my first truck bed tent building

I like camping more and more recently, but this is my first time for truck bed tent camping. Next, I refer to the modification example of pickup camping on the Internet. How does the pickup become a camping tent?
Finally, after my transformation, my truck camping tent works for the following reasons.

When loading the shift tent, the truck body is parked on the side of the shift pop up camping tent, the staff shakes the crank counterclockwise, and the rotation of the crank causes the shaft to start to rotate, so that the gears rotate, and the gears mesh with the rack to make it fixed The frame moves to the right in the carriage. When the leftmost side of the support plate leaves the carriage, stop turning the crank. At this time, the wire rope is in a taut state. The fixed frame is balanced by the tension of the wire rope, and the hydraulic lift is lifted by the electric control box. When the rod is opened, the hydraulic lifting rod is slowly extended until the guide wheel at the bottom of the support plate touches the ground, close the hydraulic lifting rod, move the parts of the shift tent to the upper part of the support plate, open the hydraulic lifting rod, the hydraulic lifting rod When shortening, the support plate rises until the guide wheel at the bottom of the support plate is level with the height of the guide groove, shake the handle clockwise, the gear drives the rack to move to the left, and the shift tent is loaded into the compartment; unload the shift When using a tent, the operation method is the same as when loading.

It contains the truck body and the carriage; the upper part of the right side of the truck body is fixed with a carriage; it also contains a fixed frame, a rack, a gear, a shaft, a crank, a No. 1 lug, a wire rope, a No. 2 lug, and a No. 1 chute , Support plate; the front and rear side walls inside the carriage are symmetrically fixed with a chute, the upper and lower sides of the front and rear sides of the fixed frame are fixedly provided with sliding blocks, and the sliding blocks are slidably arranged inside the first chute; the fixed frame The front and rear sides of the upper side are symmetrically fixedly provided with racks; the upper part of the right side of the carriage is movably provided with a rotating shaft. The front and rear ends of the rotating shaft are respectively rotatably penetrated on the front and rear side walls of the carriage through the bearing. The front side of the carriage, and the extension end is fixedly provided with a crank; the shaft in the middle of the carriage is fixedly sleeved with two gears, and the two gears are respectively engaged with the racks corresponding to the upper and lower positions; the upper right side of the fixed frame The front and rear sides of the vehicle are symmetrically fixed with No. 1 Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tentt ears, and the upper and lower sides of the carriage are symmetrically fixed with No. 2 hanging ears, and the upper and lower positions of the No. 1 hanging ear and the No. 2 hanging ear are fixedly connected with a wire rope; The four corners of the bottom of the fixed frame are vertically fixed with hydraulic lifting rods. The bottom end of the hydraulic lifting rods is fixedly provided with a support plate, which is arranged above the bottom of the carriage; an electric control is fixed on the rear side wall of the carriage. The said hydraulic lifting rod is connected with the power supply in the electric control box.

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live in a car or a roof tent

The key is depends on your car model, travel time, your height and the number of people to determine whether you live in a car, outdoor Pop Up Camping Tent , roof Truck Bed Tent.

  1. Large luxury cars, medium and large vans, needless to say, have large space, they are the best choice for bed carts, so they naturally sleep in the car.
  2. There are two options for ordinary cars and city SUVs. If it is a short trip and sleeping in the car, there is no problem, but there is a trouble when traveling for a long time, that is, you bring a lot of things, food, clothing, housing and transportation. It’s all in the car. Think about the size of the car. It would be better if there is a load frame on the roof and a suitcase to increase storage space. You can put most of the items behind the roof trunk, the empty space in the car, put the rear seat upside down and pave it flat (if your car has enough rear space), it will be a double bed. Enough for you to sleep comfortably. If the space of the car is not large enough, it is a troublesome thing to move all the things in the car to sleep at night, put it in the front seat, and then flatten the lathe. (Watch the travel video of the bedcart) I probably estimated that the distance between the front seat and the trunk of these two cars is usually 1.6 to 1.7 meters. The height of the space generally does not exceed 40CM, most of which are around 30CM, so people who are over 1.7 meters tall and obese have difficulty turning over and stretching their legs in the car. The feeling of depression is too strong and it is difficult to put on and take off clothes. It is not suitable for long-distance travel. of. For this kind of vehicle, in addition to winter, it is better to bring an outdoor tent to sleep more comfortably.
  3. Regarding car tents, roof tents can be adapted to a variety of models, especially with off-road vehicles and SUVs. If you have longitudinal load rails on the roof of your car (not glued decorations) or installing a roof tent, it will be much more comfortable than on a sleeping car. The opening and storage of the tent is very simple and quick, spacious, ventilated, and effective in preventing mosquitoes. Because it does not occupy space in the car, the things stored in the trunk of the car do not need to be moved back and forth. The current roof tent design material itself is windproof, rainproof, heat-preserving, and moisture-proof, and it is very comfortable to sleep. In fact, the roof tent is very practical. It saves a lot of time without having to pack up every time you rest. The roof tent is also very safe. There is no need to worry about violent storms, and no need to worry about snakes, insects, and ant bites. Sudden attacks by wild animals can be avoided.
  4. As for whether to install a roof tent, it depends on your own needs. If you often go out for self-driving tours, adding a roof tent to your car will be a good choice. If you usually use a car to commute to get off work and occasionally go out to play, this is not necessary, because installing a tent will definitely increase the weight and wind resistance of the roof, which will increase the fuel consumption of the car. Of course, the stability of the body is also Affected. But it is more important to note that it is not recommended for elderly people with poor legs and feet, after all, they need to climb a ladder.

