handing tree tent-new style of camping

When camping in the wild, fellow travellers may also encounter some troubles. For example, the tent is soaked in water and some unknown creatures crawl into it while resting. What should this happen?? Tent is an outdoor company from Fujian, China. The equipment company launched a creative tent called Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent, which can be hung in the air, giving people a peculiar “suspension” outdoor experience! The biggest difference between Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent and ordinary tents is that it can be used in the air. The user can fix it on a tree with appropriate spacing, which feels somewhat similar to a hammock. Stingray’s triangular appearance is rather strange, the size is 4.6 x 4.6 x 4.6m, the bottom area of ​​the account is 7.5 square meters, and the inner height is 1.1 meters. It is a medium-sized tent. When the Stingray is suspended in the air, it can bear a weight of up to 400kg. In other words, it is perfectly possible to accommodate 3 adults/2 adults and 2 children at the same time. (Except for special body figure) The main body of the tent is made of high-strength nylon/polyester composite fabric, which is strong enough and has strong water resistance. The top part of the tent is made of tear-resistant nylon mesh, and the mesh on the fabric is too thin, which can prevent insects and dust while ventilating. Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent is equipped with a detachable rainproof tent, made of polyester material and treated with a waterproof coating. After installing the rainproof tent, the tent can prevent light to moderate rain. In addition, Stingray is also equipped with 2 7001 T6 aluminum alloy poles with a diameter of 8.5mm for erecting tents. 3 metal ratchet buckles and 3 nylon fixing straps with a length of 6m are used to fix the tree. Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent has 2 ways to enter, one is the oval opening on the side, and the other is the triangular hatch in the center of the tent bottom. After hanging the tent in the air, the user can climb into the tent from bottom to top through a ladder. After that, close the hatch with the double-line zipper in this part. In actual use, the user fixes the metal ratchet buckles and nylon fixing straps at the three top corners to the trees, and then completes the suspended construction of the tent. It should be noted at this time that although Stingray can be hung at any height, for safety reasons, it is best not to exceed 1.2 meters above the ground. Another limitation of Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent is that for those travellers with inflexible legs and feet, this type of suspended tent is obviously not suitable. After all, climbing a soft ladder to enter the tent is risky. . After use, you can fold the Stingray into a storage bag with a size of 59 x 25 x 25cm. In terms of weight, Stingray’s net weight is 8.7kg, which is not a lightweight equipment, after all, its volume is placed there. At present, Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent is only available in green colors. Its price on the official website is 219 dollars, which is quite cheap. In my opinion, Goat Tent, as a niche brand, has small equipment output and a very high price ratio. However, no matter how you say it, this Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tent is still very creative. I suggest that those who like to live in the woods pay more attention!

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How to build a sweat family camping

As society attaches importance to parent-child relationship, how to cultivate parent-child relationship has become an important link in the development of many parent education. Various forms of parent-child activities are in the ascendant, and parent-child camping, as a new form of entertaining and entertaining, provides a new choice for many families’ holiday arrangements.

Time selection for parent-child camping

Spring and autumn are not only a good time to travel, but also the best time to camp. It is neither cold nor hot, spring is warm, leaves are like rain, mosquito bites are avoided, and the temperature is stable between 15 degrees and 25 degrees. So the best time for parent-child camping is from early April to early June, and from mid-September to mid-November.

Extreme weather such as strong wind or rain is not suitable for camping, so be sure to watch the weather forecast before camping.

Where to choose for parent-child camping

Parent-child camping must first ensure the safety of the children. Therefore, staying away from hillsides, cliffs, rivers, and choosing flat grass is the most suitable. Many scenic spots now also provide paid camping sites. Providing cheap tents on trucks and places to wash and cook can be said to solve the worries of many parents.

Essential tools for parent-child camping

camping Tent: The most important tools for parent-child camping are of course the tent and ground cloth! In terms of style, you can choose a yurt-style tent built with two camping pillars crossed, which is easy to carry and easy to set up.

Food: Go to camp unless there is a special camp site that can provide a place for cooking. Fire is not recommended for cooking in other places that are not marked as allowed. You can bring some self-heating rice and snacks to satisfy your hunger, as well as some car-mounted rice cookers.

Clothing: There is a big temperature difference between day and night camping, so it is necessary to prepare a warm, light and breathable jacket.

