Navy Peak

Today is February 16, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. Today is the day for the Chinese people to greet the God of Wealth. It symbolizes that the next year will be able to make money smoothly. The outdoor temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius. The weather is sunny and sunny. It is definitely mountain climbing The best time for me, so I met a few friends to climb the “Navy Peak”

A famous tourist attraction under this mountain is called “Nangshan Temple”. This temple has a history of more than a thousand years. Although it has experienced several severe damages, it has been continuously rebuilt by future generations and has been relatively well preserved. , The most recent reconstruction was about a hundred years ago

On the hillside of this mountain, there is another scenic spot called “Tianyuan Rock”. Because an ancient copper coin with the word “Tianyuan” was found during construction, it was named “Tianyuan Rock” by later generations.

All the way from the foot of the mountain to Tianyuan Rock are basically stone steps. This stage is relatively easy. After reaching Tianyuan Rock, the venue is still very spacious, so we ate something in it to supplement energy. 2 At around one point, we started today’s real mountain climbing journey. With the increase in altitude, there are more and more azaleas, and the flower clusters are getting bigger and bigger. Of course, the road is getting more and more difficult. Although the way up is rugged and uneven, there are no roads in many places. , But our main goal today is to “conquer” this mountain, so we are not discouraged and continue to move forward. Finally, after 2 hours of hard work, we successfully climbed to the top of the peak. The top of the peak is an open and flat ground. In the low-lying area, rows of stone houses have been disarmed, but they are still standing upright, showing people that they used to be. Brilliance and contribution.
The scenery here is really beautiful. I can see the whole Putian scenery. I originally planned to spend the night in the abandoned military camp on the top of the navy. In the middle of the night when the wind is not strong, you can take a blanket and lie down on the roof, and you can count dozens of meteors in one night. I can also watch the night view of Putian, but because there are other important things to do tomorrow, I went down the mountain with my friends
I plan to come up with friends when I have time next weekend and camp overnight.

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