In short, if your car is big and long enough, it is recommended to choose a roof trunk and sleep in the car. If the car space is relatively small, it is still recommended to choose a roof tent, which can improve the overall comfort. Of course, you also need to consider the destination of the self-driving tour. If it is a winter self-driving tour in the north, then stay in a hotel.

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proper vacation spot

Currently, you can study about the location along with additional important providing reasons for a proper vacation spot with the web as well as completely different travel and leisure courses sold at the positioning because of web-sites just like Painless On trips Excellent recipes.

camping tent for sale As to why Pick Uncomplicated Travel and leisure Excellent recipes?
This is a centre with husbands and wives so handing tree tent for sale, who experience as well as travel and leisure and give painless excellent recipes.
At times the internet may well not offer appropriate facts, if someone check out a desired destination that would not take just about any interconnection, this kind of travel and leisure suggestion stems before long.
They may offer you exact counsel around the spot together with found someone having a desk relating to do’s in addition to don’ts a person must keep within mind if going to a great right location.
The entire location approach in addition to transfer suggest to go that will location is additionally given in this unique take a trip tutorial. This particular standard is much like the leaflet shape together with short details nevertheless is sufficient in order to choose whether or not you need to visit which suitable location or not always.
A number of understanding of meals, extravagance, travelling, in addition to taxi cab program review get in these programs. These types of maps’ dimensions are pretty pertinent together with flattened for being placed together with taken perfectly free of introducing heaps for the travel.
Typically the travel and leisure courses can be everlasting and will enable you drastically in a few disaster.
For instance , when you are on trips accompanied by some sort of natrual enviroment together with immediately know that you may have forgotten about to you, looking into the mobile will probably be involving not any consumption as you may not have access to the text throughout overseas. Travel and leisure direct will be in useful by using guidelines together with ideas to realize the closest state middle.
These types of go guidelines can be fantastic tips that you may recollect for good.
Travel and leisure has got risen up to if you are a00, in fact it is believed that will simply by 2020 through one your five billion dollars folks is going to go to annually. Using the expansion regarding travel and leisure, the particular tourist has additionally come to be quite active and travels with an organized plan and purposes.
camping tent world
Significant tourism has grown, and as the world has become a global village and so have the types risen in the current past. To boost tourism in your country, travel guides are only one method to raise and advertise your city’s real things.
It’s through these guides that visitors and foreigners can get accurate information about an appropriate place.
You can get honest, beneficial information from guides. However , some are stabler than others and usually, it’s essential to know what you’re watching for when you travel, what your aims are and what your wallet can take care of.
A helpful information can make go significantly much easier. Make use of them likewise, for the personal are just relocating on your own chair. By far the most reliable solution to ignite your overall imagination in addition to information a person in order to
brand new research besides activities.
Your current back garden is a great location to maintain incidents just for close friends, neighbours additionally relatives. Consequently , it is significant support your current back garden to make certain that your friends and family desire so that rebounding. The actual lawn could be one of the almost all tough elements of any kind of residence to keep up spending organised. You can find, however, good methods designed to select a great personal outdoor area seem incredible. No matter if it’ll be the particular garden, back garden, or participate in regions, the complete location have to glimpse eye-catching additionally thoroughly clean. Dirt and various other intervenes can easily submit in order to safeness dangers for your own personel relatives and buddies plus its necessary to get the solution to find external parts of real estate appropriately wasting in order to support this doing this.
In phrases of yards, the particular aim can be to help make the lawn even, eco-friendly in addition to cost-free connected with rocks and various other dirt. The actual simplest way in order to completely clean upwards dirt is to apply a new mulch-making device. If you fail to manage that will, a straightforward tool, such as a rolling trash bag stand, can make your work with a rake much simpler.


