How to clean a sleeping bag at home?

Sleeping bags are a necessity for outdoor camping, and how to clean them after each use is an issue that outdoor athletes have always cared about.

  1. Partial cleaning. It is best to clean the sleeping bag once a year, and the best way to clean it is to partially clean it. First choose a good diluted detergent, use a soft brush to gently clean the dirty areas such as the head, neckline, and feet, and then rinse the dirty areas with water. Finally, you can put the cleaned sleeping bag in a ventilated place to dry. It’s done.
  2. Washing machine cleaning method . It is recommended to clean sleeping bags with special cleaning agents for sleeping bags. Do not use strong cleaning agents, bleaching agents and fabric softeners. If you choose a washing machine to clean, you can use a front-mounted drum washing machine, but you cannot use an upper-mounted turbo washing machine. Before cleaning the sleeping bag, be sure to turn the sleeping bag outwards, and at the same time, pull up all the zippers of the sleeping bag and fasten the buckles. Use warm water when cleaning, do not use the spin-drying function, otherwise it will damage the fabric and lining of the sleeping bag. After cleaning, lift the sleeping bag from the bottom entirely, not from one side.
  3. Hand wash . Use your own hand to wash the sleeping bag. First, soak the sleeping bag in warm water. Be careful not to exceed 30 degrees. Then use a soft brush to gently brush the dirty parts, gently rub and pat, without twisting. Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water until there is no foam. After washing, squeeze out the moisture in the sleeping bag and leave it to dry. If you encounter good weather, you can take the sleeping bag out and put it in the sun for an hour, so that it will be warmer next time you use the sleeping bag.

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