How to choose right tents for outdoor camping

camping tent style

Tents are designed for different purposes and have different styles. In terms of the shape of the tent, the common tents are roughly divided into five styles.

Triangle tent: the front and back use herringbone iron tube as the support, the middle frame is connected by a cross bar, supporting the inner tent and installing the outer tent. This is the most common tent style in the early days.

Dome shaped tent, also known as yurt style, is the most popular style in the market at present because it adopts double pole cross support and is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Hexagonal tent: three or four poles are used for cross support, and some adopt six pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent. It is a common style of “mountain type” tent.

Boat bottom shaped tent: it is like a boat that is buckled back after being propped up. It can be divided into two poles and three poles. Generally, the bedroom is in the middle and the hall shed is at the two ends. In the design, it pays attention to the windproof streamline, which is also one of the common tent styles.

Ridge shaped tent: it is shaped like an independent small tile roofed house, supported by four columns at four corners, on which a ridge shaped structural roof is erected. This kind of tent is generally tall and bulky, and is suitable for drivers or relatively fixed field work camping, so it is called vehicle tent.

camping tent Specifications

Manufacturers usually divide tents into one person account, two person account, four person account, five person account, six person account and eight person account according to the number of users. Of course, there are tents that can accommodate more people. We can choose suitable tents according to individual needs.

camping tent weight

The tent for family camping is generally heavier than that for mountaineering. If you want to engage in mountaineering activities, the weight of the tent is very important. If you can’t carry it, where do you sleep at night? Tents suitable for mountaineering are usually made of high-tech materials, light in weight, suitable for highly mobile outdoor activities, but the price is higher; Camping tents are usually made of common materials, which are heavy and not suitable for carrying. They are usually carried in cars and set up after arriving at the destination. The price is relatively cheap. Therefore, when selecting tents, we should consider the conditions of use.

camping tent colour

Most people tend to choose their favorite colors according to their own preferences. However, if we want to reduce the impact on the natural environment, low brightness green and brown palladium are good choices. High brightness tents not only look bright, but also have the advantage of easy search.

In addition, the color of the tent will affect the light and temperature inside the tent. The tent with high brightness has higher light transmittance and higher heat conduction; Low brightness tents have poor light transmission, and also block some of the natural heat provided by the sun, which affects the activities of individuals in the tent, especially in bad weather.

camping tent Pole

At present, the material of accounting pole mainly includes glass fiber, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Tubular fiberglass poles are the most commonly used ones at present. They may be folded and combined by elastic ropes. Aluminum alloy is added at the head and tail of each pole to increase its strength. It is a little soft and elastic. However, it is easy to cause the pole to rupture in low temperature environment. Once the pole is broken, it cannot achieve the effect of support.

Aluminum alloy pole is also very popular in the market. It adopts the same combination with glass fiber. Its weight is the same as glass fiber, but its strength and durability are better. It still has good support in low temperature environment. However, in case the pole is broken or damaged, it is difficult to repair, so it is necessary to carry a spare pole just in case.

Carbon fiber poles are light-weight. Among the existing poles, its durability is the best. It performs well in low temperature environment, but the price is the most expensive of all poles.

camping tent Door shed

Generally speaking, we don’t recommend cooking in tents, because tents are made of inflammable materials. Once exposed to fire, they will burn quickly. But what should we do if it rains outside? We can’t cook in the rain! Therefore, some camping tents will have cooking tent in the tent. The space varies from large to small, mostly based on the consideration of weight,

Some tents will be designed in the entrance and exit to protect themselves from rain. On the one hand, they can cook, on the other hand, they can put personal equipment such as backpacks and shoes to avoid being wet by rain. Under the efficient use, they may even have one more person’s living space.

camping tent cloth

The tarpaulin or outer tent of the tent are made of waterproof nylon cloth to resist the infiltration of rainwater. The tent with good waterproof property will be pasted with waterproof glue to increase the waterproof property. The waterproof property of the cloth of the main tent or inner tent is not as good as that of the outer tent, but it will have good air permeability. The ground cloth of the tent, like the outer tent, should be able to prevent moisture from seeping in from the ground. Therefore, the waterproof property of the ground cloth is very necessary, and attention must be paid to the selection.

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