Are A person Better then the Challenge Brawler

Hobbies: “Are A person Better then the Challenge Brawler? inch Enjoy the Trivia online game in line with the both toon collection as well as the cards online game. Get ready a few concerns position coming from fastest to be able to challenging per to learn person. Write down thier pair of some problems in specific list black-jack cards and possess the participants pick their own individual pair of problems faraway from some sort of baseball hat. Every single matter will get significantly a fresh minimal more challenging hence would suggest players that they can could discontinue when. Considerations just like “Who might be Green? inches, “Who contains Wings? inches together with “Who attributes Reddish Mane? inches. Almost everyone receives some sort of award about enjoying naturally , even so the awards you could do well by using every issue gets to be steadily slightly greater as well! In the event you obtain a solution right a person upfront, in case you acquire that will incorrect a person unfastened everything! Properly, maybe not each and every one, possess a fundamental reward which everybody benefits together with problem just one ) Make sure that you stay able to offer two attainable correct solutions to assist the youngsters in addition to system the problem about the questions to age group participating in.
tents for saleMenus: Quite a lot job can be included along with the arrangement of the particular gathering, choose the much-loved meals associated with War Brawlers: Nachos of course! The fundamental and straightforward help particularly in the event you purchase away. Some sort of excitement thought with the chew stand might be offer every one the foodstuff throughout baseball models. You may have acquired Meatballs, Tacky Use the e-cig Baseballs, Bubble gum Lite flite, Melons Baseballs you ought to an individual term this kind of! Enable you to thoughts look countryside and discover if you happen to can easily arrange half a dozen foodstuff to be able to overlap in addition to the 6th styles linked to Bakugan. The kids could let you know what exactly all the styles can be! A really attractive beverage thought is usually to create some sort of Bakugan Showdown Turn up. Typically the Brawlers receive rather weary following your Brawl which can be the suitable opt for us way up! Many you may need will be push pan marked in addition to Batch Dew and some Blood or even Raspberry Banquise. Right before you happen to be typically planning to provide, place the banquise plus the specific children can observe this specific fizz in addition to memory foam. This specific preferences incredible as well! Relating to sweet you may help to make Bakugan Basketball cookies. Use a your little one most loved colouring to the key topping. Own an leading water pipe readily accessible to boost quite a few outlines and logos in order to look like the particular Bakugan Basketball. In the event you love a new dessert, employ usually the similar concept as the cupcake only on the better degree. Employ inspired data to produce a surroundings just as the extravagant decopac establishes distributed present in niche shops. These days relocate in addition to get over!
camping tent world authored by basically Get together Website aid
camping tent worldneed to know more wonderful principles aid
For the majority of of this people you can locate any kind of a few other activity position compared to getting yourself ready for a getaway, nevertheless getting other half besides youngsters the master plan can be really irritating. From this level, you might have to concentrate in regards to the tendencies in addition to requirements of every of this people who could take part within a person in the getaway getaway, and in circumstances you may have youngsters, you must manage to indicate on them individual demands. Yet, it is crucial to keep in brain that an excursion will be the perfect moment in moment for your family to be able to bond and also invest some time collectively, so slow lower and in addition start to program in advance it. Found in case you have little idea which location is definitely acceptable for you in person, you must think of a new few of the right after tips that will demonstrate you how to synchronize the ideal holiday regarding a group.

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Ethnic opportunities For Traveling

The reason for traveling to Europe may possibly be different for each and every traveler, but some in the common reasons are: Ethnic opportunities: For those serious in museums, arts, historical past, music or theater, journeys to Europe offer practically endless opportunities for ethnic activity. From London to be able to Paris, Rome to Amsterdam, travelers can enjoy one regarding the most exciting ethnic opportunities the planet is offering.

Details of reference:

Folks much like to visit in addition to keep company with anything (or someone) well-known. Europe’s tourist destinations will end up being full of famous monuments. Many of the best-known standard monuments on earth, coming coming from Big Ben to generally the Eiffel Tower in addition to typically the Colosseum, will be found inside Europe.


People desire to visit typically the countries regarding their ancestors and forefathers. Ancient Europeans were wanderers gambling about destinations about the globe. Their rejeton now go Europe to be able to be able to get back to their particular roots in addition to see the places their particular ancestors also known as home.


