What should I do if I am lost in the wild?

  1. Use the compass to determine the orientation.

Use a compass to identify the orientation is the fastest way. Put the compass on level, after the magnetic needle is stationary, the end of the “N” is north. Although this method is simple, it is necessary to pay attention to two points: one is to keep the compass horizontally; the other is not too close to the magnetic substance.

  • Use the straight rod to determine the orientation.

In the wild, people can use a straight rod (such as a little branch), so that it is vertical with the ground, first put a stone in the vertex A of the benchmark.

After about 10 minutes, the new bench shadow vertex is placed as B, put a piece of stone. The stone in both A, B is connected to a straight line, and this straight line point is the direction of the things. The direction in which the AB connection is vertical is the north-south direction, and one end to the sun is the south.

  • Use the pointer watch to determine the direction.

Put The watch on level, and the number of times indicated by the hour (24-hour system) in half-way in the direction indicated by the scale of 12, which is approximately the north. 

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