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If we usually go camping in the wild, we must choose sunny days. After all, there are still many uncertain factors when exploring in the mountains on rainy days. However, if the weather is good when we start, but when we arrive at the destination, we find that the weather starts to rain. It is definitely impossible to return, after all, if you give up after preparing for so long, you will waste a lot of time and energy. So today we are going to talk about how to maintain a comfortable camping experience in rainy weather. In fact, if you prepare properly, you can still have a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the precautions for outdoor camping when it rains.

cheap Tents On Trucks : First of all, of course, the most important thing is that you need to buy a high-quality tent. You have to understand that a cheap tent is equal to a leaky tent, which will directly lead to your failure in this camping, so buy a larger and more comfortable tent as much as possible.

   Tarpaulin: If you like your camping buddies very much, but don’t want to stay in the same tent with them all day, then the tarp can help you solve this problem. It provides you with a space for cooking and eating, and it is hung outside, keeping in touch with the outside world. You can buy several cheap tarpaulins and place them among the trees together, or you can buy a more expensive special tarp, which will be more convenient to use.

   Rainproof clothing: Although cheap rain poncho can also work, but a waterproof and breathable clothing such as drought waterproof jacket can make you feel most comfortable. If you don’t like the kind of blindfold that restricts your field of vision, you can wear a hat with a wide brim. In very humid weather, rain pants will also provide you with extra protection.

  Clothing: Do not wear cotton clothing. Fiber clothing can dry faster after being wet, and can make you warmer.

   Waterproof bag: Use fresh-keeping packaging bags, garbage bags, or dry sacks to keep your clothes, electronic items and sleeping bags dry.

  Entertainment: Bring something to entertain in your tent, such as playing cards, MP3, video games, board games, books, etc.

  How to set up a tent

   If you are camping in the rain, it is very important to carefully choose the location of the tent. Don’t put the tent in the sunken areas where water will gather.

   Use a moisture-proof cloth to spread under the tent. It can provide extra protection. Make sure the tent is completely covered on it. If the moisture-proof cloth has a part that extends out of the tent, it will leak water into the tent.

   Putting up a tent in the rain and ensuring that the inside of the tent is not wet by the rain is a very challenging task. If your tent is independent, you can set it under a tree, tarp or other shelter.

   keep dry

   Do not enter the tent with moisture. If possible, try to put wet clothes outside the tent. You can pull a clothes line to hang the wet clothes.

   Open all the vents in the tent. When camping in the rain, maximum air movement can reduce the accumulation of moisture in the tent. Avoid pressing some clothes against the side walls of the tent, as it will bring moisture in.

Have fun

   If it rains for a long time, you may not be able to guarantee complete drying. Think about it, when we can do it at any time when we need to stay dry, getting wet from the rain is not a very bad thing.

   Prepare a change of dry clothes and a set of pajamas in a durable, air-tight, waterproof bag.

   Maintain a positive attitude and see the good side. Camping in bad weather is better than working in good weather.

  Think about how important rain is to forests, to animals, and even to us humans. It’s really a good thing, so don’t be afraid to touch it after getting wet in the rain.

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