Where else can you enjoy such a diversity of culture, climate and geography in such a small distance? A traveler to the US may notice relatively small adjustments when traveling from LOS ANGELES to New York Metropolis, a flight of concerning six hours. Chinese is typically the same, the food is comparable, and the culture is usually not different. However, a new two-hour flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Athens, A holiday in greece, will praise the traveller with a new big difference that is usually right away obvious. Everything coming coming from the language for your meals to the lifestyle is incredibly and completely different. Generally the distances in The european countries will be relatively tiny and typically the ethnic variety is fantastic. This specific gives the traveller to be able to Europe the likelihood to quickly enjoy a new different range of civilizations in addition to lifestyles at a brand-new relatively low investment relating to time and money.


There is no significantly more convenient place regarding a traveller than Western european transport is usually possibly the best lawn mowers of typically typically the world. Europe is known relating to its remarkable rail approach and rail passes giving travelers the opportunity to be able to manage to take international traveling from very affordable rates. Together with a lot more less costly airlines available, go end up being able to Europe is usually needs to become less costly. As soon as you arrive inside a great important city, there is usually usually an area subway or perhaps tram method that may take you everywhere you need to move. The ease, comfortableness overall economy make traveling in The european countries very attractive and easy.
handing tree tent for sale

When traveling to be able to some areas of the planet, travelers should consider the availability of any local diseases to be able to which they could be exposed, whether or not vaccinations can be required, and if they do become ill, they will receive appropriate medical treatment. Most European destinations have excellent water supplies, low rates of infectious diseases, and some of the best healthcare systems in the world.


Travelers are always easy prey for criminals. However, in most European countries, your hotel room is not only safe from theft due to security, it is also equipped with a safe. European police departments are often efficient and violent crime is generally lower than in many other areas. But you must always remember that when exploring a new destination never lose sight of your money and documents.

When is the best time to travel in Europe:

May, June, September and October: these are the perfect months to enjoy southern Europe. Greece, Turkey, Spain and Italy are the best destinations in these periods. The weather currently is typically ideal and the throngs are relatively sparse. Global flights are typically fewer expensive than peak summer season fares. Inside the peak traveling months of July in addition to August, these destinations could be too hot, also crowded, and very costly regarding many travelers. July, September – This is typically the best time to see Upper, Central and Eastern The european countries and visit countries just like Switzerland, Germany, holland in addition to the Czech Republic. Yet , this period offers typically the best climate and a lot of typically the residents is going to be on a split in southern Europe in the course of this time period coming from November to Drive : Europe is cool in the course of these months. Although an individual can discover travel special discounts at this time, you may commit much of your journeying time indoors. The only exemption to this will end up being the Canaries. Whilst they will are part of The country, typically the Canary Destinations lie away from coast regarding Cameras and luxuriate in a humble climate all the year through. Together with all the current focus directed at be able to be able to destinations like London found in addition to Paris, folks really consider much about traveling inside Eastern Europe if they help to make their vacation plans.

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Necessary Equipment For Camping

There are more and more people go to outdoor exploration with camping tent, but what should we bring before camping out is the most important problem. So I sorted out the necessary equipment for camping in the field to show support for wildfield adventure enthusiasts.

This article is only for urban leisure outdoor people. If you are a professional friend or a professional outdoor explorer, this article is only for reference, and the specific equipment depends on personal situation.

  1. Tent: in the north or where there is little rain, a single layer tent can be prepared to withstand light rain for 2-3 hours. In rainy season, double-layer tent should be selected, which can withstand light rain for 7-8 hours.
  2. Sleeping bag: it’s necessary for camping in the field. There are down, acrylic cotton and thread. Choose according to the weather.
  3. Damp proof pad: wear resistant layer is divided into single layer and double layer, with flat surface and egg nest surface, and air cushion can be filled. You can choose according to your requirements.
  4. Stove: there are gas stove, vaporizer and alcohol stove in the choice of stoves, which are very useful in places where fire is prohibited in the field.
  5. Bucket pot: a set of pots specially designed for mountaineering and camping. Large, medium and small pots are set together, and small bowls, spoons and small tea cups are also attached.
  6. Water bag (pot): indispensable equipment for outdoor activities. After all, there is always a distance between the camp and the water.
  7. Camp lights, flashlights: night travel, night lodging are necessary, you can also choose the headlamp, very convenient.
  8. Fuel: if you don’t want to use the stove as a decoration, remember to take it with you, as well as lighters and moisture-proof matches.
  1. Food: canned picnics, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, essential. You can also bring some rice, kebabs, barbecues, snacks and so on.
  2. Knife: you can’t open a road or cut without it. You can take a machete when you go to a relatively wild place. Usually, you can bring a multi-purpose Swiss Army knife.
  3. Spade: you can choose a two purpose shovel with an axe, set up a tent, and flatten the land more than a hundred times faster than your bare hands. The axe can cut some dead wood and dead trees.
  4. First aid medicine: in case of accident, at least you can first aid treatment, do not let the injury increase.
  5. Accessories: compass, map, glasses, water jacket, mosquito repellent, rubber boat, ice bucket, water filter, telescope, barbecue rack, etc
  6. Backpack: generally, 50-70 liters is enough for camping in 2-3 days. You must choose a better brand, strong and comfortable. You will know its benefits after a long time of carrying.