First aid kit: As long as it is traveling, parents are advised to carry first aid kits with them. Prepare well, even if there is an emergency, you can face it calmly.

Garbage bags: Camping produces a large amount of garbage, so be sure to let your children learn to put the garbage in the garbage bags before leaving.

What do parent-child camping activities do?

Camping is actually a short-lived activity for families to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. When camping, we can put aside our mobile phones and worries, and play a “truth” game with our children.

“Mom, why do you let me learn so much every day?”

“Dad, why do you come home so late every day?”

“Child, why don’t you love to talk to your parents?”

All the contradictions, doubts, worries, and grievances in the family can be heard freely on this camping night.

In fact, parent-child camping is also an opportunity to open the heart to the family.

Camping requires a division of labor. Father sets up a tent, mother cooks and cleans up, and children can fight.

Only activities that everyone participates in can create a 100-point parent-child experience.

Parents and children can jointly obtain a tacit understanding and emotional sublimation brought by growth in this equal activity mode of mutual help.

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camping is a good way to get close to nature

Talking about the camping out tent, most of the people imagine loving constellation-filled heavens, beautiful dawn or sun and also other views. Indeed, outdoor camping can be a good approach to find close to design and can profoundly have the relaxation that nature produces in men and women. However , going to sleep in the mountains is no greater than buying an appropriate major sleep in your own home. Faulty backpacking devices will have an effect on each of our voyage in addition to feelings. Consequently , a couple of pleasant apparatus meant for asleep is important.

But the reality is that will, when confronted with all types of outdoor living machines available, we often begin to see the spectacular array of camping accessories, particularly when looking at the retail price.

Maybe you will certainly notify on your own, obtain a affordable one particular initial. Anyways, you are going to at all times get it again down the road. Let go of this kind of idea, mainly because eventually you will notice that this is the squander of your own money.

Right now, Mingzhi education may talk about precisely what needed camping out machines are worth investing in.

Tools record

1 . Significant backpack: 70L going up the back pack designed for long vacation

installment payments on your Camping out hardware: getting to sleep carriers, two-person three/four conditions outdoor cheap tents on trucks, moisture-proof pads, have a picnic rugs and even floors coverings, setting walkie-talkies,

several. Exterior cooking utensils: divide burning, out-of-doors pots and pans, hoover flask, substantial pile vehicle’s gas tank

  1. Outdoors garments: quick-drying garments, coats, raincoats, safety gloves, headscarves

your five. Lighting fixtures: headlamps, camp out signals

  1. Foodstuff: dried dehydrated lightweight fast grain, various other food
  2. Photo taking appliances: camera, tripod, lens
  3. Remedies: first-aid set up, frigid remedies

Major bookbag

Since it is outdoor camping, compared to the round-trip itinerary when needed, it will have more and more to handle. Choose a a little bit much larger dimensions to obtain adequate room to maintain the various requirements needed within the backpacking.

Outdoor camping equipment

To be able to sleep outside while relaxing for a duvet in the home, a new nice and comfy taking a nap case large significant, could be this can determine the quality of the rest.

Open-air kitchenware

Outdoor outdoor living can’t eat compressed cookies or even appetizers on a regular basis. It is very also a exclusive expertise to be able to prepare food some sort of warm together with clean meals inside the hills. It will require specialized out of doors cooking food items.

Clothes is one of the necessary exterior outfits. Unique camping or perhaps outdoor, and unique pouring or it is snowing, an experienced clothes can easily shield you effectively. Outside athletics unavoidably perspiration. In case the perspire in the inner part for the attire can not escape at the earliest opportunity, you will not regret only be not comfortable to stay for the backside, and also effortlessly produce a chilled, specially when camping out outside the house, away from downtown health-related environment. these inquiries.

As well, if looking for an outdoor eat outside, you could distributed that in the grass to generate a refreshments material or even make use of it as a sparring floor for the outdoor camping tent to lower the usage of the underside from the camping 5.5 Feet Truck Roof Tent For Pickups Compact Bed Tent Car Fishing POP UP Travel Camping Sleeping. Its really worth having multiple uses.

You are able to how the human body along with the heart must be driving and may consistently come with a person on the road. This can be a gear, it is therefore required for choose a go well with that suits you.

