The principle of choosing a tent for camping in the wild

You need to choose a tent according to your own purpose, such as summer, non-snow season, snow season or four seasons; the number of people in the tent; the space you want to have; the weight of the tent; the price you can accept, etc. The manufacturer offers many combinations of different sizes, weights and designs, and we can choose according to our needs.

Whether the tent is single-layer or double-layer, you must understand the waterproof and breathability of the tent. If it is completely waterproof, moisture will condense on the inner tent and cause small puddles at the bottom. This moisture is produced by our exhalation, and it may also It will soak the sleeping bag.

  Inexpensive single-layer tents can only be used in forests. At the same time, they must be quite ventilated, because single-layer tents are not waterproof and breathable. Therefore, it is best to choose a double-layer tent. The inner tent needs to be highly breathable, and the outer tent is completely waterproof plastic cloth, so the outer tent will still retain the moisture from the inner tent, and the inner and outer tents must not be touched or sticked. Together, because the sticking together will cause the water from the outer tent to penetrate into the inner tent, and the outer tent must completely cover the inner tent and the entrance and exit. Sometimes a waterproof cloth can be placed on the bottom layer to prevent moisture infiltration, keep the bottom layer clean, and increase the service life.

   Lightweight tents should be spacious and strong enough to meet some special needs.

   Generally, two-person tents are the most commonly used tents, because they are easy to carry, easy to find campsites, and can live in three or single people.

   The color of the tent is best to choose a warm color such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, the conspicuous color will be easily noticed.

   Avoid cooking in the tent, especially stoves that use gasoline. This kind of furnace has a pungent smell, fuel oil is easily spilled, and the firepower is uncontrollable, which is a potential crisis. Especially when cooking in a waterproof nylon tent, there is often a feeling of suffocation. Cooking will also cause many small water droplets to condense in the inner tent. If you really need to cook in the tent, it is best to do it between the inner and outer tents with good ventilation.

   When buying a tent for outdoor camping, pay attention to the following points
   1. Rugged, durable, weatherproof, small in size, light in material, easy to carry, and easy to install.

   2. Nylon is relatively light and tough. High-quality tents generally use high-density waterproof nylon.

   3. Choose a tent with a dark or silver canopy, which can prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays from being exposed, and it is easier to fall asleep. For camping in summer, you might as well buy silver ones, which reflect the sun and make the camp cooler.

   4. When buying a tent, don’t think that the bigger the better. Because the heavy tent is inconvenient to go up and down the mountain, it is best to buy a size suitable for the number of people. If there are many people, you can buy multiple tents.

   5. It is better to choose a dome yurt. The yurt is made of flexible and bendable fiber rods or elastic aluminum alloy rods as the battalion bones. There is no need to use camp ropes. The erection shape is arched, like a yurt, hence the name. This tent can withstand strong winds and is suitable for use in high mountains and bad weather.

   6. The double-layer tent not only solves the problem of water condensation on the inner wall, but also has better wind resistance than a single layer. The door-top double-layer tent can also solve the problem of storing equipment and shoes.

  7. Be careful to check camp pillars, camp nails, camp ropes, etc. Whether all the accessories and spare parts are available, whether they are original parts.

   8. Choose the bracket material or battalion column to be elastic aluminum alloy rod or high hardness seamless aluminum alloy tube.

   9. It is best to buy a two-door tent.

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