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The Choice Of T he Camping Backpack

May is a good season for outdoor sports.
Recently, many people asked me how big an outdoor camping backpack should be? This question is very good. Outdoor backpacks are not as big as possible. To buy a suitable outdoor backpack, several factors must be considered. The first is the capacity, that is, how many items you carry; the second is the purpose, which is The type of outdoor sports you are doing; the third is the appearance, because the larger the backpack, the heavier it is. We have to buy it according to our own preferences, which will be explained in detail below.
First: capacity.
Capacity means size. Outdoor backpacks are divided into three levels: large, medium and small, small bag volume: 40L or less; medium bag volume: 40L or more; large bag volume: 60L or more. Large backpacks are the most important thing to carry, and their own weight can’t be considered. If you want to be light in weight, it will be expensive or you will have a discount on your shoulders. The carrying of small and medium-sized backpacks is less important. The main consideration is that the backpack itself is lighter. If you want to go camping in the wild for a few days, walk a long distance on foot, bring a few days of clothes and two pairs of shoes, and a few days of food and water, then you need a large bag. If you want to go to a place for camping for a day, it takes no time on the way, driving or taking a car, little clothes, little camping supplies, and little food, just a medium bag is enough. You have to go outdoors and play day by day. It takes no time on the way. You don’t need to bring your own camping supplies. There is very little food. A small bag is enough.
Second: the purpose of the backpack
According to the purpose, outdoor backpacks are divided into hiking bags and hiking bags. If you choose a trekking bag, consider the capacity, then consider the carrying system, and then consider the weight of the backpack.
Third: Appearance
Generally speaking, women are suitable for backpacks of about 40L, and men are suitable for backpacks of about 50L. Larger means that there are many things to install, but it does not mean that you have such a good physical strength to carry it on your back.
Just these three points. If you are choosing a mountaineering bag, in addition to the above three points, you should also consider hanging points and technical uses.

40L Backpack

50L&60L Backpack


The Use And Maintenance Of The Tent


  1. After each trip, clean up the internal and external tents, tent poles, and floor nails. The main cleaning objects are snow, rain, dust, mud, grass, and small insects.
  2. Do not use washing machines to clean the tent. You can wash with water or hand rub. Use non-alkaline cleaning agents. After cleaning, place it in a ventilated place and dry it in the shade, fold it into a storage bag and store it in a dry, cool place. The tent should be irregular. Folding, because after using the tent many times, the folds are too regular and neat, which will harden the creases and cracks.
  3. When using the tent, be careful not to wear shoes to enter the tent, because the dirt and stones attached to the sole of the shoe are extremely easy to tear the inner tent and lose its waterproof meaning from the surface.
  4. Avoid cooking in the tent. Smoking, high temperature and open flames are very harmful to the tent. If the outside weather is bad, it is necessary to cook in the tent, you need to put aluminum film or other heat insulation under the stove head, and close all the doors and windows of the tent. turn on.
  5. Try to avoid using unprotected open flames such as candles as lighting props for lighting in the night tent, and try to use headlights, flashlights and tent special steam lights.
  6. Before going to bed, please place professional equipment such as rock climbing equipment and ropes in the corner of the tent or in the entrance hall before the tents, so as to prevent the tent from being damaged by pedaling and touching these sharp objects when you are asleep at night. If there is any damage, you should immediately Repaired properly.
    First, non-professional labor rubber shoes should not come into contact with military tents with acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals to prevent the tent from being corroded and deformed.
    Second, after cleaning the tent, place it in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. Do not put it in the sun or bake in a high temperature place to prevent the military tent from degumming or degumming and accelerating aging.
    Third, for the colorful tent canvas, do not come in contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning the military tent canvas of this color, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder. Pay attention to uniformity, and then let it dry to prevent discoloration. Or find two pieces of clean white paper and cover it on the military tent, dry it and tear it off; it can also prevent discoloration.
    Fourth, when cleaning the tent, the force should be gentle and even. Do not brush with force to avoid short lines, or brush off the pattern of the shoe body and the military tent decoration.
    If you are going camping with a large family, you can choose to buy multiple tents, or you can buy a large family tent. Like the following:Goat Tunnel 8-10 People Waterproof Portable Travel Camping Hiking Tent For Big Family 4 Seasons

How To Choose An Camping Tent

First of all, we must first understand what types of camping tents are available?

Triangular tent: the front and back use herringbone iron pipes as the support, the middle frame is connected by a cross bar, the inner tent is supported, and the outer tent can be installed. This is the most common tent style in the early days.