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outdoors camping experience

If you like the outdoors camping, it should be a very good outdoors camping experience. The feeling of taking the sky as the bed and taking the ground as the bed will definitely leave good memories, but the premise is that a group of friends must complete this experience together. If you go alone It will be a little scary. Participating in this type of outdoor activities is first of all physical strength. If you want to carry a tent, backpack, and food and water, you need to travel long distances into the mountains. In addition, you must have a wealth of wild survival experience. What are the dangers in undeveloped mountains Unexpectedly, you must have some outdoor experience.
In addition, you should also see if your mental quality can adapt to the wild environment. Many things look beautiful, but it is painful to proceed. Answer: I have only had two tent experiences, and only two outdoor experiences. The tent living in Similan Island, Thailand, the environment is very safe, certainly much better than the deep mountains. Another time in the black and white desert of Egypt, there was no camping tent for sale, so I spread a blanket and put a sleeping bag to sleep in the desert, but I basically didn’t sleep well two times. There were always bugs on the beach in Thailand, while in the black and white desert of Egypt, There was a fox at night. Although they are uncomfortable, they are all unforgettable. Especially in the Sahara Desert, lighting up a fire and cooking, looking up at the sky full of stars, and seeing the sunrise in the east as soon as you open your eyes, it is unparalleled.
If you are in the deep mountains, you need a stronger psychological quality. After all, there may be beasts, mosquitoes and insects, but you can really experience it. The respondent hopes that next time I have the opportunity to camp in the United States National Park, or Australia and New Zealand. Experience the national park once. In addition, if you like Bird Watching Wildlife Photography Outdoor Hunting Camouflage 2 to 3 Person Hide Pop UP Tent, you can take pictures of the sunset in the evening, take pictures of the starry sky at night, and take pictures of the sunrise when you wake up. And these experiences must be tried while you are young, you won’t have this kind of passion when you are old, and these experiences will last a lifetime.
As the sun goes down, the sky gradually darkens, which is a trial process. In the daytime, because of being attracted by the beautiful scenery, the whole person was too excited and didn’t realize the deep mountain alone. When the night falls, everything in front of you begins to slowly darken, and there is no one around, you will feel inexplicable panic, and tiredness will follow. This is my true feeling at that time.
Later, I summarized the reasons by consulting information and combining my own experience:
Insufficient preparation, did not find a good Fengshui place suitable for camping one hour before dark;
Hunger, Bey said that the only way to overcome fear is fire and food that can fill your stomach
Camping in the deep mountains, all kinds of mosquitoes will come out to harass you after dark in summer, in groups. I am very sensitive to mosquitoes, so I hid in the tent after eating. There is almost no signal on the mobile phone in the mountains, and the only fun is to listen to the downloaded music. Maybe because I was tired and didn’t know when I fell asleep, I was awakened by the sound of tap, tap, and tap at about 23:00. After turning on the tent lights, there were very small, transparent bugs jumping around. The door of the tent was not closed for ventilation, it probably came in through a mosquito net. My tent is Mu Gaodi Lengshan 2 Four Seasons Tent, the mesh of the tent is very small, I don’t understand how the bugs get in. The sound of da da da came from under the tent, and I felt that there were tens of millions of fleas jumping wildly under the tent, and at this time there was no sleep.

When I walked out of the tent, everything in front of me was covered with silver moonlight, which was beautiful again. The mountains in the middle of the night are not so dark that you can’t see your fingers. Under the moonlight and the sky full of stars, you can see the outlines of the mountains in the distance and the shapes of the trees. The road when you come is like a silver-white ribbon. I just sat and admired everything in front of me, and didn’t sleep much later. The sunrise in summer was early, and I couldn’t sleep after sunrise. The tent would be very hot.
This is my experience of camping in the deep mountains alone. There are no spiritual encounters and no thrilling scenes. It seems a very ordinary trip, but it leaves me with deep and good memories.

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outdoor camping tent

A piece of equipment that friends who often participate in outdoor activities often use is a tent. It’s a mentality to play outdoors, don’t go overly pursuing the so-called high-end equipment
According to different purposes, tents are roughly divided into the following categories.
Various camping tents for sale
Automatic tent, no matter what kind of automatic tent, is suitable for outdoor leisure, site camping activities, and does not have too deep outdoor activities. Including single layer, double layer, etc. are not suitable. Automatic tents on the market range from dozens of yuan to two to three hundred. Most of them are steel wire skeletons or glass rods. Automatic tents with aluminum poles are relatively rare.
Single tent
Single-layer tents built by bare hands are similar to automatic tents. Compared with the automatic tent, the weight is much lighter, but it is not as easy to set up as the automatic tent.
Friends who often drive or hike often choose a double-decker three-season or four-season tent.

