala Patthar over the next morning hours and commence climbing down in reverse in order to Lukla. You may travel 3-days to reach Lukla after that take flight returning to Kathmandu.
Spectacular see of big Everest Himalaya, advantage views, animals, spiritual plus social ancient monuments, animals, plus much more sights appeal to people to the particular Everest foundation get away travel.
Fall months plus springtime are the most effective months for that Everest foundation get away travel. Fall months begins through Sept plus remains till Nov. Even though, the start of Sept nevertheless may have a few wet times. Trying this particular travel right after mid-September in order to Nov is extremely recommended.
Winter season is just not the good time of year in order to travel towards the Everest foundation get away however start associated with winter season (December) provides the greatest climate around the Everest foundation get away area. Springtime will be nice comfortable hiking time of year beginning with 03 in order to Might. Past due May well may start off typically the stormy period inside Nepal. It’s the major trip period for the Everest therefore , you can expect to meet up with numerous hikers during this period. Willing to start off typically the journey?
Cost-free Content, everest platform camping tent for sale out journey license expense, everest platform camp out journey license cos for the purpose of american indian, everest platform camp out journey license for the purpose of nepali,
Content via RAJESH THAPALIYA simple Everest platform camp out journey with the Sagarmatha countrywide playground. It is just a healthy UNESCO community historical past web-site inside Nepal. Every single trekker via all over the world and from the inside Nepal should have countrywide

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Taihu Bay Camping Valley

Living in the city for a long time, it is inevitable to sigh, the tranquil environment is hard to find, and the vegetation is sparse. I really want to hide in the city and live in a simple way. Even if there is only a courtyard and a small residence for a few days, it can add a rare leisure to the busy life.

Living in the city for a long time, it is hard to find tranquil environment and sparse vegetation. I really want to live in the market and live in seclusion. Even if there is only one courtyard for a few days, it can add a rare leisure to the busy life.

Living in the city for a long time, it is hard to find tranquil environment and sparse vegetation. I really want to live in the market and live in seclusion. Even if there is only one courtyard for a few days, it can add a rare leisure to the busy life.

In the hot summer of Nanjing, taking advantage of the weekend holiday, I drove to the Taihu Bay camping Valley in Changzhou. I was awakened by the green just after entering the gate. So, comply with their own heart, simply stay, a short and easy journey, a rare quiet and pure

It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, gurgling streams, rich vegetation and shade trees. The beautiful natural scenery and the carefully carved landscape pieces are harmonious and pleasing to the eye, creating a comfortable and natural, relaxing and leisure vacation space.

The scenic area can be self driving into the mountain and lake, with beautiful natural scenery, high forest coverage and rich negative oxygen ion content in the air. It is a real natural oxygen bar. Every breath, you can feel relaxed and happy, which is the poetic life that the reinforced concrete city can not give.

Taihu Bay camping Valley is an innovative scenic spot integrating accommodation, food, recreation, leisure and sports. It is also an outdoor leisure place that can relax and stay overnight.

There are a lot of different accommodation options here. There are personalized RV camping area, medium-sized RV, small RV, etc. each RV is equipped with independent courtyard and spacious independent activity space, so you don’t want to leave after living.

This time, I live in a small saloon car with candy color. Its exterior color is eye-catching. The color of the saloon car is consistent with the theme color of interior. The yellow appearance and yellow space will definitely make your girl’s heart burst. You will feel cool and big at once

In addition to a big bed, the mini RV also has a small bed with upper and lower beds. It can accommodate two adults and two children. It is especially suitable for parent-child families. The internal supporting facilities are also very complete, and the living is very comfortable.

There are also characteristic luxury tents beside the RV, the interior space is more spacious, bid farewell to the shackles of the room walls, and retain the camping feeling of traditional tents. If you have a fantasy about camping, you must come here to feel it

If you want to return to nature, there are also warm and comfortable wooden villas. The log interior gives the hostages a simple sense of return and reality. Full of texture room details, it is comfortable and leisurely. The swing in the courtyard can let the family bathe in the sun, warm and comfortable.

The tent hotel built according to the water looks very romantic. It has unique glass walls. It feels that you have lived in the nature. The large French windows have excellent vision. When you open the curtain, you can see the scenery everywhere.

For families with children, they must come to the mushroom house here. Three different shapes of mushroom house, unique style, full of fun, just like accidentally into the fairy tale world.

Even if you look at it from a distance, the mushroom house can bring surprise. At night, the mushroom house lit by lights is covered with a layer of dreamy color.

It is said that this mushroom house is only available here in China. Even if I am not a child, I will still be attracted by the world presented before me, and I can’t stop.I really love camping tent

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Cherry Blossom Town

a nice place for weekend-camper

If you’re tired of the noise of the city or the annoying boss or the hard work, maybe you would like  go to the wild for fresh air , sleep under the sky with bright stars, then the weekend-camper is absolutely your best choice.

After the 2020 COVID-19, we have to stop our step and find the new way of life and travel. The health is always be the most important part in our life.We need to break down the speed of our live and enjoy it not making money day and day.We should not only chase the ultimate scenery in the journey, but also enjoy the aura between sky and earth in the embrace of nature.We participate in setting up tents, cooking food and decorating the camp with friends. All of these are valuable experiences in our life

Let me introduce a great places for weekend-camper

cherry blossom town  is located in Baili Qiantang ecological green belt of Yanguan tourism resort in Haining City, Zhejiang Province The project covers an area of 27000 square meters, with 37 saloon car courtyards, including 57 high-end RV cars and 4 mobile RV parking spaces. Including self catering area, multi-functional area, barbecue area, recreation area, water bar, Tongle area, etc. During the holidays, take your family and friends,   breathe with nature in the warm wind and sun. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, relax your mind and enhance feelings.

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