the space of Car Turck camper

Car Turck camper is a kind of public service facilities with certain natural scenery for people to use, such as tents, cars or camp rented cabins, mobile villas, cars and so on, which travel for a short time or a long time to live and live, equipped with sports and entertainment equipment and arranged with entertainment activities and performances, occupying a certain area and ensuring safety Leisure small community.

Car campsites can be divided into parking car campsites and conventional car campsites in terms of functional equipment. The parking car campsite only has the facilities to provide water and electricity inside the car. The campsite facilities are relatively simple, and there are usually small supermarkets that provide daily necessities for car users, such as small supermarkets. This kind of camp is only used as a place for people to replenish and have a short rest during their journey. People usually stop there for two or three days at most.

The scale of conventional car campsites is much larger, which can accommodate hundreds of cars, including car camping area, tent camping area, sports and leisure ground

Area, shops, restaurants, baths and other daily life area, small wooden house villa accommodation area, etc. The car camping service here is quite comprehensive. People can enjoy good service here. This kind of car camping site has certain requirements in site selection, which can generally provide people with leisure and holiday atmosphere, and has certain scenery and entertainment. According to its geographical location, this kind of camp can be divided into mountain camp, island camp, lakeside camp, seaside camp, forest camp and rural camp.

Car Turck camper are very common in European and American countries, and mature, with a complete management and operation system and star classification standards. China is in the stage of development in this respect.

RV and cheap tents on trucks are closely linked and mutually complementary. The RV is a mobile home, so the RV camp is the stop of the mobile home. However, the camp is not only a parking lot, but also a comprehensive tourist resort integrating scenic spots, entertainment and services. The camp is generally divided into several areas: living area, entertainment area, business area, sports and leisure area. Each area has complete facilities, independent drinking water and sewage treatment system, and 220 V daily electricity. There are modern sanitary facilities in the living area, such as washbasin, shower and toilet,

In the business service area, there are supermarkets, post offices, clinics, bars, restaurants, etc., which can fully meet the needs of tourists’ daily life. In the entertainment and sports area, there are football, tennis, basketball, swimming pool, golf, children’s games and other sports venues and multi-function hall for tourists. RV campsites can be divided into: RV parking lot, tent campsite, simple campsite (for general campers and incomplete configuration of RV), tourist attractions Trailer rental yard, large RV campsite (mobile Villa), wooden house, etc.

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