Goat Large 3 To 8 Person Automatic Family Camping Tents Easy Pop Up Fast Breathable Hiking Tents
First of all, the biggest difference between the three-season tent and the four-season tent is the inner tent. The inner tent of the three-season tent is generally full yarn, while the inner tent of the four-season tent is generally half yarn or only the upper half of the window has a gauze net. The difference between external accounts The hem of the three-season account is relatively high off the ground, and the hem of the four-season account is relatively low. There are a few four-season accounts with snow skirts.
Tent with snow skirt in all seasons
In terms of materials, the external accounts are generally fabrics above 180T, and the more high-end ones will choose 15D or 20D fabrics. Most of the waterproof is above 3000. The inner account is mainly made of light and breathable fabrics, but the bottom account generally uses 210T or more or Oxford cloth.
Generally divided into single, double, three to four people in structure. Generally, in addition to long-distance trekking, snow mountain climbing is carried. Single tents will be used less. After all, the space is much smaller. If you live alone with a double tent, you don’t need to put all your belongings outside the inner tent.
In the selection of tents, it is not recommended to go for particularly bad conditions or long-term crossings for more than three days. We do not need to deliberately pursue lightweight tents, because tents with fabrics above 15D will indeed weigh much lighter, but the use environment requires It will also be much higher. It is fine in snow-capped mountains, deserts, grasslands and other environments. If it is relatively general in complex environments such as mountains, it will be fine.

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which sleeping bag is better

It may be far better to select a truck bed tent that may be light-weight, heated, convenient to be able to contract and will entirely cover up the top. Typically the warmth of your resting carrier depends upon what coating components to offer snug atmosphere to keep up a specific heat. The particular temp belonging to the sleep handbag is dependent on typically the insulation fabric along with the density within the materials. According to the dimensions, variety together with developing technique, it truly is typically split up into summer season, non-snow period, plus ideal time. Typically the guide associated with the particular advised temperatures array of each and every manufacturer’s slumbering handbag is normally about 5~-30℃.

Perhaps the going to sleep case retains nice depend upon which customer, (1) whether or not to settle the covering, (2) using apparel, (3) the level of padding from the beginning, (4) physique measurement, (5) its physical metabolic rate, (6) eating medication dosage One of the most comfortable and lightweight style of typically the getting to sleep handbag will be the mummy style (the less wide the particular ft .
The top handle has to be above typically the head) in addition to there should be a new move straps that could depart just a tiny area of the deal with. Regardless of if the taking a nap carrier is made for work with, it takes the right insides using a semi-circular yank wrist strap, which often enhances the heat range for the brain and even stops Heat is usually licentious, and several going to sleep handbags have a very neckline string to boost their particular temps. Naturally , a few is going to take into mind the warmth diffusion regarding other regions, including the enclosed foot, and sometimes a skinny getting to sleep tote could be included with deal with the particular cool time of year.
The warmth way to obtain typically the going to bed handbag could dry out several tiny dresses for example fingerless mitts, stockings, and so forth, too big clothing raises humidity in the attempting to sleep carrier, that is not ideal. You may put in some sort of normal water jar close to the particular sleeping peacefully case in order to avoid getting stuck through the perfect period. Sub-feather together with manufactured dietary fiber.
Groundwater ways for purchasing taking a nap hand bags
Based on the condition distinction, it is usually broken into rectangle plus individual form; typically the main market square inside is far more roomy, plus its significantly less controlled any time applied, and is exposed like an umbrella covers; a persons condition features far better temperature preservation, as well as the lying down tote having two times spaces possesses much better tenderness maintenance.
installment payments on your
In line with the substance, it usually is split up into lower, down, man-made fibers, manufactured lower. Lower in addition to down have got good warm preservation. Manufactured down tools are created from hollowed out organic cotton by using good high temperature maintenance. Synthetic materials will be far better crafted from polymer-bonded silk cotton wool.several.Feel
Purchase a lower resting handbag and even feel that along with your palms; the particular lower track ought to be skinny together with gentle, disseminate plus broaden as much as probable, and maintain this as minute as attainable.
5.Unnatural COMPARED TO
Normal stuff
The in between down going to 5.5 Feet Truck Roof Tent For Pickups Compact Bed Tent Car Fishing POP UP Travel Camping Sleeping luggage in addition to synthetic empty dietary fiber sleeping peacefully hand bags is usually
A single sort.
Down may be pressurized and even taken having a more compact volume level beneath the similar amount of raise the temperature of.
Once the unnatural useless fibers sleep handbag is usually inadvertently wetted, this keeps having the result to stay hot, that is unparalleled with the normal lower slumbering carrier.
your five.
Period together with employ
When shopping for lying down carriers, be aware of what sort of adventures plus months are employed; typically the supplies useful for the area towel in addition to interior fabric will vary. Would need to know read more about the merchandise information to create a thorough common sense.
Inside good weather conditions, switch the particular going to sleep case as well as make it vulnerable for the sunshine to get one hour.

