the experience of fishing

I like fishing very much. On weekends, I often go camping and fishing with my friends. My next destination is fishing in Yahu Reservoir
Two days before the departure, I did a lot of homework about fishing in the Yahu Reservoir. First of all, I opened the Google map to determine the location and set the route. At the same time, I prepared a sea fishing pole, a small bench, and a cheap tents on trucks.
Everything was packed in a big bag, packed in the trunk of the car.
On the day of departure, it took me 2 hours to finally reach the Yahu Reservoir. Unfortunately, the gate was closed. It turned out that the reservoir was not open to outsiders, but fishing was not prohibited outside. What should I do?
So I had to get off the car and hike through the grass. The weeds grew very high and dense. After half an hour of searching, I finally found a relatively empty and flat place, and found a fishing spot-Yahu Linguo
The water here is very clean and there are fish bubbling on the water from time to time. There are a lot of these stones here, which are a bit unstable. Only when I came I found out that many people around here have already been fishing there. They are very quiet. Yes, it seems that I am transparent. It has been nearly 4 hours since I set off in the morning. In order to be able to go back that day, I also sat down quickly, lowered a pole, and slowly waited for the fish to take the bait.
There was not much fish, and the hook and line were broken a lot. The bottom of this reservoir is too complicated.

Finally, summarize the entire fishing experience. The environment here is very quiet, the sky is very blue, the water is very clear, and the air is fresh. Of course, if you are purely fishing for fish, then this place may disappoint you. After one day, I am the biggest The harvest is that you can calm down and think about the meaning of life.

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