Hiking trail books for Vancouver Island

Management of outdoor recreation on public land is changing significantly, notably within the organizational structures, roles and capabilities of both BC Parks and the BC Forest Service. For example, by the time each book is printed some offices we mention may be closed; perhaps others may be opened. We are unable to predict these changes.

Some provincial park management features, including campgrounds, may be privatized or transferred to municipalities and regional districts, but these changes usually will not affect the trails and routes described in these books. A greater reliance on ‘no trace’ camping tent for sale practices and ‘self maintenance’ may be needed, but these have been and should remain reasonable models to follow under any circumstances. Road access, however, may change significantly. Volunteers and not-for-profit organizations may play a greater role in park and outdoor recreation management. It appears to be policy to close facilities that require servicing, resulting in the removal of outhouses, non-availability of safe water, lack of firewood, etc. Charges may be made for services that previously were publicly funded.

VITIS has confidence in the reliability of information about the hiking trails and backcountry routes presented in these volumes as of publication dates. However, the pace and scope of change makes uncertain the information regarding management agencies, organizational arrangement, the provision of services and maintenance of facilities.

Hikers are encouraged to check with the contacts suggested in the book before venturing where there are uncertainties. Hikers are also encouraged to check our website for changes, and to report any that they become aware of using camping lights

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