Hiking With Dogs

Hiking with dogs. Is it a good idea?

Those Against Hiking With Dogs
The weather is great and the scenery superb. And if it weren’t for your mutt running after every squirrel and barking at all the birds, you could enjoy it. And forget about those majestic sunsets. Who has time? You’re a pet owner. You’re spending these special moments doing what dog owners do; pulling burrs out of your four legged friend’s fur, feeding it and just trying to keep it from annoying the wildlife and other hikers. If your companion has a run in with a skunk or porcupine, this could also quickly end your adventures.
Could this be your story? If it could, you’ll enjoy your trek much more if you leave your friend at home.

Those For Hiking camping tent for sale With Dogs
There are many well behaved pets. Let’s hope one of them is yours. Actually, I would advise only taking the well behaved variety. Unlike with our first canine, there can be benefits for taking Man’s Best Friend. If it is large enough, it may be able to offer protection against dangerous wildlife (even from the human variety) that you might come across. Because of a dog’s keen sense of smell and hearing, it can also warn you of a bear approaching before you are aware of its presence. He might also be able to carry some of the supplies and even offer warmth during cooler evenings.

Conclusion About Hiking With Dogs
The choice is yours. Whether or not you decide to take the family pet, you are ultimately responsible for its behavior. Personally, when it comes to hiking with dogs, I believe it boils down to how well behaved your four legged companion is and whether it will detract from your own enjoyment of the outdoors camping.

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