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What should I pay attention to when camping on rainy days?

We can consider from 4 aspects:

  1. Weather forecast: How long is this heavy rain?

If it is heavy rain for more than 3 hours, you can basically consider canceling the event. In this kind of weather, the camp will be full of water. If there is a possibility of floods and landslides in the mountains. The light rain for less than 3 hours can’t stop me, and it is impossible to run away from the rain.

The weather forecast is big weather, and there is a small climate above the mountains. It is important to know in advance and ask the locals.

  1. It is important to choose a campsite:

Regardless of whether your tent is hung on a tree or tied to the ground, camp out away from rivers, ditches and other places that are easily washed by water, even if the tent is waterproof. Because the consideration here is safety and not just waterproof performance. Stay away from camps where the sense of exposure is too strong, because in such a place, thunder, wind, rain and hail are the first to bear the brunt, and there is no backing to help you withstand it. Being wet all over is not fun at all, and it is especially easy to catch a cold. Remember not to use that kind of park camping tent. If you have to deal with heavy rains, you must use a tent with a high waterproof coefficient to solve the problem of water seepage. It is afraid that it will rain heavily outside and light rain inside. Pay attention to the separation of the internal and external accounts, if they fit together, water will leak. It is best to build the canopy with the help of trees. If you use trekking poles, it is easy to be blown down by the wind.

  1. The speed of setting up a tent in the rain is very important

If you are lucky, it will rain after you set up your tent. Bad luck, when you find a suitable camp, the rain has already started.

How to do? You need to be quick to get wet. It is important to practice the tent at home before. Practice makes perfect.

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