Just about all sleep hand bags will be combustible and even should not be faced by simply leads to. Be aware of fireplace reduction and maintain from drinking water options when you use these people.
Retail store
If the going to sleep handbag is not really used, it ought to be trapped together with strung inside a dry out cabinet pertaining to storage space. It is not necessarily a good idea in order to spin up inside a carrier, plus lessen enough time it will take to be able to fit that right into a basketball.
Sleep tote washing approach
It is strongly recommended to scrub typically the getting to sleep handbag following make use of in the home, which can be the particular most dependable and a lot cost-effective.
Washing measures in addition to concerns seeking focus:
1 )
Saturate typically the taking a nap carrier inside tepid to warm water, the environment really should not be greater than 35 certifications Grad.
second .
Presented specific soap meant for down.
3 or more.
Remember to rub lightly, may angle.
Following cleansing, make sure you rinse out carefully along with clean up normal water right up until you can find zero detergent pockets.
5 various.
Right after wash it, decrease the particular humidity a bit, input it inside a sleep case plus rest toned within an airy spot.
Dry up inside the tone
Through the tone blow drying method, remember to retain transforming typically the going to bed tote to avoid down or perhaps different fake fibres coming from impacting the particular bulkiness from the attempting to Ultralight Winter Autumn Camping Tents Sleeping Bag Waterproof Warm Nylon White Duck Down Sleeping Bag
Following running typically the sleeping peacefully carrier, you may restore it within the lying down case safe-keeping tote and also the armour storage area inside the clothing, and appearance toward another getaway.

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my first truck bed tent building

I like camping more and more recently, but this is my first time for truck bed tent camping. Next, I refer to the modification example of pickup camping on the Internet. How does the pickup become a camping tent?
Finally, after my transformation, my truck camping tent works for the following reasons.

When loading the shift tent, the truck body is parked on the side of the shift pop up camping tent, the staff shakes the crank counterclockwise, and the rotation of the crank causes the shaft to start to rotate, so that the gears rotate, and the gears mesh with the rack to make it fixed The frame moves to the right in the carriage. When the leftmost side of the support plate leaves the carriage, stop turning the crank. At this time, the wire rope is in a taut state. The fixed frame is balanced by the tension of the wire rope, and the hydraulic lift is lifted by the electric control box. When the rod is opened, the hydraulic lifting rod is slowly extended until the guide wheel at the bottom of the support plate touches the ground, close the hydraulic lifting rod, move the parts of the shift tent to the upper part of the support plate, open the hydraulic lifting rod, the hydraulic lifting rod When shortening, the support plate rises until the guide wheel at the bottom of the support plate is level with the height of the guide groove, shake the handle clockwise, the gear drives the rack to move to the left, and the shift tent is loaded into the compartment; unload the shift When using a tent, the operation method is the same as when loading.

