How to determine the safety of the camp when camping.

When camping outdoors, you actually need to pay attention to your own camping skills. When outdoors, safety always comes first. When outdoors, the safety of campsites actually requires your own judgment, and Guaranteed.

When we are outdoors, when we generally choose a camp, we actually choose a relatively open location, which is suitable for building a camp.
But pay attention, the first point is to see if there are any animal footprints around the camp, especially some large carnivorous animals.
After confirming this point, we will clean up and build the campsite. It must be relatively clean and avoid the troubles of insects on the ground.
The subsequent tidying is to clean up the weeds on the ground, especially when the climate is relatively dry, because campfires may be used, so avoiding fires is also an important choice.
If you see some dangerous animals during your daily journey, you actually need to set up some early warning devices around.
When outdoors, use a rope around the camp, and then tie some cans that are prone to noise, and put stones inside, which can be used as a temporary warning system.
When choosing some caves as campsites, you also need to pay attention to your own safety, and make sure that there are no traces of animal habitation before they can be used safely.

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