Dome-shaped tent (also known as yurt-style): It adopts double pole cross support, which is relatively easy to disassemble and assemble. It is the most popular style on the market.

Hexagonal tent: It adopts three-pole or four-pole cross support, and some adopts six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent. It is a common style of “mountain-type” tents.

Bottom-shaped tent: After being propped up, it looks like a boat turned back, and can be divided into two and three different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom and the two ends are the hall tents. The design pays attention to the wind flow line, which is also common One of the tent styles.

Ridge tent: shaped like an independent small tiled house, usually supported by four corners and four columns, on which a ridge-like structural roof is erected. This kind of tent is generally tall and heavy, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field operations It is used for camping, so it is called car tent. Generally suitable for multi-person use, you can refer to the family tent of BAREBONES.

What are the different structures and uses of different tents?

The structure of the tent includes: single room structure and hall canopy type. The space of the single-room structure is designed only for sleeping, with emphasis on reducing the volume and weight.

The tent of the hall-canopy structure is an outer hall with a canopy in addition to the sleeping space. In addition to being more advantageous in terms of wind and rain protection, it also provides space for existing equipment.

In order to adapt to different temperature environments, tents are divided into single-layer, double-layer, and three-layer structures.

What are the different uses of tents of different fabrics?

Materials can be divided into fabrics, linings, bottom materials, struts, etc. Generally speaking, fabrics with different labels have different densities, so the tensile strength and waterproof pressure are also different.

Camping and mountain climbing tents generally use light and thin polyester, nylon, and polyester-cotton breathable fabrics.

The advantage of polyester cotton is that it has good moisture absorption, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to mold;

The advantage of polyester and nylon is easy care.

Some inner tents are large-area mesh fabrics, which have the advantage of good ventilation, but the disadvantage is that the light is too transparent. In summer, only the inner tent is used, and the inside can be clearly seen from the outside.

How to choose a tent in different environments?

Choice of tent types. If it is in a relatively harsh environment, you should choose a four-season tent, which can resist wind and rain, and the strength is relatively high. If it is a general camping and traveling, you can choose a three-season account.

The structure of the tent. According to the function of the tent, if it is sleeping, use a single room, and if you want more space, use the hall canopy. Choose tents of different layers according to the temperature environment.
Now, I will introduce you a very popular camouflage tent.

Bird Watching Wildlife Photography Outdoor Hunting Camouflage 2 to 3 Person Hide Pop UP Tent

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The Correct Use Of Trekking Poles

The trekking poles are designed for better stability during mountaineering activities, and to disperse the impact force acting on the legs to the arms. According to foreign research reports, when going downhill, the force on the knee is 22% more when not using trekking poles than when trekking poles are used, and the thigh muscles consume 21% more energy. It is worth mentioning that it can also be used as a tarpaulin to build a canopy pole when no branches or other supports are found. So can trekking poles really make your steps easier in mountaineering activities? In fact, it is not completely correct. The correct method must be used to use trekking poles to enjoy the benefits of trekking poles.

  1. Adjust the length of trekking poles. Generally, there are two sections of three-section trekking poles that can be adjusted. First, unscrew all trekking poles. Extend the pole near the bottom end to the maximum length. There are scales on the trekking poles for reference. Adjust the length of the trekking poles while standing on a flat surface with your trekking poles in your hands. Use your elbows as your fulcrum to adjust the length of your trekking poles. Then raise your forearms to 90 degrees with your upper arm. Then adjust the tip of the trekking poles down to touch the ground, or put the trekking poles down. Place the head 5-8 cm under the armpit, then adjust the tip of the stick downwards until it touches the ground, and lock all the poles of the trekking pole. The other unadjusted trekking pole can be adjusted to the same length compared to the trekking pole with the locked length. When adjusting trekking poles, you should not exceed the maximum adjustment length shown on the trekking poles. When purchasing trekking poles, you can adjust the length first to determine whether you can buy trekking poles of suitable length.
  2. The use of wrist straps. When most people use trekking poles, they firmly grasp the handle of the trekking pole to exert force, thinking that the purpose of the wrist strap is to keep the trekking pole from leaving their wrist. If you think so, then you are wrong. The importance of the belt is no less than the strength of the trekking pole itself. When we use trekking poles downhill, the impact of the trekking poles should be transmitted to our arms through the wrist strap. When going uphill, the thrust of the arm is transmitted by the wristband to the trekking pole to generate uphill assistance, so when our wrist passes through the wristband, we should not reach directly from the top of the wristband to grasp the handle, but should use the wristband Pick it up, thread it under the wrist strap, press the strap into our palm, and then gently grasp the handle, support the trekking pole through the wrist strap, instead of holding the handle tightly. force. If there is a buckle, make some adjustments, remember not to affect the operation of trekking poles.

