What should I pay attention to when camping in spring?

1. In spring, the temperature is unstable and the temperature difference is large. Therefore, the clothing you carry should be warm enough to prevent catching cold.

2. Choose a suitable place to camp: near water, leeward, far cliff, near village, shady, animal protection, and lightning protection.

3. Spring outings will encounter climate conditions of low temperature and rain, dense fog, strong convection weather and thunder and lightning, so pay attention to dress appropriately, not too much, not too little. Generally speaking, you must obtain the local climate of the tourist destination in advance. Information, remember to bring a warm jacket with you.

4. There is a trend of flu recently. Pay attention to hygiene when you go out and don’t stay in crowded places. Choose a place with good air quality, such as hiking, or going to the beach or forest.

5. Rain gear is something that you must carry with you on a spring trip. It is best to bring a small folding umbrella or a disposable raincoat.

6. Shoes must be comfortable, ladies should not wear high heels when traveling. If your feet are red and swollen, soak your feet with hot water before going to bed to dredge the meridians.

7. When you go out, remember to keep a booklet for yourself, which records some important contact numbers and other information, which will come in handy when you need help. It is even better if it is waterproof!

8. As early spring approaches, rainfall is inevitable. When playing outside or on rainy days, pay attention to anti-skid, fall-proof, and fall-proof when taking pictures, and put personal safety first.

9. Spring is a humid season, mosquitoes and bacteria are particularly prone to breed, so you should try to avoid drinking raw water and eating unsanitary food.

10. If you have a history of motion sickness, seasickness, and airsickness, you should not eat too much before traveling. You should take drugs such as motion sickness tablets in advance, or keep chewing gum and food containing glucose, and sit in a ventilated position. If you are not used to it, deal with it immediately.

11. If you encounter lightning in the hotel, you should disconnect the electrical power cords in the room, and close the doors and windows, and keep a certain distance between people and doors and windows.

12. In view of the rainy season, please pay attention to your clothes before departure. Dress as far as possible in addition to keeping warm, taking into account some waterproof and windproof functions, so that you can play without worries.

13. When climbing downhill, do not stand against the wind to avoid cold.

14. During the spring outing, such as having a picnic and barbecue outside, pay attention to the wind direction, do not throw away the fire, and put out the remaining fire to avoid causing a fire.

15. Don’t sit in a cool and humid place to avoid illness caused by damp.

16. People with a history of allergies should pay more attention to the chosen spring outing location, avoiding flowers as much as possible, or take anti-allergic drugs such as chlorpheniramine or chlorpheniramine in advance to prevent pollen allergies.

17. Spring is beautiful and sunny, it is a good time for outdoor photography. Before traveling, it is best to check the performance of the camera. The battery must be fully charged and never let the camera get wet.

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