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If you like the outdoors camping, it should be a very good outdoors camping experience. The feeling of taking the sky as the bed and taking the ground as the bed will definitely leave good memories, but the premise is that a group of friends must complete this experience together. If you go alone It will be a little scary. Participating in this type of outdoor activities is first of all physical strength. If you want to carry a tent, backpack, and food and water, you need to travel long distances into the mountains. In addition, you must have a wealth of wild survival experience. What are the dangers in undeveloped mountains Unexpectedly, you must have some outdoor experience.
In addition, you should also see if your mental quality can adapt to the wild environment. Many things look beautiful, but it is painful to proceed. Answer: I have only had two tent experiences, and only two outdoor experiences. The tent living in Similan Island, Thailand, the environment is very safe, certainly much better than the deep mountains. Another time in the black and white desert of Egypt, there was no camping tent for sale, so I spread a blanket and put a sleeping bag to sleep in the desert, but I basically didn’t sleep well two times. There were always bugs on the beach in Thailand, while in the black and white desert of Egypt, There was a fox at night. Although they are uncomfortable, they are all unforgettable. Especially in the Sahara Desert, lighting up a fire and cooking, looking up at the sky full of stars, and seeing the sunrise in the east as soon as you open your eyes, it is unparalleled.
If you are in the deep mountains, you need a stronger psychological quality. After all, there may be beasts, mosquitoes and insects, but you can really experience it. The respondent hopes that next time I have the opportunity to camp in the United States National Park, or Australia and New Zealand. Experience the national park once. In addition, if you like Bird Watching Wildlife Photography Outdoor Hunting Camouflage 2 to 3 Person Hide Pop UP Tent, you can take pictures of the sunset in the evening, take pictures of the starry sky at night, and take pictures of the sunrise when you wake up. And these experiences must be tried while you are young, you won’t have this kind of passion when you are old, and these experiences will last a lifetime.
As the sun goes down, the sky gradually darkens, which is a trial process. In the daytime, because of being attracted by the beautiful scenery, the whole person was too excited and didn’t realize the deep mountain alone. When the night falls, everything in front of you begins to slowly darken, and there is no one around, you will feel inexplicable panic, and tiredness will follow. This is my true feeling at that time.
Later, I summarized the reasons by consulting information and combining my own experience:
Insufficient preparation, did not find a good Fengshui place suitable for camping one hour before dark;
Hunger, Bey said that the only way to overcome fear is fire and food that can fill your stomach
Camping in the deep mountains, all kinds of mosquitoes will come out to harass you after dark in summer, in groups. I am very sensitive to mosquitoes, so I hid in the tent after eating. There is almost no signal on the mobile phone in the mountains, and the only fun is to listen to the downloaded music. Maybe because I was tired and didn’t know when I fell asleep, I was awakened by the sound of tap, tap, and tap at about 23:00. After turning on the tent lights, there were very small, transparent bugs jumping around. The door of the tent was not closed for ventilation, it probably came in through a mosquito net. My tent is Mu Gaodi Lengshan 2 Four Seasons Tent, the mesh of the tent is very small, I don’t understand how the bugs get in. The sound of da da da came from under the tent, and I felt that there were tens of millions of fleas jumping wildly under the tent, and at this time there was no sleep.

When I walked out of the tent, everything in front of me was covered with silver moonlight, which was beautiful again. The mountains in the middle of the night are not so dark that you can’t see your fingers. Under the moonlight and the sky full of stars, you can see the outlines of the mountains in the distance and the shapes of the trees. The road when you come is like a silver-white ribbon. I just sat and admired everything in front of me, and didn’t sleep much later. The sunrise in summer was early, and I couldn’t sleep after sunrise. The tent would be very hot.
This is my experience of camping in the deep mountains alone. There are no spiritual encounters and no thrilling scenes. It seems a very ordinary trip, but it leaves me with deep and good memories.

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