Flat ground and gentle uphill. Follow the same rhythm as usual walking. Use the right arm forward with the left foot and bring the trekking pole forward at the same time, but the tip of the stick should not exceed the front of the body, and then push back against the ground. The left hand interacts with the right hand to do the same movement. .

  1. The correct use of trekking poles
    The steep slope is relatively sloping. The action is the same as normal walking, but the arm should be forward and the trekking poles should be placed in front of the body, and the trekking poles should be used to support the body to reduce the pressure on the legs. If necessary, two trekking poles can be used for climbing at the same time. When pushing the body up, the palm can be placed on the top of the trekking pole to strengthen the pushing force.

downhill. Because the impact force of the downhill is relatively large, trekking poles must be used to reduce the load on the legs at this time. Therefore, the position of the trekking poles must be placed in front of the body, and must be on the ground before the forefoot in order to achieve the effect of sharing the strength. Therefore, the body will definitely lean forward. This movement is not our natural movement downhill, so we need to practice frequently, and at the same time, we must feel how far the trekking poles should be placed in order to achieve the effect of reducing the pressure on the legs, and it will not drag. Slow down the original speed and rhythm of travel. When necessary, you can increase the length of trekking poles, and adjust it completely according to personal feelings.

The use of trekking poles is to reduce the pressure on the legs and increase the overall endurance of the body. Therefore, the above methods of use may not be completely suitable for everyone. As long as you feel that other methods can achieve the same effect, and will not affect the body It doesn’t hurt to make a change if it causes any harm.

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How to choose the right lamps for camping?

For those of you who love nature, camping in the wild may be the most close to nature. But spending the long dark night in the wild is not as convenient as in the city. You must be fully prepared to deal with the confusion brought about by the dark night. The torch is our most common and perhaps the first lighting tool you come up with. She is not only easy to operate, but also low in price, but she has a fatal flaw, that is, you have to use your hands to manipulate, and if your hands are bound in the wild, then your actions will be restricted. So, a wise man invented the headlight.

Speaking of headlamps, you will surely immediately think of the bulky and heavy miner’s lamp used by miners. Yes, in fact, the headlights used in outdoor camping and miner’s lamps used by miners have the same purpose, both of which are to find direction in the dark. But of course, outdoor headlights are lighter and more beautiful than miner’s lamps. Headlamp, as the name implies, is a lamp that can be worn on the head. Her advantage is that she can free your hands in the dark, and this is so important for life in the wild. So, should I choose a headlight or a flashlight when I travel?

Determine the type of your outing. Most camping enthusiasts will choose headlights or flashlights. If you are a large group, you can bring one or two larger camp lights, which can illuminate almost the entire camp.
Small flashlights that use batteries are the most commonly used personal lighting tool. Choose a lighter and more luminous flashlight, which is more suitable for more relaxed outdoor camping, but if you want to carry the flashlight to cook, it will be more troublesome. At this time, use the headlight.

( Goat Sensor Headlamp Super Bright Headlight Waterproof Camping Fishing Bicycle Headlamp With Battery Flashlight )

The battery-powered headlight is the most ideal outdoor personal lighting equipment. She is easy to use, and her best part is to free your hands. From this you can conveniently cook dinner, set up a tent in the dark, march at night or write a diary in the tent. Another feature is that she really makes you “see what you see and what you see.”

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Install A Tent At The Rear Of The Truck

Now more and more people like to go camping outdoors. When camping, some people are not used to putting tents on the ground. They are afraid that there will be bugs, snakes and other animals.
So if you have a truck, you need to put a tent on the rear of the truck, then the problem is solved.

I introduce a truck tent for you.

