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Camping out and expeditions in the wild are activities that many people love. Some people like to find some exciting things in their leisure time. After all, our life time is limited. Try to make our lives full of meaning in the limited time. Grouping with friends to go camping and exploring in the wild is not only to kill leisure time, but also to make yourself more aware of the meaning of life through a series of sports and experiences. Of course, survival in the wild requires strong belief and perseverance, as well as the skills to get out of trouble. But what I want to say today is that in the last week, someone explored the Dayan Mountain in Fuzhou and was trapped in the mountain. What happened?

Thirty graduates who have just stepped into social work decided to meet in a group to explore Dayan Mountain in Fuzhou during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. They took a bus to this place at 4 a.m., and then set off from the entrance. Two and three have mountaineering experience, most of them did not bring safety equipment when they came here, and they have no mountaineering experience. Because of the steep terrain of Dayan Mountain, 11 travellers gave up the idea of ​​climbing due to lack of physical strength and went down the mountain.

When the other travel companions continued to climb to the edge of the rocky cliff on the top of the mountain, when some travellers looked down the mountain, the slope of the mountain was close to 80 degrees, and the travel companions wanted to give up going down the mountain, but because the terrain was too high, many people shrank in fright Finally, only 7 people went down the mountain. At this time, the food they carried was exhausted, and the signal on the mountain was even weaker. Through their continuous attempts, they finally contacted the local public security bureau. After 6 hours of hard work by lifeguards, the remaining 12 donkeys were finally rescued. The group of rescued donkeys were trapped on Daming Mountain for 14 hours, and some of them collapsed after they got down the mountain. I can’t stand still at the station.

Survival experience in the wild is worth trying, but you must do well in advance of the safety knowledge and preparations for the expedition in case of an accident. So, what things should travel friends pay attention to before exploring the wild?

  1. It is very important to choose the right clothes. Because wild adventures require long journeys, choose some clothes that are ventilated and sweat-absorbent, and at the same time choose some comfortable and thick shoes, not new shoes in the end. It’s easy to get bubbles when walking too many feet, so you need to bring a few more pairs of socks.
  2. Food selection. It is necessary to prepare some foods that are small in size and slightly fuller in advance. The importance of food is lighter in the end, which can reduce the burden on your back. You can choose some compressed biscuits, dry food, etc.
  3. Before traveling, you must enrich your knowledge of wild survival and understand local conditions. As long as you plan ahead, you can better respond to emergencies.
  4. Remember to wear safety equipment. If you are climbing, then remember to bring climbing ropes.
  5. Remember to mark when you get lost. Sometimes we will be confused when we come to a bifurcation. At this time, we can make some marks nearby.

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