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A piece of equipment that friends who often participate in outdoor activities often use is a tent. It’s a mentality to play outdoors, don’t go overly pursuing the so-called high-end equipment
According to different purposes, tents are roughly divided into the following categories.
Various camping tents for sale
Automatic tent, no matter what kind of automatic tent, is suitable for outdoor leisure, site camping activities, and does not have too deep outdoor activities. Including single layer, double layer, etc. are not suitable. Automatic tents on the market range from dozens of yuan to two to three hundred. Most of them are steel wire skeletons or glass rods. Automatic tents with aluminum poles are relatively rare.
Single tent
Single-layer tents built by bare hands are similar to automatic tents. Compared with the automatic tent, the weight is much lighter, but it is not as easy to set up as the automatic tent.
Friends who often drive or hike often choose a double-decker three-season or four-season tent.

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First of all, the biggest difference between the three-season tent and the four-season tent is the inner tent. The inner tent of the three-season tent is generally full yarn, while the inner tent of the four-season tent is generally half yarn or only the upper half of the window has a gauze net. The difference between external accounts The hem of the three-season account is relatively high off the ground, and the hem of the four-season account is relatively low. There are a few four-season accounts with snow skirts.
Tent with snow skirt in all seasons
In terms of materials, the external accounts are generally fabrics above 180T, and the more high-end ones will choose 15D or 20D fabrics. Most of the waterproof is above 3000. The inner account is mainly made of light and breathable fabrics, but the bottom account generally uses 210T or more or Oxford cloth.
Generally divided into single, double, three to four people in structure. Generally, in addition to long-distance trekking, snow mountain climbing is carried. Single tents will be used less. After all, the space is much smaller. If you live alone with a double tent, you don’t need to put all your belongings outside the inner tent.
In the selection of tents, it is not recommended to go for particularly bad conditions or long-term crossings for more than three days. We do not need to deliberately pursue lightweight tents, because tents with fabrics above 15D will indeed weigh much lighter, but the use environment requires It will also be much higher. It is fine in snow-capped mountains, deserts, grasslands and other environments. If it is relatively general in complex environments such as mountains, it will be fine.

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