5.5 Feet Truck Roof Tent For Pickups Compact Bed Tent Car Fishing POP UP Travel Camping Sleeping

We can choose a foldable pickup truck trunk tent, which is easy to install, convenient and practical. Not only can it be used when going out camping, but it is also very helpful in normal times. This kind of foldable tent can effectively block the wind and rain, avoid the influence of the external environment when the truck is used to pull the goods, and can also isolate the dust and keep the trunk of the truck clean, which can not only meet the practical characteristics of the truck, but also Add a different style to the appearance of the pickup truck. Moreover, the folding tent installed in the rear box of the pickup truck is not permanent. When the rear box of the pickup truck needs to leak out, the tent can be put away, so that the rear box of the truck has no limitations. The folding tent is simple and reliable in structure and easy to install.
With this tent at the rear of the truck, you can have a good night’s sleep without having to spend money to stay in a hotel. At night, you can see the stars in the sky when you stick your head out, and you can also have a cool wind. This experience is really good.
Of course, if you are an ordinary car, you can also buy a roof tent, next time I will introduce you to the tent installed on the roof of the car.
So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with some relatives and friends for a special trip.

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How to clean a sleeping bag at home?

Sleeping bags are a necessity for outdoor camping, and how to clean them after each use is an issue that outdoor athletes have always cared about.

  1. Partial cleaning. It is best to clean the sleeping bag once a year, and the best way to clean it is to partially clean it. First choose a good diluted detergent, use a soft brush to gently clean the dirty areas such as the head, neckline, and feet, and then rinse the dirty areas with water. Finally, you can put the cleaned sleeping bag in a ventilated place to dry. It’s done.
  2. Washing machine cleaning method . It is recommended to clean sleeping bags with special cleaning agents for sleeping bags. Do not use strong cleaning agents, bleaching agents and fabric softeners. If you choose a washing machine to clean, you can use a front-mounted drum washing machine, but you cannot use an upper-mounted turbo washing machine. Before cleaning the sleeping bag, be sure to turn the sleeping bag outwards, and at the same time, pull up all the zippers of the sleeping bag and fasten the buckles. Use warm water when cleaning, do not use the spin-drying function, otherwise it will damage the fabric and lining of the sleeping bag. After cleaning, lift the sleeping bag from the bottom entirely, not from one side.
  3. Hand wash . Use your own hand to wash the sleeping bag. First, soak the sleeping bag in warm water. Be careful not to exceed 30 degrees. Then use a soft brush to gently brush the dirty parts, gently rub and pat, without twisting. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water until there is no foam. After washing, squeeze out the moisture in the sleeping bag and leave it to dry. If you encounter good weather, you can take the sleeping bag out and put it in the sun for an hour, so that it will be warmer next time you use the sleeping bag.

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How to choose your first tent?

If you ask, what is the first camping gear you need to buy? 90% of people will choose tents, because tents are outdoor homes that protect us from wind and rain. Therefore, before starting the camping activity, be sure to buy a tent!
You can search for tents on the purchase platform. There are various kinds of tents, which really makes camping novices a headache and don’t know how to buy.

  1. What kind of camping do you want?

This will largely determine the type of tent you buy.

If you choose backpacking for camping, that is, carry all the equipment with your backpack, and reach the campsite after a long hike, then what you need is a lightweight and compact tent;
If you plan to do car camping, load all the equipment on the car and drive to the camping site by yourself, then the weight and size of the tent will not be the limiting factor. A comfortable and spacious family camping tent is a great choice.

  1. With whom do you use the tent?

If only one person uses the tent, then a two-person tent is spacious enough; in addition to tents, sleeping bags, and cushions, there is enough space to put backpacks, clothing and other sundries in the tent;
If you are camping with family or friends and live in a tent together, then a large tent with several bedrooms is the best choice;
The tent manual will indicate the size of the tent and the suitable number of people, which can be selected according to this. If you plan to use a camping bed or inflatable bed, please remember that these equipment will take up more space than ordinary self-inflating cushions, so you must choose a suitable tent according to their size;
Remember that larger tents can be more difficult to place and pack, so make sure not to buy more tents than you need.

  1. When is camping?

In late spring, summer and early autumn, the weather is warm and the scenery is beautiful. It is a suitable season for camping, especially for beginners. The three-season tent can well meet the characteristics of these three seasons.
If you plan to camp in cold and snowy winters, you can consider buying a 4-season tent. Although they are called 4-season tents, they are mainly used for winter camping or alpine camping.

I recommend 2 goattent tents for you, they are both at very low prirce and with super quality.

5.5 Feet Truck Roof Tent For Pickups Compact Bed Tent Car Fishing POP UP Travel Camping Sleeping

Goat 5-8 People Automatic amily Hiking Pop Up Quick Shelter Outdoor Traveling Camping Tent

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The Feedback From Our Customers

I am here to introduce our products to you.
We sell various kinds of products related to camping.
All the products we sell are at very competitive price.And the quality will exceed your expectations.
Let’s see what the other customers say.

