Parent-child camping strategy and must-have list

Parent-child camping is the most interesting parent-child travel project. There is no interruption of shopping, dining, or buying tickets. Taking your baby to camp allows you to thoroughly experience the addiction of being in close contact with nature. Bring your children and pack your equipment. , Find a good place with mountains and rivers back, set up tents, set up stoves, and experience harmonious coexistence with nature.

Indulging in the fragrance of birds and flowers, you can not only instruct your children to learn more about nature, but also have a new understanding of yourself in the process. But how to choose camping sites and equipment, what to pay attention to during camping, and what are the differences in parent-child camping, let’s understand together.

From the perspective of parent-child camping, we provide everyone with a basic equipment list, so that novice families can easily take their children to experience nature.

1. Tent and supplies in the tent

Tents: The key to choosing tents is the number of people. If you are a family of four, please choose five to six people. The size of the tent is about 270*6750px or more for the most comfortable. In addition, windproof and water resistance coefficients must be considered, as well as the warranty afterwards. And maintenance.

Camp nails, camp hammers, camp ropes: There are different lengths of camp nails and camp ropes. They should be prepared for different camp conditions. In addition, you can find a home for the tools, choose a style tool bag (box), and put them together for comparison. easy to use.

Sleeping bag: At the beginning of camping, you can take the existing quilt in your home with a compression bag. If you really want to buy a sleeping bag, choose the one that suits the local temperature.

Sleeping pad: For a good night’s sleep, you can buy a single-person inflatable sleeping pad or an inflatable bed. When choosing an inflatable bed, pay attention to whether it fits the size of the tent. Of course, you can’t bear to buy a quilt if you want to use clever quilts.

Pillows: People who can’t sleep well are advised to bring pillows to camp. Although inflatable pillows are easy to carry and do not take up space, they are really only suitable for people who fall asleep.

Tent lights: Camping lights that can be hung in a tent or carried around are more convenient than flashlights.

Ground cloth: spread on the outside of the tent to prevent the bottom of the tent from being dirty and cut.

Floor mat: spread inside the tent to prevent moisture and cold and protect the sleeping mat.

Blankets or sheets: spread on inflatable sleeping mats or inflatable beds to increase comfort and increase the useful life of the sleeping mats.

Inflator: It can inflate the inflatable bed or inhale the compressed bag.

Flashlight: Place it where you can touch it when you sleep.

Whistle: For children to call and ask for help when they need it.

2. Cooking and daily necessities

It’s hard to get out of the house when it’s stuck at home on weekdays. The babies are like little birds out of the cage, and they feel fresh everywhere. The outdoor world is always full of various “whys”. In the process of camping, because the things and things that are touched by the baby are not accessible at home before, and cooking by yourself in the camping will make the baby We participate in the fun of cooking up close, and at the same time leave the restrained dining table at home. Eating seems to be a very happy thing. The baby is more happy, and the parents are less worried. What do I need to bring?

Cooking tent and living room tent or canopy: When camping, most of the main activities except sleeping are under the cooking tent. You need to choose the products you need based on the number of users and the location of the venue. Generally, the cooking tent is more practical. If you buy a cooking tent, Pay attention to the length of storage, first confirm whether there is enough space in the car.

Table: The foldable egg roll table has three height adjustments. The height of the first section is just right for children. Buying a tablecloth will make you feel at home, but remember to fix it so that children don’t pull it to prevent it from happening. Danger.

Chairs: Foldable chairs should be purchased with comfort as the main focus. It is best for adults and children to prepare their own chairs.

Pots and utensils: prepare pots and utensils from the existing ones at home according to the dishes that you will cook every time you camp. If you want to buy pots that can be stored in a whole set, remember to choose thicker ones. Basically, you must bring a teapot that can boil hot water.

Tableware: Bowls, chopsticks, spoons, cups and plates that the whole family will use. Do not use disposable tableware, and prepare for those that cannot be broken and cleaned.

Knives: knives for cutting vegetables and fruits, paring knives, scissors, can openers, corkscrews and cutting boards.

Stove: Cassette gas stove is suitable for flat ground. If you want to go on high mountains or at low temperature, it is better to use a special gas stove. If you want to bring a barbecue, you must also choose products that do not harm the grass and have elevated products.

Seasoning: a salt shaker, pepper shaker and oil that are easy to carry. Refrigerator: To keep food fresh for a long time, you must put sufficient ice cubes or cryogen in a hard refrigerator or cold storage bag. The space in the car should also be considered when buying a refrigerator.

Dishwashing tools: Remember to prepare a pair of dishwashing gloves in winter, dishwashing liquid, soap and dishwashing sponge are all important.

Large water bottle: The camp usually does not provide drinking water, so you can bring a large bucket with a small tap switch to fill your own water.

Lighting tools: cheap and easy-to-use working lights can be prepared in the cooking tent, and headlights or flashlight barrels can be used for easy movement at night.

3. Play props that make children happy

Dynamic: bicycles, balls, skipping ropes, swimming rings, water guns, as long as it is fun, you can bring it.

Static: Blow bubbles, clay, sand painting, graffiti books, watercolors, board games, toys, house wine, or bring a picture book for parent-child reading.

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