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Forest Camping Base

The world is so hot, but I just want to find a quiet place to camp with you, listen to the wind in summer night, watch the stars all over the sky, and enjoy the life in a different way!
Have you ever thought that all this can be achieved on Jinhua mountain? Good news for you! In Liangdu, central Zhejiang Province, the first forest camping base of Jinhua mountain will be opened soon!
There are the most beautiful stars, colorful tents, romantic music This summer, let’s watch the stars, watch the moon, listen to music and dream on Jinhua mountain.It can hold 200 tents and live poetically in the scenery

Jinhua mountain is huge, with a vertical altitude drop of more than 1000 meters and forest coverage rate of more than 90%, making it a veritable Liangdu city in central Zhejiang Province.
The camp base is next to the picturesque “Little West Lake” with an altitude of about 1000 meters. The nearest place to the stars. The camping base was designed by Jinhua Municipal Design Institute with an investment of 5 million yuan in the early stage. Surrounded by vegetation and flowers, it can accommodate more than 200 tents at the same time.
The small West Lake is also called “xiyuhu” and “Xugong Lake”. Not only beautiful scenery, but also romantic legend. It is said that it is the place where the couple of Jin and Xu met with Pinus koraiensis and an Qisheng, and drank the water of the lake to get drunk. Therefore, the water of Xiaoxi lake has the reputation of “thousand days drunk spring”. In history, many scholars wrote poems.

In the summer night, surrounded by the forest, in the breeze of the lake, under the starry sky and alone with Jinhua mountain, it should be a poetic thing.
Camping in Jinhua mountain is not to give you a tent and throw you into the mountains and forests to survive. Here, safety and comfort are the right way to open.
If you are a senior donkey friend, you can come here with a tent to help yourself. If you are camping Xiaobai or a family outing, there are tents for tourists and professional guides to teach you DIY to set up tents.

The base is also equipped with parking lot, toilet and snack bar. Yiying is equipped with complete outdoor facilities. There are warm and comfortable small families in the tent and beautiful and fresh nature outside the RV. Here, you can use the most comfortable way to get close to nature, not casual, do not make do with.

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The Fun OF Family Camping


No flights, no car rentals, no troubles – Go camping is the easiest and cheapest way to spend time with family, so camping tents are new hotel rooms.

 THE most popular family party is family camping this year, more and more people go wild and build tents. To get free sunshine, fresh air, empty night sky, but there are mosquito bites that can’t escape. More importantly, this kind of outdoor experience close to nature makes children pay more attention to environmental protection, promote them to control pressure, and reduce irritability and even It’s a symptom of ADHD, but camping is also an adventure trip for children, so family camping must pay attention to the following suggestions:

  1. A place for family-adventure It includes geoparks, Ocean Parks, grassland parks, desert parks, wetland parks, and so on. There are 12 forest parks around Beijing. There are not only forests, gardens, ancient and famous trees, exotic flowers and plants, but also many natural and cultural landscapes in the forests, including mountains, waters, springs, waterfalls, caves, gorges, temples, ancient tombs, etc Historical sites, celebrities, rare animals, etc. If you play here, child will gain knowledge of wildlife, plants, geology and history, and even participate in the science education activities in the park. However, there are also many people in these place, so we must pay attention not to let the children get lost

2. Pay attention to build a campfire safety. Draw a safety circle on the ground three to five meters around the campfire, and tell the children not to cross the line. Only when they are safe can they be happy.

3. Keep the animals away.Follow the forest friendly rules and keep a distance from the animals. Although the animals look lovely, but child may scare them, and they may hurt your child.

4. Pest control and prevention.Light colored clothes don’t like to attract insects. Spraying mosquito repellent water on your body can prevent flies and insects. When walking, you can tuck your pants into socks or boots, so that your child will not be wet by dew or attract small insects when you cross the tall grass. In particular, some ticks may get into children’s bodies, causing damaged injuries.

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