Customer 1:
I bought one tent from goattent. The tent came in a few days from the china warehouse. The design of the tent is excellent, it is assembled quickly and conveniently. The quality of the external awning is no doubt, all the seams and zippers look great.

Customer 2:
From communication with the seller only positive emotions. Very responsive. This is my first tent and I folded it in minutes 5. it is convenient that the outputs are duplicated with mesh and cloth. Convenient shelf on top with a hook. It is possible to hang a zealot and dry small things.

Customer 3:
the tent is excellent, the seams are all in order, . The design looks reliable, was completely satisfied. The tent came 5 days after the order .

Customer 4:
Tent Super, recommend to buy, all the details are thought out, delivered very quickly, Protested until only in bad weather (wind, rain) everything holds perfectly.

Customer 5:
Excellent tent, weighs not much, easy to put by one person. Futprint in the kit. Material, seams, everything is qualitatively and competently made.

So if you need camping products, Welcome to our Shop.Usually,you will get the package 3-7days after the payment,and we can ship all over the world.

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The principle of choosing a tent for camping in the wild

You need to choose a tent according to your own purpose, such as summer, non-snow season, snow season or four seasons; the number of people in the tent; the space you want to have; the weight of the tent; the price you can accept, etc. The manufacturer offers many combinations of different sizes, weights and designs, and we can choose according to our needs.

Whether the tent is single-layer or double-layer, you must understand the waterproof and breathability of the tent. If it is completely waterproof, moisture will condense on the inner tent and cause small puddles at the bottom. This moisture is produced by our exhalation, and it may also It will soak the sleeping bag.

  Inexpensive single-layer tents can only be used in forests. At the same time, they must be quite ventilated, because single-layer tents are not waterproof and breathable. Therefore, it is best to choose a double-layer tent. The inner tent needs to be highly breathable, and the outer tent is completely waterproof plastic cloth, so the outer tent will still retain the moisture from the inner tent, and the inner and outer tents must not be touched or sticked. Together, because the sticking together will cause the water from the outer tent to penetrate into the inner tent, and the outer tent must completely cover the inner tent and the entrance and exit. Sometimes a waterproof cloth can be placed on the bottom layer to prevent moisture infiltration, keep the bottom layer clean, and increase the service life.

   Lightweight tents should be spacious and strong enough to meet some special needs.

   Generally, two-person tents are the most commonly used tents, because they are easy to carry, easy to find campsites, and can live in three or single people.

   The color of the tent is best to choose a warm color such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, the conspicuous color will be easily noticed.

   Avoid cooking in the tent, especially stoves that use gasoline. This kind of furnace has a pungent smell, fuel oil is easily spilled, and the firepower is uncontrollable, which is a potential crisis. Especially when cooking in a waterproof nylon tent, there is often a feeling of suffocation. Cooking will also cause many small water droplets to condense in the inner tent. If you really need to cook in the tent, it is best to do it between the inner and outer tents with good ventilation.

   When buying a tent for outdoor camping, pay attention to the following points
   1. Rugged, durable, weatherproof, small in size, light in material, easy to carry, and easy to install.

   2. Nylon is relatively light and tough. High-quality tents generally use high-density waterproof nylon.

   3. Choose a tent with a dark or silver canopy, which can prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays from being exposed, and it is easier to fall asleep. For camping in summer, you might as well buy silver ones, which reflect the sun and make the camp cooler.

   4. When buying a tent, don’t think that the bigger the better. Because the heavy tent is inconvenient to go up and down the mountain, it is best to buy a size suitable for the number of people. If there are many people, you can buy multiple tents.

   5. It is better to choose a dome yurt. The yurt is made of flexible and bendable fiber rods or elastic aluminum alloy rods as the battalion bones. There is no need to use camp ropes. The erection shape is arched, like a yurt, hence the name. This tent can withstand strong winds and is suitable for use in high mountains and bad weather.

   6. The double-layer tent not only solves the problem of water condensation on the inner wall, but also has better wind resistance than a single layer. The door-top double-layer tent can also solve the problem of storing equipment and shoes.

  7. Be careful to check camp pillars, camp nails, camp ropes, etc. Whether all the accessories and spare parts are available, whether they are original parts.

   8. Choose the bracket material or battalion column to be elastic aluminum alloy rod or high hardness seamless aluminum alloy tube.

   9. It is best to buy a two-door tent.

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