The Scariest Experience When Camping

This happened 2 years ago when we just started our first job, so adventurers are not afraid of anything and want to do something exciting.

A friend arranged a beautiful place for us, and arranged some headlights and some necessary things there.

We drove all the way to the outskirts of the city and arrived at our destination around 9pm. So we parked the car, walked out, walked through the camp, explored it in the mobile flashlight, and tried to find a place where we could pitch a tent.

We had a party that night and had a great time, joking, and laughing out loud. We also dance loudly and play music in the car. We celebrated our birthday at midnight and ate our food and snacks.

The rest of the people were drinking at the time. My friend and I decided to go to the lake for a stroll because we didn’t like drinking. In fact, we dared to take a walk in the moonlight and were a bit far from our camp.

It was about 2:30 in the morning, and the place seemed so scary at night. When we walked away, the place became quieter and more creepy. Except for our footsteps, there were no other sounds around, only Mobile phone flash. We have reached a certain distance near the lake. We are already far away, so we don’t want to go anymore. Therefore, we decided to stay there for a few minutes before going back. When we were about to turn around and walk back, we suddenly felt a cool breeze, and at that moment we were shocked because there was no strong wind there. And the typical creepy wind, or rather, I can only say that only wind is so serious for us. But we ignored and walked away. When we were walking, we were flashing lights nearby, it felt like what we saw when we were moving in the water, and then we also heard some movement in the water, which scared us to death. We were so scared and ran away from there so quickly without looking back. When we wanted to kill that silence, we walked straight into our tent and played music on our phones.

I still remember that moment. This is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced, and I decided not to go again in such a night camp.

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