It contains the truck body and the carriage; the upper part of the right side of the truck body is fixed with a carriage; it also contains a fixed frame, a rack, a gear, a shaft, a crank, a No. 1 lug, a wire rope, a No. 2 lug, and a No. 1 chute , Support plate; the front and rear side walls inside the carriage are symmetrically fixed with a chute, the upper and lower sides of the front and rear sides of the fixed frame are fixedly provided with sliding blocks, and the sliding blocks are slidably arranged inside the first chute; the fixed frame The front and rear sides of the upper side are symmetrically fixedly provided with racks; the upper part of the right side of the carriage is movably provided with a rotating shaft. The front and rear ends of the rotating shaft are respectively rotatably penetrated on the front and rear side walls of the carriage through the bearing. The front side of the carriage, and the extension end is fixedly provided with a crank; the shaft in the middle of the carriage is fixedly sleeved with two gears, and the two gears are respectively engaged with the racks corresponding to the upper and lower positions; the upper right side of the fixed frame The front and rear sides of the vehicle are symmetrically fixed with No. 1 Hanging Tree Tent Outdoor Traveling Mosquito Nets Camping Ultralight Waterproof Suspension Hammock Tentt ears, and the upper and lower sides of the carriage are symmetrically fixed with No. 2 hanging ears, and the upper and lower positions of the No. 1 hanging ear and the No. 2 hanging ear are fixedly connected with a wire rope; The four corners of the bottom of the fixed frame are vertically fixed with hydraulic lifting rods. The bottom end of the hydraulic lifting rods is fixedly provided with a support plate, which is arranged above the bottom of the carriage; an electric control is fixed on the rear side wall of the carriage. The said hydraulic lifting rod is connected with the power supply in the electric control box.

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live in a car or a roof tent

The key is depends on your car model, travel time, your height and the number of people to determine whether you live in a car, outdoor Pop Up Camping Tent , roof Truck Bed Tent.

  1. Large luxury cars, medium and large vans, needless to say, have large space, they are the best choice for bed carts, so they naturally sleep in the car.
  2. There are two options for ordinary cars and city SUVs. If it is a short trip and sleeping in the car, there is no problem, but there is a trouble when traveling for a long time, that is, you bring a lot of things, food, clothing, housing and transportation. It’s all in the car. Think about the size of the car. It would be better if there is a load frame on the roof and a suitcase to increase storage space. You can put most of the items behind the roof trunk, the empty space in the car, put the rear seat upside down and pave it flat (if your car has enough rear space), it will be a double bed. Enough for you to sleep comfortably. If the space of the car is not large enough, it is a troublesome thing to move all the things in the car to sleep at night, put it in the front seat, and then flatten the lathe. (Watch the travel video of the bedcart) I probably estimated that the distance between the front seat and the trunk of these two cars is usually 1.6 to 1.7 meters. The height of the space generally does not exceed 40CM, most of which are around 30CM, so people who are over 1.7 meters tall and obese have difficulty turning over and stretching their legs in the car. The feeling of depression is too strong and it is difficult to put on and take off clothes. It is not suitable for long-distance travel. of. For this kind of vehicle, in addition to winter, it is better to bring an outdoor tent to sleep more comfortably.
  3. Regarding car tents, roof tents can be adapted to a variety of models, especially with off-road vehicles and SUVs. If you have longitudinal load rails on the roof of your car (not glued decorations) or installing a roof tent, it will be much more comfortable than on a sleeping car. The opening and storage of the tent is very simple and quick, spacious, ventilated, and effective in preventing mosquitoes. Because it does not occupy space in the car, the things stored in the trunk of the car do not need to be moved back and forth. The current roof tent design material itself is windproof, rainproof, heat-preserving, and moisture-proof, and it is very comfortable to sleep. In fact, the roof tent is very practical. It saves a lot of time without having to pack up every time you rest. The roof tent is also very safe. There is no need to worry about violent storms, and no need to worry about snakes, insects, and ant bites. Sudden attacks by wild animals can be avoided.
  4. As for whether to install a roof tent, it depends on your own needs. If you often go out for self-driving tours, adding a roof tent to your car will be a good choice. If you usually use a car to commute to get off work and occasionally go out to play, this is not necessary, because installing a tent will definitely increase the weight and wind resistance of the roof, which will increase the fuel consumption of the car. Of course, the stability of the body is also Affected. But it is more important to note that it is not recommended for elderly people with poor legs and feet, after all, they need to climb a ladder.

In short, if your car is big and long enough, it is recommended to choose a roof trunk and sleep in the car. If the car space is relatively small, it is still recommended to choose a roof tent, which can improve the overall comfort. Of course, you also need to consider the destination of the self-driving tour. If it is a winter self-driving tour in the north, then stay in a hotel.

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my first camping life

If you set up a camping tent for sale near the river or on the grass, a lot of bugs will appear to crawl into the tent. This problem has troubled me for a long time, until I learned about the handing tree tent, which can be easily and quickly set up on the tree. Keep away from the ground, avoid dampness and bugs. So I chose the seaside of Xiamen for my first camping life. After all, there are no bugs on the beach this season.

