15 kinds of skills for camping

Camping tent is one of the best ways to relax and let people forget their daily stress. It can also bring family or friends together. It may seem like a simple activity, but in fact you have to go through some obstacles to have fun. Therefore, if we can learn some interesting knowledge, we can get a better camping experience. Therefore, this time v-brother will bring: 15 skills that can make camping easier.

  1. Plastic toilet paper holder

When camping in the wild, going to the toilet is often a problem, especially when solving the “big problem”, you may bring a roll of paper. However, in the wild, if you are not careful, the paper towel may become wet and full of dirt.

To solve this problem, you need to prepare large plastic bottles, sticks, wires, scissors or knives for yourself. As shown in the figure, cut the plastic bottles to make supports to keep the reel intact. You can even tie it around the tree.

  1. Keep tableware clean

Camping in the wild, if you want to cook food, you may have to consider how to put the tableware, because if you put it on the ground, it is easy to get dirty because of fallen leaves, insects and dust on the ground.

To avoid this situation, you just need to prepare a belt and some hooks for yourself, then tie the belt to the tree and put the hook on it.

  1. Light the fire easily with an egg box

In the field camping, making a fire should also be paid attention to, because many times, people waste too much time in ignition, which greatly increases the cooking time.

But there is a very simple technique that can help you. You need to prepare egg cartons, coal, matches or lighters. By using the egg carton to ignite, you can more easily ignite in the wild.

  1. Stop bleeding with tampons

It’s common for children to trip over rocks or run very fast. If you don’t have a first aid kit, maybe you can control the wound in another way. You just need to stick the tampon to the wound.

  1. Help quell insect bites

When we go camping, we are inevitably bitten by insects. A practical way to relieve itching is to apply a small amount of deodorant stick to the welt.

  1. Portable spout

After a whole day’s play, it seems very troublesome to wash your hands or feet. But with plastic bottles with lids, lighters and screwdrivers or pointed objects, you can do it well.

Use a lighter to heat the tip of the screwdriver, glue it to the plastic bottle cap, and finally fill the plastic bottle with water to turn it into a portable watering can.

  1. Water filter

It is very important to eat clean water in the wild. People who are too negligent often don’t find the water full of dirt, grass or insects. To get clean water, you can make your own plastic filter.

You need preparation, plastic bottles with lids, scissors or knives, water filters. As shown in the figure, it can be combined together.

  1. Insect trap

In the wild, mosquito bites may be the most annoying problem. To scare them away, you can use some coke. The sweetness of this drink will make them fall.

You need to prepare a plastic bottle, scissors or knives, coke. Cut off the top half, then put it upside down in the bottom half, and finally pour in some coke.

  1. Flashlight protector for mobile phone

If it suddenly gets dark and you need to light up your surroundings for some reason, you may use the flash of your mobile phone, but it may be too dazzling. So you can create a less dazzling light with the help of a plastic cover, a silicone stick, a silicone gun and aluminum foil.

What you need to do is wrap the aluminum foil around the plastic cover, and then inject silica gel into it. After drying, it can become a protector to make the light less harmful to the eyes.

  1. Clothesline

In the camp, you may get wet with rain or some games. If your clothes and shoes get wet, don’t worry too much.

With a ring or a rope, hook and key chain ready, you can easily create a clothesline outside.

  1. Fast ignition with clothes wool ball

In addition to using the egg box to ignite, you can also use the clothes or the hair ball on the clothes to ignite easily.

  1. Reduce colds

When you are in the wild, if you forget to bring your coat, or there are not many ways to warm yourself, you can stuff dry leaves into your clothes.

  1. Fishing

If you want to eat a fish when you are by the sea or by the lake, you can also try a practical way of fishing.

You need a plastic pot, scissors or knives, rope, bait. It’s the same way to cut the top half, put it upside down in the bottom half, fix it with a rope, and then put your bait, such as a small piece of instant noodles, into it. Finally, throw it into the water and stretch the rope.

  1. Ecological filter

If you run out of drinking water and you are in a hurry to drink water, you can use plastic bottles with caps, scissors or knives, cloth, coal, grass, stone to make an ecological filter. As shown in the figure, you can filter the surrounding substances to clean the liquid and drink safely.

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