Because I didn’t bring trekking poles, I chose to hang my canopy on the bar of the black damiond hilight tent that was evaluated together this time. The three pull ropes at the bottom were tied with three stones and buried in the sand as much as possible. The sky curtain is close to the sand to reduce the sea breeze blowing from the feet to the head.

   I chose a low-end plastic floor covering at the bottom and bought it a long time ago. Although the price is cheap, the plastic has a good moisture-proof effect. The canopy was originally the outer tent of the Goat Tent tent, with three rubber ropes with pull buckles on the top and bottom. Since using the goat series of backpack covers, I like this brand’s products more and more, from camping lights to camping tents, to trekking poles and landing camping backpacks, one-stop shopping, everything, since then I have given up buying other products Brand outdoor products too.

   I personally feel that the GOAT tent is very light, and the skylight is large, without too much pressure, and it keeps warm. The biggest mistake is the wrong estimation of the night temperature. So I later went to GOAT TENT self-operated store and bought a new sleeping bag. Comfortable temperature for down sleeping: -16°C—-10°C plus bivy’s thermal insulation effect can at least resist the temperature of minus 22°C.

  Although it is a gtx, it still feels breathable. It is estimated that the external relative humidity is too high. There are waterproof zippered safety rope passages on both sides. It is also convenient to reach out and pack. The compressed volume is small.

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suggestion of camping outdoor

One of the most important tips for camping is to set up camping tent for sale before dark. You need to decide the type of camp based on your own ideas, whether it is a tent, a camper or a cabin. Some adventurers use the sky as a cover and sleep in simple hammocks. If it’s too difficult for you, consider bringing a tent when camping. Although a tent is the most basic accommodation in camping, it is also very comfortable if prepared properly. Regarding the tent that best suits your needs, it is best to consult the sales staff of the outdoor sports store, depending on the size, shape, and weight of the tent. Remember: the bigger the tent does not mean the better. After all you have to take it to the camp.

Be sure to try the tent at home to see if there are any problems, so that there will be no trouble when camping. Bring a spare tent pillar just in case it will break down from time to time. Open the window or two small openings at night to prevent the Goat Cloud Nest Hexagonal Inflatable Big Space Tent Sunscreen Awning Outdoor Beach Camping Tent Canopy With Air Pump from getting too wet. Bring an old shower curtain (slightly smaller than a tent) so that you can lay it on the floor to keep it dry when it rains.
The most important technique related to sleeping bags is to choose a sleeping bag suitable for the season. In warm months, you can choose a light sleeping bag, but you need a sleeping bag that can withstand low temperatures in winter. Choose a sleeping bag that can be used within a certain temperature range to keep you warm and comfortable. The rated temperature should be lower than the temperature in your camping plan to prevent cooling. If you spend the night in a tent, choose a mummy-shaped sleeping bag. This sleeping bag can wrap your feet tightly, keep your body warm and easy to carry. In terms of materials, sleeping bags made of man-made fibers are easier to dry than sleeping bags made of down and will not cause allergies. But the goose down sleeping bag is easy to carry because of its light weight.

In order to improve the quality of your sleep, you can put a cushion under the sleeping bag so that you can sleep more comfortably. You don’t need to bring pillows. You can use durable plastic bags to inflate instead of pillows under your head.

Camping skills without food and water are incomplete. No matter whether your camping trip is risky, such as hiking and kayaking, or just resting in a camper car and watching DVDs, you need food. The rule of thumb is to bring only the necessary food with each meal. For example, if your team is small, bring two cups of instant oatmeal instead of a full can of oatmeal. Mix the food in a sealed plastic bag. If you are camping near a camper or car, you can store perishable food such as meat in a freezer so that it will not deteriorate Goat Throwing Pop UP Outdoor Automatic Tents Waterproof Camping Hiking Tent Family Tents.

Ensuring clean water is one of the basic skills of camping. Unless you can get clean drinking water yourself, or you know there is safe spring water somewhere, you’d better bring bottled drinking water. Or you can bring a small packet of iodine so that you can disinfect water taken from the wilderness or possibly unclean water. You can also filter the cleanest water you can find, or boil it for at least ten minutes. In addition, wrap the cup with aluminum foil to let the water cool down as quickly as possible.

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